'Curing Queers': Mental Nurses and Their Patients, 1935-74
​                    March 1st, 2015
​                    ISBN 0719095883 (ISBN13: 9780719095887
​                    Drawing on a rich array of source materials including previously unseen, fascinating (and often quite moving) oral ​                    histories, archival and news media sources, 'Curing queers' examines the plight of men who were institutionalized in ​                    British mental hospitals to receive 'treatment' for homosexuality and transvestism, and the perceptions and actions of ​                    the men and women who nursed them.The book begins in 1935 with the first official report on the use of aversion ​                    therapy to combat homosexual desire and continues until 1974, when the American Psychiatric Association removed ​                    homosexuality from its diagnostic manual as a category of psychiatric disorder. It thereby covers a critical period in ​                    British queer history during which the reigning public and professional discourse surrounding homosexuality shifted from ​                    crime to sickness to tolerance. 

Joseph Nicolosi

Joseph was a psychologist in California that fueled the concept of conversion therapy in its modern form. He started an organization that strictly functioned as a center for homosexual "cures". The organization operates under a name that doesn't promote conversion therapy. His practices were discredited and the American Psychological Association states that homosexuality is a normal and positive variation of human sexual orientation and is not a mental disorder. Not only do most of the medical practices reflect religious attributes, but they cannot present proof that the practice is successful. In 2012 the organization was stripped of its status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS. In 2011 the state of California removed the organization as a credible organization for educating therapists. Criminal convictions also follow some of the organizational officers and members. In 2005 they adopted the stance that the government organizations and civil rights organizations have been taken over by gays that make their stand as conversion therapy is a conspiracy by gay extremist with a sole intent to destroy conservative morals.

Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth
​                    August 1st, 2003
​                    ISBN 1560234466 (ISBN13: 9781560234463)

​                    Nationally known activist Wayne Besen spent four years examining the phenomenon of "ex-gay" ministries and ​                    reparative therapies--interviewing leaders, attending conferences, and visiting ministries undercover as he accumulated ​                    hundreds of hours of research. The result is Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-​                    Gay Myth, a groundbreaking expose of the controversial movement that's revered by independent religious groups and ​                    reviled by gay and lesbian organizations.

Hiding from Myself: My journey through a UCLA Frat House, the Playboy Mansion and zealousimmersion in Ex-Gay Conversion Therapy
​                    July 26th, 2014
​                    ASIN B00VGFZGP2

​                    Few social issues ignite such passion from all sides. For those who see homosexuality as immoral and a sin, the notion ​                    of "gay marriage" is intolerable. For those who are gay, being demonized and shamed is simply intolerant. Bryan ​                    Christopher's life has been spent straddling this great divide. As a boy raised under the blinding Friday Night Lights of ​                    the Bible belt of Texas--from the playground to the pulpit--one message was clear: "queers" deserved to be smeared. ​                    And at the dawn of puberty, Bryan knew he was in trouble: he was staring limply at the pages of his dad's Playboy. ​                    That's when the hiding began. And in his neck of the woods, it left him with one option: change!

My Lives
​                    September 5th, 2005
​                    ISBN 0066213975 (ISBN13: 9780066213972)
​                    No one has been more frank, lucid, rueful and entertaining about growing up gay in Middle America than Edmund White. ​                    Best known for his autobiographical novels, starting with A Boy’s Own Story, White here takes fiction out of his story and ​                    delivers the facts of his life in all their shocking and absorbing verity. From an adolescence in the 1950s, an era that ​                    tried to “cure his homosexuality” but found him “unsalvageable,” he emerged into a 1960s society that redesignated his ​                    orientation as “acceptable (nearly).” He describes a life touched by psychotherapy in every decade, starting with his ​                    flamboyant and demanding therapist mother, who considered him her own personal test case — and personal escort to ​                    cocktail lounges after her divorce. 

Be Not Deceived: The Sacred and Sexual Struggles of Gay and Ex-gay Christian Men
​                    January 20th, 2006
​                    ISBN 081353822X (ISBN13: 9780813538228)

​                    In Be Not Deceived, Michelle Wolkomir explores the difficult dilemma that gay Christians face in their attempts to ​                    reconcile their religious and sexual identities. She introduces the ideologies and practices of two alternative and ​                    competing ministries that offer solutions for Christians who experience homosexual desire. One organization—the ​                    Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches—believes that God made people gay to suit divine ​                    purposes.  Changing one’s sexuality is therefore impossible and a defiance of God.  In contrast, Exodus International ​                    preaches that homosexuality is a sin and a symptom of disordered psychological development—one that can be cured ​                    through redemptive prayer. 

Conversion Therapy


Conversion Therapy is a hazardous practice to "cure" something that isn't curable. While we vet the content in this library, other resources will not and will contain content that supports the practice. The practice has been discredited by government studies. In many cases suicide is the result of parents, religious leaders, and discredited therapists who refuse to accept their children and choose prejudice, social injustice, and medical malpractice.

While there is a federal ban on the practice, it is still considered a viable practice by religious leaders. 

Dear Congress: Voices of American Children Currently Being Abused by Conversion Therapy
​                    August 25th, 2018
​                    ISBN 1725081342 (ISBN13: 9781725081345)

​                    Dear Congress, bravely pulls back the curtain to reveal stories of American children currently being abused by ​                    conversion therapy. Together, Vellah Jones and her Children's Committee aim to provide a public service by sharing ​                    their experiences and encouraging citizens of all persuasions to take action by writing their local, state, and federal ​                    elected officials, encouraging them to enact laws that prohibit conversion therapy practices on minors.

