Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community
                    May 28th, 1988
                    ISBN 0941483207 (ISBN13: 9780941483209)

                    The book about the movie, Before Stonewall, the making of a gay and lesbian community. Illustrated.

Smash the Church, Smash the State! The Early Years of Gay Liberation
                    June 1st, 2009
                    ISBN 0872864979 (ISBN13: 9780872864979)

                    This anthology by former members of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) captures the history and spirit of the revolutionary                     time just after Stonewall, when thousands came out of the closet to claim their sexuality, and when queer resistance                     coalesced into a turbulent, joyous liberation movement—one whose lasting influence would ultimately inform and                     profoundly shape the LGBT community of today.

Moving Politics: Emotion and ACT UP's Fight against AIDS
                    December 15th, 2009
                    ISBN 0226305309 (ISBN13: 9780226305301)

                    In the late 1980s, after a decade spent engaged in more routine interest-group politics, thousands of lesbians and gay                     men responded to the AIDS crisis by defiantly and dramatically taking to the streets. But by the early 1990s, the                     organization they founded, ACT UP, was no more; even as the AIDS epidemic raged on. Weaving together interviews                     with activists, extensive research, and reflections on the author's time as a member of the organization, Moving Politics                     is the first book to chronicle the rise and fall of ACT UP, highlighting a key factor in its trajectory: emotion.

No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas
                    January 15th, 2018
                    ISBN 0700625283 (ISBN13: 9780700625284)

                    Far from the coastal centers of culture and politics, Kansas stands at the very center of American stereotypes about red                     states. In the American imagination, it is a place LGBT people leave. No Place Like Home is about why they stay. The                     book tells the epic story of how a few disorganized and politically naive Kansans, realizing they were unfairly under                     attack, rolled up their sleeves, went looking for fights, and ended up making friends in one of the country’s most hostile                     states.The LGBT civil rights movement’s history in California and in big cities such as New York and Washington, DC,                     has been well documented. But what is it like for LGBT activists in a place like Kansas, where they face much stiffer                     headwinds?

The New Gay Liberation Book
                    September 1st, 1979

                    ISBN 087867070X (ISBN13: 9780878670703)

Wearing History: T-Shirts from the Gay Rights Movement
                     June 1st, 2007
                     ISBN 1555839959 (ISBN13: 9781555839956)

                     The t-shirt is part of Americana, and nowhere is this better reflected than in the gay and lesbian community's struggle for                      civil rights. Through imagination, wit and passion for equality, the activists who wrote, designed and (more importantly)                      wore these fabulous items helped define a movement.


Takes an Uprising: A Memoir in Lesbian Parables
                    July 30th, 2013
                    ISBN 0615721052(9780615721057)

                    Takes An Uprising: A Memoir in Lesbian Parables reflects the author's years from a closeted schoolteacher in the early                     1960s to the present day. Patricia Jackson walked her first picket line in 1964, as part of a wildcat teacher's strike in                     Kentucky. That began a life of activism and challenging racism, patriarchy and class inequality from California to the                     Ozarks. She lived on women's land, participated in the early women's music scene, became a communist, and is now                     active in the Gray Panthers and an intergenerational queer storytelling project.

No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America
                    May 29th, 2018
                    ISBN 1568589484 (ISBN13: 9781568589480)

                    When Darnell L. Moore was fourteen years old, three boys from his neighborhood tried to set him on fire as he was                     walking home from school. Darnell was tall and awkward and constantly bullied for being gay. That afternoon, one of the                     boys doused him with gasoline and tried lighting a match. It was too windy, and luckily Darnell's aunt arrived in time to                     grab Darnell and pull him to safety. It was not the last time he would face death. It wasn't until Darnell was pushed into                     the spotlight at a Newark rally after the murder of a young queer woman that he found his voice and his calling. He                     became a leading organizer with Black Lives Matter, a movement that recognized him and insisted that his life mattered.

