Self Help & Medical Studies

All self help books that focus on the LGBT community and enriching their lives. Content is produced by medical professionals that understand the LGBT community.


All religious organizations that support the LGBT community are included or sited. Also included are the religious organizations that promote hatred and the "religious partners" that may promote hate without direct implications to the partner organization.

Theater & Performance

For live shows to be included in the archive it must be centered around the LGBT community.

LGBT Organizations

Any nonprofit that works to support the LGBT community, whether great or small. If we cannot identify the date that the organization was founded, we will assign them to January 1 until we can confirm their formation date.


For books to be included they include LGBT stories, characters, subject matters, which will include romance novels, novels, and science fiction.

Violent Crimes & Suicide

Every life that is lost reduces the positive impact that the LGBT community can made. We are documenting all of the violent crimes and suicides. Within the suicide subject, we are including allies because allies are subject to the same bullying that the LGBT community is forced to manage. We included our allies because we recognize the weight that they carry when they take their own lives.


Any celebrity that has publicly come out to the community and that has contributed to the growth and support of the LGBT community.


We include all legal organizations and legal actions that protect the rights of LGBT community members.


We are including all politicians that support equality within the LGBT community and the politicians that fights against equality. Additionally, governments bills at the state and federal level that will impact equality. All historical content will be researched as long as it is available to the public for inspection.

LGBT Historical Archive Criteria

Newspaper & Magazines

Newspaper and magazine articles that have a subject matter that impacts the LGBT community. If the resources is exclusive to the LGBT community we will work to include them as a resource for as many stories as possible.

Local Timelines

In an effort to be inclusive and build a national scope for the LGBT community, local timelines will be included as they relate to the greater community.

Education & Diversity

We include any educational papers and research that is made available to the community. If the content can't be included in the archive it will be added to the library.

We use the following criteria for identifying influential events, resources and people within the LGBT community for archival inclusion. The Proud Scholars Historical Archive is a digital resource for artifacts. When necessary we will site the archives that manage a physical library of content.

​We validate the date, locations, documentation and any information that is available to the public.

While sources are available they can be purchased through authorized retailers.

As we manage our research, if we don't find a specific date for release or formation of an archive item we will assign it to January 1. If you would like your organization, event, or service entered into the timeline please email us at


Comic book inclusion will include LGBT super heroes.

Movie & Film

Movies, short films, and documentaries are included in our archive if they have LGBT subject matters, characters, or story lines. Also included are television shows with reoccurring LGBT characters that contribute to the theme.