Sexual Conversion Therapy: Ethical, Clinical and Research Perspectives
                    May 13th, 2002
                    ASIN B0049SQ0NA

                    Hear the other side of the story on sexual conversion therapy! In their fervor to “fix” homosexuals, practitioners of sexual                     conversion therapies have often overlooked or completely dismissed the possible psychological and social side effects of                     such treatments. Sexual Conversion Therapy: Ethical, Clinical, and Research Perspectives works to counterbalance the                     clinical and ethical omissions of overzealous therapists who have focused on efficacy and outcome at the expense of                     their patients ’self-esteem. Sexual Conversion Therapy features first-person accounts of patients and clinicians, including                     psychotherapists who themselves have undergone treatments ranging from psychoanalysis to religious faith healing to                     aversion behavior conditioning and even electroshock therapy. In addition to examining the history and ethics of                     conversion therapy, the book presents empirical data on current practice and recovery processes for survivors of failed                     conversion attempts.

Riding Fury Home: A Memoir
                    April 3rd, 2012
                    ISBN 1580054323 (ISBN13: 9781580054324)
                    In 1958, when Chana Wilson was seven, her mother attempted suicide, holding a rifle to her own head and pulling the                     trigger. The gun jammed and she was taken away to a mental hospital. On her return, Chana became the caretaker of                     her heavily medicated, suicidal mother. It would be many years before she learned the secret of her mother’s anguish:                     her love affair with another married woman, and the psychiatric treatment aimed at curing her of her lesbianism.

Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse
​                    May 1st, 2010
​                    ISBN 1844091872 (ISBN13: 9781844091874)

​                    Bringing to light an extreme fundamentalist Christian view, this insider’s perspective offers hope to people grappling with ​                    the aftereffects of a cult-like movement often known as “Reparative Therapy.” The movement assumes that going from ​                    gay to straight is easily changeable and change-worthy, despite decades of psycho/sexual research to the contrary. ​                    Although it did not succeed in making the author—a Southern Baptist who attended an ex-gay ministry at a young age—​                    straight, it did undermine his self-esteem and confuse him significantly, thus leading him to pursue an advanced degree ​                    in sexology in order to help others in similar positions. 

Saint Unshamed: A Gay Mormon's Life: Healing from the Shame of Religion, Rape, Conversion Therapy & Cancer
                    April 27th, 2019
                    ISBN None

                    Telling about his experiences during his four years at BYU--the rape, falling in love for the first time, police surveillance,                     harassment and arrest, while enduring three years of conversion therapy, including two years of electroshock                                       treatments--provide the structure of Kerry Ashton's memoir. But intermittently he shares memories from growing up                     Mormon in Pocatello, Idaho, and from his adulthood. In one episode, the author talks about his mother's passing, and                     how he unconsciously blamed himself for her death. In others, Kerry describes some of the battles with his religious                     father, and how he and his Dad eventually came to forgive each other. These stories, like many others shared in the                     book, are poignant. Some--like the description that Kerry provides of his rape--are sexually graphic. 


5 Facts About Conversion Therapy We Know For Sure
​                    November 28th 2018
​                    ASIN B07KYXBLJP
​                    An estimated 700,000 Americans have experienced some form of conversion therapy. Far from exhaustive, 5 Facts ​                    About Conversion Therapy We Know For Sure addresses the main pillars on which conversion therapy relies to ​               ​     proliferate its message of “change.”

Boy Erased: A Memoir
                    May 10th, 2016
                    ISBN 1594633010 (ISBN13: 9781594633010)

                    The son of a Baptist pastor and deeply embedded in church life in small town Arkansas, as a young man Garrard Conley                     was terrified and conflicted about his sexuality. When Garrard was a nineteen-year-old college student, he was outed to                     his parents, and was forced to make a life-changing decision: either agree to attend a church-supported conversion                     therapy program that promised to “cure” him of homosexuality; or risk losing family, friends, and the God he had prayed                     to every day of his life. Through an institutionalized Twelve-Step Program heavy on Bible study, he was supposed to                     emerge heterosexual, ex-gay, cleansed of impure urges and stronger in his faith in God for his brush with sin.

Bioethical Analysis of Sexual Reorientation Interventions: The Ethics of Conversion Therapy
                    January 1st, 2004
                    ISBN 1581124155 (ISBN13: 9781581124156)

                    The efficacy, consequences and ethical principles surrounding sexual reorientation therapies provided by health                     professionals has been debated in the public, professional and academic arenas since the first interventions were                     offered. This thesis applies a model for problem solving in bioethics to the issues raised by this debate. This in-depth                     exploration of the facts and fictions surrounding the provision of sexual reorientation interventions through the critical                     lens of bioethics will be useful to those patients, health professionals, and health policy makers who struggle to make                     sense of a highly political health care issue. Sexual reorientation is fraught with conflicting moral and ethical implications                     that impact the patient and the health professional on many levels.

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Conversion: The Tragedy of Conversion Therapy
                    February 22nd, 2019
                    ASIN B07P1GLYTX

                    When Mark's parents find him comatose on the bed, they try to cover up the fact that he was transgender. This is the                     story of a transgender girl who is attracted to boys and is rejected by parents and church and is sent to a Christian Camp                     for Conversion therapy. When this goes badly, Mark is sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment of Gender Identity                     Psychosis. There are no sexually explicit scenes, but the traumatic experiences may be disturbing to younger readers.