Modern HERstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History
                    October 16th, 2018
                    ISBN 0399582231 (ISBN13: 9780399582233)

                    With a radical and inclusive approach to history, Modern HERstory profiles and celebrates seventy women and                     nonbinary champions of progressive social change in a bold, colorful, illustrated format for all ages. Despite making huge                     contributions to the liberation movements of the last century and today, all of these trailblazers come from backgrounds                     and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated: not just women, but people of color, queer                     people, trans people, disabled people, young people, and people of faith. 

That's Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation
                    February 1st, 2004
                    ISBN 1932360565 (ISBN13: 9781932360561)

                    As the gay mainstream prioritizes the attainment of straight privilege over all else, it drains queer identity of any meaning,                     relevance, or cultural value, writes Matt Bernstein Sycamore, aka Mattilda, editor of That's Revolting! This timely                     collection of essays by writers such as Patrick Califia, Kate Bornstein, Carol Queen, Charlie Anders, Benjamin Shepard,                     and others shows what the new queer resistance looks like. 

Hot August Night 1970: The Forgotten LGBT Riot
                    February 13th 2012
                    ISBN 0615596231 (ISBN13: 9780615596235)

                    HOT AUGUST NIGHT/1970 chronicles the forgotten LGBT riot one year after the Stonewall Rebellion and one month                     after the historic first pride march in New York City's Central Park.

Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements
                     August 28th, 2018
                     ISBN 0807019410 (ISBN13: 9780807019412)

                     Appearing on The Roots' annual list, in 2017, as one of the most influential young African Americans, Carruthers--at age                      32--is among a handful of high-profile activists. Her debut book upends mainstream ideas about race, class and gender                      and sets forth a radically inclusive path to collective liberation. Her inclusive story about Black struggle draws on Black                      intellectual and grassroots organizing traditions including the Haitian Revolution, U.S. Civil Rights, and Black and                      LGBTQ Feminist Movements. Bold and honest, Unapologetic is an inside look from an on-the-ground activist and                      movement leader about how to move people from the margins to the center of political strategy and practice.

Marie Equi: Radical Politics and Outlaw Passions
                     September 15th, 2015
                     ISBN 087071595X (ISBN13: 9780870715952)
                     Marie Equi explores the fiercely independent life of an extraordinary woman. Born of Italian-Irish parents in 1872, Marie                      Equi endured childhood labor in a gritty Massachusetts textile mill before fleeing to an Oregon homestead with her first                      longtime woman companion, who described her as impulsive, earnest, and kind-hearted. These traits, along with                      courage, stubborn resolve, and a passion for justice, propelled Equi through an unparalleled life journey. Equi self-                     studied her way into a San Francisco medical school and then obtained her license in Portland to become one of the                      first practicing woman physicians in the Pacific Northwest. From Pendleton, Portland, Seattle and beyond to Boston and                      San Francisco, she leveraged her professional status to fight for woman suffrage, labor rights, and reproductive                      freedom. 

Queer Mobilizations: LGBT Activists Confront the Law
                    September 1st, 2009
                    ISBN 0814791301 (ISBN13: 9780814791301)

                    Fighting for marriage and family rights; protection from discrimination in employment, education, and housing; criminal                     law reform; economic justice; and health care reform: the LGBT movement is engaged in some of the most important                     cultural and political battles of our times. Seeking to reshape many of our basic social institutions, the LBGT movement’s                     legal, political, and cultural campaigns reflect the complex visions, strategies, and rhetoric of the individuals and groups                     knocking at the law’s door.

The Gay Crusaders
                    April 1, 1972
                    ISBN 0446666912 (ISBN13: 9780446666916)

The Trouble with Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement
                    November 1st, 1990
                    ASIN B008RO4GWE

                    In a galvanizing sweep through the Twentieth Century, award-winning historian Stuart Timmons chronicles the story of                     the man who founded the modern gay movement. After decades of searching and struggle, Harry Hay created the                     Mattachine Society in 1950, the nation’s first gay political group. Today, LGBT activism is taken for granted. But over a                     half century ago, it required a visionary and courageous spirit to organize a stigmatized and closeted class of people.

The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary
                    November 30th, 1976
                    ASIN B005TJMD9SThis angry, elegant outcry against homosexual oppression is an explosive nonfiction account, with                     commentaries, of three days and nights in the sexual underground of Los Angeles in the seventies.

Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth
                    October 1st, 2014
                    ISBN 0802412149 (ISBN13: 9780802412140)

                    Stanton, of Focus on the Family, travels widely meeting with and debating LGBT advocates across the country. In doing                     so he has had the privilege of becoming friends with a number of them.

Stand by Me: The Forgotten History of Gay Liberation
                    March 1st, 2016
                    ISBN 0465032702 (ISBN13: 9780465032709)

                    From a prominent young historian, the untold story of the rich variety of gay life in America in the 1970s. Despite the                     tremendous gains of the LGBT movement in recent years, the history of gay life in this country remains poorly                                       understood. According to conventional wisdom, gay liberation started with the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village in                     1969. The 1970s represented a moment of triumph--both political and sexual--before the AIDS crisis in the subsequent                     decade, which, in the view of many, exposed the problems inherent in the so-called "gay lifestyle".

Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader
                    November 1st, 2011
                    ISBN 0822349868 (ISBN13: 9780822349860)

                    Deviations is the definitive collection of writing by Gayle S. Rubin, a pioneering theorist and activist in feminist, lesbian                     and gay, queer, and sexuality studies since the 1970s. Rubin first rose to prominence in 1975 with the publication of “The                     Traffic in Women,” an essay that had a galvanizing effect on feminist thinking and theory. In another landmark piece,                     “Thinking Sex,” she examined how certain sexual behaviors are constructed as moral or natural, and others as                     unnatural. That essay became one of queer theory’s foundational texts. 

Behind the Mask of the Mattachine: The Hal Call Chronicles and the Early Movement for Homosexual Emancipation
                    October 30th, 2006
                    ISBN 1560231874 (ISBN13: 9781560231875)

                    The Mattachine is the origin of the contemporary American gay movement. One of the major players in this movement                     was Hal Call, America's first openly gay journalist and the man most responsible for the end of government censorship of                     frontal male nude photography through the mail. Behind the Mask of the Mattachine: The Early Movement for                     Homosexual Emancipation, the Hal Call Chronicles travels back to the times before Stonewall and its aftermath, to the                     beginnings of the modern homosexual movement and the lesser-known individuals who started it. This stunning                     chronicle boldly goes beyond the standard whitewashed/desexualized history usually provided by other gay historians, to                     give the unexpurgated--and sexually charged--history of the activists who organized the homosexuals.

Queer Brown Voices
                    September 2015
                    ISBN 1477307303 (ISBN13: 9781477307304)

                    These narratives are powerful expressions of the experiences of lesbians, gay men, and trans activists from a variety of                     Latina/o communities. This history exists nowhere else.” (Marcia M. Gallo, Assistant Professor of History, University of                     Nevada, Las Vegas, and author of Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian                     Rights Movement)

Activism and LGBT Psychology
                    April 1st, 2008
                    ISBN 0789036754 (ISBN13: 9780789036759)

                    Activism and LGBT Psychology takes note of the influence of social factors and offers examples of how mental health                     professionals can use their professional skills to empower the LGBT community. Respected leaders in the field of                     psychotherapy describe theoretical, clinical, community interventions, and personal approaches to changing attitudes                     toward LGBT people and within LGBT communities. Prejudice against a minority has an undeniable impact on mental                     health treatment. Recognizing and understanding this dynamic, Activism and LGBT Psychology reveals strategies to                     lessen societal discrimination, work for positive change, and reinforce LGBT-affirmative mental health practices.

Homosexual Liberation: A Personal View
                    January 1, 1971
                    ISBN Unknown

Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive
                    October 1st, 2013
                    ISBN 1580055044 (ISBN13: 9781580055048)

                    While many feminist and queer movements are designed to challenge sexism, they often simultaneously police gender                     and sexuality--sometimes just as fiercely as the straight, male-centric mainstream does. Some feminists vocally                     condemn other feminists because of how they dress, for their sexual partners or practices, or because they are seen as                     different and therefore less valued. Among LGBTQ activists, there is a long history of lesbians and gay men dismissing                     bisexuals, transgender people, and other gender and sexual minorities. In each case, exclusion is based on the premise                     that certain ways of being gendered or sexual are more legitimate, natural, or righteous than others. 

