Safe Spaces: Making Schools and Communities Welcoming to LGBT Youth
                    November 2nd, 2011
                    ISBN 0313393680 (ISBN13: 9780313393686)

                    Safe Spaces: Making Schools and Communities Welcoming to LGBT Youth is the first book to offer a comprehensive                     view of the complex lives of LGBT youth of all ages, from kindergarten through college. Drawing on a wealth of research                     collected from first-person accounts of students, family, educators, and community members, the authors not only                     chronicle the struggles of LGBT youth but also describe models of inclusive school and community environments.

Sexuality Matters: Paradigms and Policies for Educational Leaders
                    October 15th, 2009
                    ISBN 1607094185 (ISBN13: 9781607094180)

                    Sexuality Matters brings together scholars from a variety of epistemological perspectives to explore the multiple ways in                     which sexuality does indeed matter in the arena of public education. This book is arranged into three main thematic                     areas: Policy and Activism, Curriculum and Pedagogy, and Identity and Lived Experiences, each of which explores                     specific ideas and challenges found within the corresponding topic. The special features of this collection include a focus                     on the implications of sexuality for educational leadership as well as a multi-perspectival approach to the exploration of                     these concerns. This text will prove to be especially useful both to scholars who prepare future educational leaders and                     to practitioners who are seeking ways to deal with the complex social realities of their communities.

Gay on God's Campus: Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities
                    February 2nd, 2018
                    ISBN 1469636212 (ISBN13: 9781469636214)

                    Although the LGBT movement has made rapid gains in the United States, LGBT people continue to face discrimination                     in faith communities. In this book, sociologist Jonathan S. Coley documents why and how student activists mobilize for                     greater inclusion at Christian colleges and universities. Drawing on interviews with student activists at a range of                     Christian institutions of higher learning, Coley shows that students, initially drawn to activism because of their own                     political, religious, or LGBT identities, are forming direct action groups that transform university policies, educational                     groups that open up campus dialogue, and solidarity groups that facilitate their members' personal growth. 

100 Questions and Answers About Gender Identity
                    December 30th, 2017
                    ASIN B078QV3TH2

                    This simple, introductory guide answers 100 of the basic questions people ask about transgender people in everyday                     conversation. The questions come from interviews with transgender people who say these are issues they frequently get                     asked about or wish people knew more about. It has answers about identity, language, religion, families, work, school,                     laws and documentation. This guide is for people in business, education, religion, government, medicine, law and human                     resources who need a starting point for learning or teaching more about transgender people.


Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom
                    April 27th, 2018
                    ASIN B07D1F31Y2

                    Drawing on examples of teaching from elementary school classrooms, this timely book for practitioners explains why                     LGBTQ-inclusive literacy instruction is possible, relevant, and necessary in grades K–5. The authors show how                     expanding the English language arts curriculum to include representations of LGBTQ people and themes will benefit all                     students, allowing them to participate in a truly inclusive classroom. The text describes three different approaches that                     address the limitations, pressures, and possibilities that teachers in various contexts face around these topics. The                     authors make clear what LGBTQ-inclusive literacy teaching can look like in practice, including what teachers might say                     and how students might respond.

Adolescents at School: Perspectives on Youth, Identity, and Education
                    March 3rd, 2003
                    ISBN 1891792105 (ISBN13: 9781891792106)

                    As any teacher or parent knows, adolescence is a time when youth grapple with the question, "Who am I?" The answers                     don't always come easily. Issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability often complicate this                     question for youth, affecting their schoolwork and their relationships with teachers, administrators, and peers.                                       Adolescents at School gives educators, administrators, community leaders, counselors, social workers, health-care                     professionals, and parents a glimpse into the complex "identities" adolescents negotiate as they manage the challenges                     of school. The book contains the perspectives of teachers, researchers, and administrators and adolescents themselves                     who explore what it means to be a middle or high school student in the United States today. 

Your Rights as an LGBTQ+ Teen
                    May 1st, 2017
                    ISBN 1508174385 (ISBN13: 9781508174387)

                    Each chapter in this comprehensive title provides resources for teens encountering interpersonal or systemic                                       mistreatment at home, school, work, and in their community. The text lays out their legally recognized rights in these                     contexts, providing information about how to make use of existing laws. Also included are strategies for meeting needs                     not currently recognized as legal rights, drawing on past and contemporary struggles for equality. Accessible and                     engaging, this title provides LGBTQ+ youth with the tools to protect themselves, participate safely in the activities they                     care about, and to make societal change.