Radically Gay
                    June 30th, 1997
                    ISBN 0807070815 (ISBN13: 9780807070819)

                    This is the first collection of the words and speeches of the founder of the Mattachine Society and the modern gay                     movement.

Lavender and Red: Liberation and Solidarity in the Gay and Lesbian Left
                    October 4th, 2016
                    ISBN 0520279069 (ISBN13: 9780520279063)

                    LGBT activism is often imagined as a self-contained struggle, inspired by but set apart from other social movements.                     Lavender and Red recounts a far different story: a history of queer radicals who understood their sexual liberation as                     intertwined with solidarity against imperialism, war, and racism. This politics was born in the late 1960s but survived well                     past Stonewall, propelling a gay and lesbian left that flourished through the end of the Cold War. The gay and lesbian left                     found its center in the San Francisco Bay Area, a place where sexual self-determination and revolutionary                                        internationalism converged. Across the 1970s, its activists embraced socialist and women of color feminism and crafted                     queer opposition to militarism and the New Right. In the Reagan years, they challenged U.S. intervention in Central                     America, collaborated with their peers in Nicaragua, and mentored the first direct action against AIDS. 

One-Dimensional Queer
                    December 6th, 2018
                    ISBN 1509523596 (ISBN13: 9781509523597)

                    Ferguson shows how queer liberation emerged out of various insurgent struggles crossing the politics of race, gender,                     class, and sexuality, and deeply connected to issues of colonization, incarceration, and capitalism. Tracing the rise and                     fall of this intersectional politics, he argues that the one-dimensional mainstreaming of queerness falsely placed critiques                     of racism, capitalism, and the state outside the remit of gay liberation. As recent activism is increasingly making clear,                     this one-dimensional legacy has promoted forms of exclusion that marginalize queers of color, the poor, and transgender                     individuals. This forceful book joins the call to reimagine and reconnect the fight for social justice in all its varied forms.

The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle
                     September 7th, 2015
                     ISBN 1451694113 (ISBN13: 9781451694116)
                     The sweeping story of the modern struggle for gay, lesbian, and trans rights from the 1950s to the present based on                      amazing interviews with politicians, military figures, legal activists, and members of the entire LGBT community who                      face these challenges every day. The fight for gay, lesbian, and trans civil rights—the years of outrageous injustice, the                      early battles, the heart-breaking defeats, and the victories beyond the dreams of the gay rights pioneers—is the most                      important civil rights issue of the present day. Based on rigorous research and more than 150 interviews, The Gay                      Revolution tells this unfinished story not through dry facts but through dramatic accounts of passionate struggles, with                      all the sweep, depth, and intricacies only an award-winning activist, scholar, and novelist like Lillian Faderman can                      evoke.

The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement
                    January 1st, 1992
                    ISBN 0415906474 (ISBN13: 9780415906470)

                    This is one of the first books on the movement written specifically for introductory students. It examines gay and lesbian                     liberation from three different perspectives: as a sexual freedom movement, as a political movement and as a movement                     of ideas.

Gay Liberation in The Eighties
                    February 28th, 1985
                    ISBN 0861046854 (ISBN13: 9780861046850)

                    Gay liberation is no longer just the concern of a minority. Gay attitudes to sexuality, gender and the family are a direct                     challenge to received wisdom, and established reaction is fierce. This book describes both the origins and the forms of                     society's oppressive reaction; it shows, too, how that oppression is being resisted. Reaction in communist countries is                     compared to that in the West. Above all, the authors provide a program for change which would ensure that gay people                     and heterosexuals are no longer separate and opposed groups. Gay Liberation in the Eighties is at once a guide to                     radical politics and a manifesto.

Out for Good: The Struggle to Build a Gay Rights Movement in America
                    June 11th, 1999
                    ISBN 0684867435 (ISBN13: 9780684867434)

                    This is the definitive account of the last great struggle for equal rights in the twentieth century. From the birth of the                     modern gay rights movement in 1969, at the Stonewall riots in New York, through 1988, when the gay rights movement                     was eclipsed by the more urgent demands of AIDS activists, this is the remarkable and until now untold story of how a                     largely invisible population of men and women banded together to create their place in America’s culture and                                        government. Told through the voices of gay activists and their opponents, filled with dozens of colorful characters, Out for                     Good traces the emergence of gay rights movements in cities across the country and their transformation into a national                     force that changed the face of America forever.

A Restricted Country
                    January 1, 1987
                    ISBN 157344152X (ISBN13: 9781573441520)

                    A proud working-class woman, an "out" lesbian long before the Rainbow revolution, Joan Nestle has stood at the                     forefront of American freedom struggles from the McCarthy era to the present day. Available for the first time in years,                     this revised classic collection of personal essays offers an intimate account of the lesbian, feminist, and civil rights                     movements.

Speaking Out: LGBTQ Youth Stand Up
                    September 20th, 2011
                    ISBN 1602825661 (ISBN13: 9781602825666)

                    Speaking Out feature’s stories for and about LGBT and Q teens by fresh voices and noted authors in the field of young                     adult literature. These are inspiring stories of overcoming adversity (against intolerance and homophobia) and                     experiencing life after "coming out." Queer teens need tales of what might happen next in their lives, and editor Steve                     Berman showcases a diversity of events, challenges, and, especially, triumphs.

Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution
                    May 7th, 2013
                    ISBN 1580054749 (ISBN13: 9781580054744)

                    Bi takes a long overdue, comprehensive look at bisexual politics—from the issues surrounding biphobia/monosexism,                     feminism, and transgenderism to the practice of labeling those who identify as bi as either "too bisexual” (promiscuous                     and incapable of fidelity) or "not bisexual enough” (not actively engaging romantically or sexually with people of at least                     two different genders). In this forward-thinking and eye-opening book, feminist bisexual and genderqueer activist Shiri                     Eisner takes readers on a journey through the many aspects of the meanings and politics of bisexuality, specifically                     highlighting how bisexuality can open up new and exciting ways of challenging social convention.

Respectably Queer: Diversity Culture in LGBT Activist Organizations
                    September 15th, 2008
                    ISBN 0826516076 (ISBN13: 9780826516077)

                    For three years the author did participant-observation at three nationally prominent queer organizations in Los Angeles-                    Christopher Street West, which produces L.A.’s queer pride festival; the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, a 37-                    year-old multi-site organization; and Bienestar, an HIV services organization for gay Latinos. Ward documents the                     evolution of these organizations, including class and race conflicts within them, but she especially focuses on the                     misuses of diversity culture. Respectably Queer reveals how neoliberal ideas about difference are becoming embedded                     in the daily life of a progressive movement and producing frequent conflicts over the meaning of “diversity.” 

Tales of the Lavender Menace: A Memoir of Liberation
                    March 8th, 1999
                    ISBN 0465083668 (ISBN13: 9780465083664)

                    Karla Jay’s memoir of an age whose tumultuous social and political movements fundamentally reshaped American                     culture takes readers from her early days in the 1968 Columbia University student riots to her post-college involvement                     in New York radical women’s groups and the New York Gay Liberation Front. In Southern California in the early ‘70s, she                     continued in the battle for gay civil rights and helped to organize the takeover of The Ladies’ Home Journal and an “ogle-                    in” — where women staked out Wall Street and whistled at the men.

Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Birth of the Lesbian Rights Movement
                    September 21st, 2006
                    ISBN 0786716347 (ISBN13: 9780786716340)

                    Nearly fifteen years before the birth of gay liberation, the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) was the world’s first organization                     committed to lesbian visibility and empowerment. Like its predominantly gay male counterpart, the Mattachine Society,                     DOB was launched in response to the oppressive anti-homosexual climate of the McCarthy era, when lesbian and gay                     people were arrested, fired from jobs, and had their children taken away simply because of their sexual orientation. It                     was against this political backdrop that a circle of San Francisco lesbians formed a private club where lesbians could                     meet others in a safe, affirming setting. The small social group evolved over the next two decades into a national                     organization that counted more than a dozen chapters and laid the foundation for today’s lesbian rights movement.