One Teacher in 10: LGBT Educators Share Their Stories
                    March 1st, 2005
                    1555838693 (ISBN13: 9781555838690)
                    From the director of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) comes a new collection of accounts by                     openly gay and lesbian teachers who tell about their struggles and victories as they have put their own careers on the                     line to fight for justice. Kevin Jennings is the founder and executive director of GLSEN. He lives in New York City.

Celebrating Difference: A whole-school approach to LGBT+ inclusion
                    May 30th, 2019
                    ASIN B07M8YDH7W

                    Celebrating Difference is an inspiring handbook for LGBT+ inclusion, aimed at all primary and secondary teachers and                     leaders. Written by Shaun Dellenty, internationally celebrated lead in LGBT+ inclusion in education, it is filled with                     practical advice to enable schools to bring about organizational change to ensure the safety, success, mental health and                     wellbeing of all pupils and staff. This ground-breaking book examines the roots and impact of identity-based prejudice in                     schools, drawing on Shaun's own experiences of homophobic bullying and his subsequent career as a teacher and                     school leader. 

Working with Your School to Create a Safe Environment
                    August 15th, 2017
                    ISBN 1508174350 (ISBN13: 9781508174356)

                    This informative title offers students in grades seven to twelve practical ideas for working with teachers, parents,                     administrators, and other students to make their schools safe and welcoming for LGBTQ+ students. From forming Gay-                    Straight Alliances or similar clubs to organizing Pride days and working to support LGBTQ+-friendly policies and                     legislation, readers will learn concrete steps they can take to prevent bullying and make their schools safe and                     welcoming for everyone. For LGBTQ+ youth as well as their straight allies, this book offers a sensitive and detailed                     approach to ending LGBTQ+ bullying in schools.

Bullying in Schools: A Professional Development for Educators
                    November 21st, 2012
                    ISBN13 9781301601714

                    Bullying in Schools: A Professional Development for Educators examines the impact of bullying on K-12 schools and                     communities. The chapters of the book are written by students, parents, teachers, administrators and community                     members; thus, the book provides real discussions about the problem of bullying. Each chapter contains reflective                     questions to guide the reader to a broader understanding of the challenges of bullying and how to address bullying. The                     book also contains video links to further engage the reader through these reflective processes. The book was reviewed                     by educators before publication.

School Climate Change: How do I build a positive environment for learning?
                    September 8th, 2014
                    ASIN B00O0ZX83W

                    Students and educators today face obstacles to student achievement, well-being, and success that are above and                     beyond traditional instructional and assessment concerns. From low school morale to bullying to shootings, school                     climate has become a national and global concern. Research overwhelmingly indicates that a positive school climate                     promotes cooperative learning, group cohesion, respect, and mutual trust—all of which have in turn been shown to                     improve the learning environment. In short, a positive school climate is directly related to improved academic                                       achievement at all levels of schooling.

How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place: A Practical Guide for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Teachers
                    March 3rd, 2018
                    ISBN 1785923498 (ISBN13: 9781785923494)

                    Currently teachers don't receive the training or induction they need to make their school an LGBT+ inclusive                                         environment. This can be seen by the fact that half of schools do not teach anything regarding LGBT+, and only 3%                     include LGBT+ content in two or more subjects. This book will help transform your school into a safe and inclusive place                     for all students. Written with Educate Celebrate!, an Ofsted and DFE recognized 'Best Practice Award Program, this                     book gives teachers, governors and other staff the knowledge, strategies and confidence they need to implement a                     curriculum that is inclusive for all. 

Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School
                    June 4th, 2007
                    ISBN 0520252306 (ISBN13: 9780520252301)

                    High school and the difficult terrain of sexuality and gender identity are brilliantly explored in this smart, incisive                     ethnography. Based on eighteen months of fieldwork in a racially diverse working-class high school, Dude, You're a Fag                     sheds new light on masculinity both as a field of meaning and as a set of social practices. C. J. Pascoe's unorthodox                     approach analyzes masculinity as not only a gendered process but also a sexual one. She demonstrates how the                     "specter of the fag" becomes a disciplinary mechanism for regulating heterosexual as well as homosexual boys and how                     the "fag discourse" is as much tied to gender as it is to sexuality.

Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay and Lesbian History for High School and College Students
                    April 1st, 1994
                    ISBN 1555832547 (ISBN13: 9781555832544)

                    Covering two thousand years and a wide range of cultures, this history reader brings gay men and lesbians out of hiding                     and into the classroom.

The Gay Teen: Educational Practice and Theory for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Adolescents
                    April 5th, 1995
                    ISBN 0415910951 (ISBN13: 9780415910958)

                    Written by and for gay and straight educators, The Gay Teen explores gay student adolescence from discursive, practical                     and theoretical perspectives. The volume introduces and sensitizes educators to the complexities of gay identity and                     sets forth some of the issues facing gay youth in high schools. Contributors survey "gay-friendly" curricula in a number of                     subject areas, including literature, sex education, sports and social studies. Vital teaching strategies, intervention                     techniques and staff training recommendations form an integral part of the analyses and are designed to help teachers                     and counsellors better address the academic and psychological needs of gay students and redress homophobia in the                     school setting. The Gay Teen also showcases the pioneering safe spaces that educators have created for students--gay                     as well as straight--who are struggling to forge sexual identities during the tough years of adolescence.

Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities
                    October 1st, 2005
                    ISBN 1555838561 (ISBN13: 9781555838560)

                    Since the 1998 publication of his groundbreaking book "Out on Fraternity Row," editor and Lambda 10 Project founder                     Shane Windmeyer has witnessed many changes in the reception and treatment of gay fraternity members: "We have                     made tremendous progress on men coming out to their brothers and being more likely to find acceptance due to the                             credo 'once a brother, always a brother, ' but the new challenge and logical next boundary to break down for the                     fraternity closet is rushing openly gay." His new book, "Brotherhood," is a bold step in that direction. Windmeyer reveals                     a 10-year perspective of progress on gay issues within college fraternities and suggests a 10-year plan to continue                     educational efforts for further systemic implementation to combat homophobia in fraternities.

Sexual Orientation and School Policy: A Practical Guide for Teachers, Administrators, and Community Activists
                    December 1st, 2003
                    ISBN 0742525082 (ISBN13: 9780742525085)

                    This book helps the reader to understand and mediate the debates that arise when gay, lesbian, bisexual,                                         transgendered, intersex, and queer/questioning (GLBTIQ) students and their families ask for equal treatment from the                     schools and are opposed by conservative parents. Sexual Orientation and School Policy is a case study of one school                     districts' attempt to adopt and implement policies that include sexual orientation. This book describes the work of the                     Safe Schools Coalition who advocate and educate for equal rights for GLBTIQ students. Concerned Citizens, a group of                     conservative parents, opposed the inclusion of sexual orientation in the policies. The author highlights the factors that                     either facilitated or impeded the implementation of the policies as well as the strategies employed by the Safe Schools                     Coalition in educating opponents.

Interrupting Hate: Homophobia in Schools and What Literacy Can Do about It
                    November 18th, 2011
                    ISBN 0807752738 (ISBN13: 9780807752739)

                    This timely and important book focuses on the problems of heterosexism and homophobia in schools and explores how                     these forms of oppression impact LGBTQ youth, as well as all young people. The author shows how concerned teachers                     can engage students in literacy practices both in and out of school to develop positive learning environments. The                     featured vignettes focus on fostering student agency, promoting student activism, and nurturing student allies. With a                     unique combination of adolescent literacy and teacher action projects, this book offers a valuable model for educators                     interested in creating safe learning communities for all students.

Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and Changing America's Schools
                    May 15th, 2007
                    ISBN 0807071471 (ISBN13: 9780807071472)

                    Long before Kevin Jennings began advocating to end anti-LGBT bias in schools, he was a victim of it. In Mama's Boy,                     Preacher's Son, Jennings traces the roots of his activism to his elementary school days in the conservative South, where                     "faggot" became more familiar to him than his own name. Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son is that rare memoir that is both a                     riveting personal story and an inside account of a critical chapter in our recent history. Creating safe schools for all youth                     is now a central part of the progressive agenda in American education—and Kevin Jennings is at the forefront of that                     fight. Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son earned an A- in Entertainment Weekly, was featured in Salon and The Advocate, and                     was called "a great read" by People.

100 Questions and Answers about Sexual Orientation
                    October 12th, 2018

                    ISBN 1641800275 (ISBN13: 9781641800273)

Unnormalizing Education: Addressing Homophobia in Higher Education and K-12 Schools
                    June 1st, 2014
                    ISBN 1623967082 (ISBN13: 9781623967086)

                    Recently, with the number of students from higher education and K-12 settings committing suicide, it is apparent that                     homophobia and homophobic bullying are tremendous problems in our schools and universities. However, educators are                     unclear about an appropriate process for addressing these challenges. In this book, Jones postulates that we must begin                     exploring the culture of educational environments as they relate to sexual difference, in order to begin conceptualizing                     ways in which we may begin to address homophobia and heteronormativity. To that end, this book addresses how                     educators (at all levels) must begin examining how their concepts about different sexual identities are "normalized"                     through socializing processes and schooling. 