Dancing the Gay Lib Blues: A Year in the Homosexual Liberation Movement
                    January 1st, 1971

                    ISBN 0671210424 (ISBN13: 9780671210427)


When We Rise: My Life in the Movement
                     November 29th, 2016
                     ISBN 0316315435 (ISBN13: 9780316315432)

                     Born in 1954, Cleve Jones was among the last generation of gay Americans who grew up wondering if there were                      others out there like himself. There were. Like thousands of other young people, Jones, nearly penniless, was drawn in                      the early 1970s to San Francisco, a city electrified by progressive politics and sexual freedom. Jones found community--                     in the hotel rooms and ramshackle apartments shared by other young adventurers, in the city's bathhouses and gay                      bars like The Stud, and in the burgeoning gay district, the Castro, where a New York transplant named Harvey Milk set                      up a camera shop, began shouting through his bullhorn, and soon became the nation's most outspoken gay elected                      official. 

Army of Lovers
                    January 1, 1980

                    ISBN 0907040004 (ISBN13: 9780907040002)

                    Chronicles the rise of gay activism in the United States between 1972 and 1978 in the aftermath of the Stonewall riots                     and before the arrival of the AIDS epidemic.

Homosexual: Oppression & Liberation
                    January 1, 1971
                    ISBN 081470624X (ISBN13: 9780814706244)

                    When Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation was first published in 1971, The New York Review of Books, hailed it as ​                    the only work that bears comparison...with the best to appear from Women's Liberation. Time wrote that, among the ​                    whole tumble of homosexuals who have `come out of the closet', perhaps best among these accounts is a book by ​                    Dennis Altman.

The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability
                    April 8th, 2016
                    ISBN 0822361299 (ISBN13: 9780822361299)

                    From the 1970s through the 1990s more than one hundred feminist bookstores built a transnational network that helped                     shape some of feminism's most complex conversations. Kristen Hogan traces the feminist bookstore movement's rise                     and eventual fall, restoring its radical work to public feminist memory. The book women at the heart of this story—mostly                     lesbians and including women of color—measured their success not by profit, but by developing theories and practices                     of lesbian antiracism and feminist accountability. At bookstores like Book Woman in Austin, the Toronto Women’s                     Bookstore, and Old Wives’ Tales in San Francisco, and in the essential Feminist Bookstore News, book women changed                     people’s lives and the world. 


Our Right to Love: A Lesbian Resource Book
                    February 1st, 1978
0136444016 (ISBN13: 9780136444015)

                    The complete lesbian resource guide, Our Right to Love instantly became a classic when it was first published in 1978. ​                    Now fully revised and expanded for the 1990s, this new edition includes over 60 articles and interviews covering the ​                    many aspects of lesbian life: relationships, sexuality, health, activism, education and sports, religion and spirituality, the ​                    law and legal issues, multiethnic lesbian experience, and lesbian culture. A group of essays explores the lesbian ​                    experience across cultures (African American, Latina, Asian, Native American) and age groups. 

TRANS/gressive: How Transgender Activists Took on Gay Rights, Feminism, the Media & Congress... and Won!
                     May 30th, 2017
                     ASIN B072M31VH9

                     In the early 1990s, no one talked about transgender people, and no one knew one. We were not on TV or in movies.                      What formed the visible part of the transcommunity – overwhelmingly white, urban, and middle class – was also                      overwhelmingly focused on conferences, surgery or hormones and cisgender acceptance.

Magnus Hirschfeld: The Origins of the Gay Liberation Movement
                     April 11th, 2014
                     ISBN 1583674373 (ISBN13: 9781583674376)

                     Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was one of the first great pioneers of the gay liberation movement. Revered by such                      gay icons as Christopher Isherwood and Harry Hay, founder of the Mattachine Society, Hirschfeld’s legacy resonates                      throughout the twentieth-century and around the world. Guided by his motto “Through Science Toward Justice,”                      Hirschfeld helped found the Scientific Humanitarian Committee in Germany to defend the rights of homosexuals and                      develop a scientific framework for sexual equality. He was also an early champion of women’s rights, campaigning in the                      early 1900s for the decriminalization of abortion and the right of female teachers and civil servants to marry and have                      children.

The Gay Militants: How Gay Liberation Began in America 1969-1971
                     January 1st, 1971
                     ISBN 0312112793 (ISBN13: 9780312112790)

As will be noted in some historic references, the rioting and political action in the United States also triggered in Great Britain. Some authors will reference the movement in both countries. In the Memoir and Biography sections you will find activists that fueled each movement in each country.

Gay Sunshine Interviews
                    June 1st, 1979
                    ISBN 0917342615 (ISBN13: 9780917342615)

                    Comprises in depth interviews with sixteen gay men involved in art and politics. Entire series of 'Gay Sunshine'                     interviews is a monumental piece of self-revelation.

Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin
                    July 10th, 2003
                    ISBN 1573441740 (ISBN13: 9781573441742)

                    Bayard Rustin, the famed openly gay African American organizer, introduced Martin Luther King, Jr. to the precepts of                     nonviolence during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, thereby launching the birth of the Civil Rights Movement in 1955.                     Widely acclaimed as a founding father of modern black protest, Rustin reached his pinnacle of notoriety in 1963 as                     organizer of the March on Washington. Long before the March on Washington and King’s ascendance to international                     prominence, Rustin put his life on the line to challenge racial segregation. His open homosexuality, however, remained a                     point of contention among black church leaders, with controversy sometimes embroiling even King himself. Time on Two                     Crosses showcases the extraordinary career of this black gay civil rights pioneer. 

The Right Side of History: 100 Years of LGBTQ Activism
                    June 9th, 2015
                    ISBN 1627781234 (ISBN13: 9781627781237)

                    The Right Side of History tells the 100-year history of queer activism in a series of revealing close-ups, first-person                     accounts, and intimate snapshots of LGBT pioneers and radicals. This diverse cast stretches from the Edwardian period                     to today. The book shows how LGBT folk have always been in the forefront of progressive social evolution in the United                     States. It references heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bayard Rustin, Harvey Milk, and Edie Windsor.                     Equally, the book honors names that aren’t in history books, from participants in the Names Project, a national                     phenomenon memorializing 94,000 AIDS victims, to underground agitprop artists.

Books on LGBT Activism in the United States

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Sappho Was A Right-On Woman: A Liberated View of Lesbianism
                     August 15th, 2012 
                    ISBN 0812815904 (ISBN13: 9780812815900)

                    A radical change in a little-understood part of society has made this book possible. It is a change that is forcing people to                     reevaluate their attitudes and see the Lesbian in a new light. Very little has been written about Lesbianism. What has                     appeared in book for has been written by men. This is the first account written by women--by Lesbians--about                     themselves and their struggle. For Lesbians, as for most women today, the present is experience as a collision between                     the past and future. The first part of Sappho Was a Right-on Woman, "What It Was Like," deals with the past: the guilt,                     the shame, the duplicity, that are part of living in a society that condemns Lesbians--when it cannot ignore them.                     Temporary sanctuaries (bars, gay ghettos, vacation spots) and "bizarre" behavior are part of the past for some Lesbians,                     and still very much part of the present for many.

Beyond Shame: Reclaiming the Abandoned History of Radical Gay Sexuality
                    January 14th, 2004
                    ISBN 080707957X (ISBN13: 9780807079577)

                    The radical sexuality of gay American men in the 1970s is often seen as a shameful period of excess that led to the AIDS                     crisis. Beyond Shame claims that when the gay community divorced itself from this allegedly tainted legacy, the tragic                     result was an intergenerational disconnect because the original participants were unable to pass on a sense of pride and                     identity to younger generations. Indeed, one reason for the current rise in HIV, Moore argues, is precisely due to this                     destructive occurrence, which increased the willingness of younger gay men to engage in unsafe sex.

Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation
                    May 1st, 1972
                    ISBN 0814741835 (ISBN13: 9780814741832)

                    Filled with Joyous self-affirmation, angry manifestos, and searching personal reflections, this classic work provides a                     close look at the individuals and ideologies of this important social movement. In the tradition of Sisterhood is Powerful,                     Out of the Closets presents, in their own words, the views, values attitudes, aspirations, and circumstances of the early                     generation of gay and lesbian liberationists. Highlighting both how much and how little has changed since Stonewall, this                     work is essential reading for anyone concerned with the history of sexuality and the legal and social status of lesbians                     and gays in contemporary America.

When We Were Outlaws: A Memoir of Love and Revolution
                     October 18th, 2011
                     ISBN 1935226517 (ISBN13: 9781935226512)

                     Brash and ambitious, activist Jeanne Córdova is living with one woman and falling in love with another, but her                      passionate beliefs tell her that her first duty is "to the revolution” to change the world and end discrimination against                      gays and lesbians. Trying to compartmentalize her sexual life, she becomes an investigative reporter for the famous,                      underground L.A. Free Press and finds herself involved with covering the Weather Underground and Angela Davis,                      exposing neo-Nazi bomber Captain Joe Tomassi, and befriending Emily Harris of the Symbionese Liberation Army. At                      the same time, she is creating what will be the center of her revolutionary lesbian world: her own newsmagazine, The                      Lesbian Tide, destined to become the voice of the national lesbian feminist movement.

Respecting the Contributions of LGBT Americans
                    August 15th, 2012
                    ISBN 1448874467 (ISBN13: 9781448874460)

                    A growing number of today’s kids have two moms or two dads. The bullying of LGBT youth is an issue that has become                     a fixture in the news. This book uses age-appropriate text to describe the struggles faced by the LGBT community in                     America, to introduce people from all walks of life that belong to the LGBT community, and to describe important events                     that affect all Americans, such as the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The Gay Liberation Book
                     January 28th, 1973
                     ISBN 0878670300 (ISBN13: 9780878670307)

My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home
                    November 10th, 2000
                    ISBN 0822326191 (ISBN13: 9780822326199)

                    In looking at themes such as the relationship between activism and desire or how sexuality can be intimately tied to                     one’s class identity, Hollibaugh fiercely and fearlessly analyzes her own political development as a response to her                     unique personal history. She explores the concept of labeling and the associated issues of categories such as butch or                     femme, transgender, bisexual, top or bottom, drag queen, b-girl, or drag king. The volume includes conversations with                     other writers, such as Deirdre English, Gayle Rubin, Jewelle Gomez, and Cherríe Moraga. From the groundbreaking                     article “What We’re Rollin’ Around in Bed With” to the radical “Sex Work Notes: Some Tensions of a Former Whore and a                     Practicing Feminist,” Hollibaugh charges ahead to describe her reality, never flinching from the truth. 

Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger
                    March 1st, 2014
                    ISBN 0816691169 (ISBN13: 9780816691166)

                    When Kelly Cogswell plunged into New York’s East Village in 1992, she had just come out. An ex–Southern Baptist born                     in Kentucky, she was camping in an Avenue B loft, scribbling poems, and playing in an underground band, trying to                     figure out her next move. A couple of months later she was consumed by the Lesbian Avengers, instigating direct action                     campaigns, battling cops on Fifth Avenue, mobilizing 20,000 dykes for a march on Washington, D.C., and eating fire—                         literally—in front of the White House.

The Gay Liberation Youth Movement in New York: An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail
                     September 4th, 2007
                     ISBN 1281063711 (ISBN13: 9781281063717)

                     Between 1966 and 1975, North American youth activists established over 35 school- and community-based gay ​                     liberation youth groups whose members sought control over their own bodies, education, and sexual and social ​                     relations. This book focuses on three groundbreaking New York City groups - Gay Youth (GY), Street Transvestite ​                     Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.), and the Gay International Youth Society of George Washington High School (GWHS) ​                     - from the advent of gay liberation in NYC in 1969 to just after its dissolution and the rise of identity politics by 1975. ​                     Cohen examines how gay liberation - with its rejection of stultifying sex roles, attack on institutional oppression, ​                     connection between personal and political liberation, celebration of innate androgyny, and resolute anti-war and anti-​                     capitalist stance.