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander
                    January 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 006001430X (ISBN13: 9780060014308)

                    It's the deadliest combination going; bullies who terrorize, bullied kids who are afraid to tell, bystanders who watch, and                     adults who see the incidents as a normal part of childhood. All it takes to understand that this is a recipe for tragedy is a                     glance at headlines across the country. In this updated edition of The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, which                     includes a new section on cyberbullying, one of the world's most trusted parenting educators gives parents, caregivers,                     educators - and most of all, kids - the tools to break the cycle of violence.

LGBT Youth Human Rights: Protecting the Human Rights of LGBT American Secondary School Students
                    November 10th, 2009
                    ISBN 3838311140 (ISBN13: 9783838311142)

Getting Ready for Benjamin: Preparing Teachers for Sexual Diversity in the Classroom
                    October 23rd, 2002
                    ISBN 0742516776 (ISBN13: 9780742516779)

                    This book argues that issues of sexual diversity are inextricably interwoven into the basic concerns of pre-service                     teacher education. How do we make our students aware of assumptions regarding masculinity, femininity, and sexuality                     that arise from what is presented, represented, or omitted from curricula and classroom practice? What do we say about                     homophobia and heterosexism as we anticipate the administrative hierarchies, school cultures, parent and community                     politics they will encounter as teachers? What special challenges might face a teacher (straight or gay) who discusses                     sexual orientation in a high school classroom, or responds to a homophobic remark in the hallway or the cafeteria? How                     should we prepare a teacher for a parent conference with two moms or two dads? 

Telling Tales Out of School: Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals Revisit Their School Days
                    August 1st, 1998
                    ISBN 1555834183 (ISBN13: 9781555834180)

                    In this collection of over thirty essays, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals look back at their school days -- some with wry                     humor, others with acknowledged pain. Most find that they are still trying to unlearn a basic lesson imparted by the                     educational system to homosexuals: Hate yourself. The personal memoirs collected here are sharp and varied, detailing                     everything from valiant struggles during the pre-Stonewall days to the isolation of sissies and tomboys, the violence and                     harassment that became numbingly common on playgrounds, and the love stories that made young students hopeful                     that there was a better life outside of school.

Don't Be So Gay! Queers, Bullying, and Making Schools Safe
                    March 1st, 2013
                    ISBN 0774823275 (ISBN13: 9780774823272)

                    Recent cases of teen suicide linked with homophobic bullying have thrust the issue of school safety into the national                     spotlight. In "Don't Be So Gay!" Queers, Bullying, and Making Schools Safe, Donn Short considers the effectiveness of                     safe-school legislation. Drawing on interviews with queer youth and their allies in the Toronto area, Short concludes that                     current legislation is more responsive than proactive.

School's Out: Gay and Lesbian Teachers in the Classroom
                    November 24th, 2014
                    ISBN 0520959809 (ISBN13: 9780520959804)

                    How do gay and lesbian teachers negotiate their professional and sexual identities at work, given that these identities                     are constructed as mutually exclusive, even as mutually opposed? Using interviews and other ethnographic materials                     from Texas and California, School's Out explores how teachers struggle to create a classroom persona that balances                     who they are and what's expected of them in a climate of pervasive homophobia. Catherine Connell's examination of the                     tension between the rhetoric of gay pride and the professional ethic of discretion insightfully connects and considers                     complicating factors, from local law and politics to gender privilege. She also describes how racialized discourses of                     homophobia thwart challenges to sexual injustices in schools. Written with ethnographic verve, School's Out is essential                     reading for specialists and students of queer studies, gender studies, and educational politics.

Queer and Trans Perspectives on Teaching LGBT-Themed Texts in Schools
                    December 15th, 2017
                    ISBN 1138565032 (ISBN13: 9781138565036)

                    The contributions in this book offer explicit implications for pedagogical practice, considering literature for children and                     young adults, and work in elementary school, high school, and university classrooms and schools. They give insights on                     exploring how queer and trans theories might inform the teaching and learning of English language arts with great                     respect to people who live their lives beyond hegemonic heternormativity and cisnormativity. They provide wisdom on                     how to provoke, foster, and navigate complicated conversations about sexuality, queer desire, gender creativity, gender                     independence, and trans inclusivity. In addition, they show how all of these are informed by an epistemological and                     ontological understanding of gender embodiment as a process of becoming. They offer insights into how queer and trans                     theories, as informed and driven by trans, non-binary and gender diverse scholars themselves, can move all of us                     beyond LGBTQ-inclusivity and inform reading, discussing, teaching, and learning in all of the classrooms and school                     contexts where we live and work.

Books written for LGBT educators and educational facilities in the United States

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Challenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual Diversity
                    October 31st 2007
                    ISBN 1858564131 (ISBN13: 9781858564135)

                    Challenging Homophobia brings together accounts of how educators in various national and cultural contexts are dealing                     with prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and sometimes overt violence against sexual minorities--particularly lesbian                     and gay youth and adults. The contributors emphasize the importance of changing the prejudicial attitudes of people who                     believe that their homophobic views on sexuality are morally superior. The book provides a valuable combination of                     reflections on the underlying psychological and social processes and suggestions for better educational practice,                     including tested lesson plans and inspiring resources for challenging the social ill of homophobia. With its insights into                     the effective and creative methods developed in nine different countries to address homophobia, this book is essential                     for educators, students, and administrators.

One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium: LGBT Educators Speak Out About What's Gotten Better . . . and What Hasn't
                    August 25th, 2015
                    ISBN 0807055867 (ISBN13: 9780807055861)
                    For more than twenty years, the One Teacher in Ten series has served as an invaluable source of strength and                     inspiration for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender educators. This all-new edition brings together stories from across                     America—and around the world—resulting in a rich tapestry of varied experiences. From a teacher who feels he must                     remain closeted in the comparative safety of New York City public schools to teachers who are out in places as far afield                     as South Africa and China, the teachers and school administrators in One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium prove                     that LGBT educators are as diverse and complex as humanity itself. 

The Last Closet: The Real Lives of Lesbian and Gay Teachers
                    June 17th, 1996
                    ISBN 0435081470 (ISBN13: 9780435081478)

                    The Last Closet tells the stories of lesbian and gay educators as they struggle for dignity in the face of homophobia.                     These stories come from over a hundred lesbian, gay, and bisexual women and men who are, or have been, teachers,                     counselors, librarians, and administrators across the country. Rita Kissen, who began her research after her lesbian                     daughter became a teacher, uses both narration and description to capture the texture and tone of these teachers' daily                     lives. The Last Closet describes the struggles of educators caught between their desire for authenticity and their need for                     safety - a need that forces most of them to hide a significant part of their identity. Kissen also suggests survival strategies                     for lesbian and gay educators and offers advice for heterosexual parents, teachers, and administrators who want to                     make their schools and communities inclusive and safe for all.

The Right to Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools
                    September 9th, 2010
                    ISBN 0816674582 (ISBN13: 9780816674589)

                    Despite significant advances for gay and transgender persons in the United States, the public school environment                     remains daunting, even frightening, as evidenced by numerous high-profile incidents of discrimination, bullying, violence,                     and suicide. Yet efforts to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students and educators, or                     to enhance curricula to better reflect the experience of differing sexual orientations and gender identities, are bitterly                     opposed in the courtroom, at the ballot box, and especially in the schools themselves.

Inspiration for LGBT Students & Their Allies
                    November 5th, 2002
                    ISBN 096469574X (ISBN13: 9780964695740)

                    Inspiration for LGBT Students & Their Allies offers a collection of captivating, inspiring and thoughtful stories and                     reflections from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies. Each story, essay, poem, photograph                     and contribution takes the reader on a journey of encouragement, humor and motivation for a new generation of lgbtq                     students on college campuses. The perfect resource for lgbtq educational awareness, ally training, college leadership                     library, a coming out gift to a friend or just to let someone know it is okay to be who you are.

Coming Out of the Classroom Closet: Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers, and Curricula
                    April 6th, 1992
                    ISBN 1560230134 (ISBN13: 9781560230137)

                    This landmark book empowers educators to become visible, positive influences and role models for gay and lesbian                     students in their classrooms and schools. As most homosexual educators, and even students, remain invisible due to                     possible hostilities of "coming out," this eye-opening book presents recent research to help gay and lesbian teachers                     break their silence. It encourages them to speak out on issues of homosexuality where curricula, civil rights, personal                     freedoms, and social entitlements are concerned. It promotes the development of school-based intervention for gay,                     lesbian, and bisexual students. 

The Harvey Milk Institute Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Internet Research
                    November 10th, 2001
                    ISBN 1560233532 (ISBN13: 9781560233534)

                    This powerful reference tool is the most comprehensive, reliable guide to Internet resources for the LBGTQ community.                     More than just a guide to useful Web sites, it also evaluates LGBTQ mailing lists, message boards, search engines, and                     portals. The Harvey Milk Institute Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Internet Research provides                     background information as well as useful URLs. It covers the history and objectives of major sites. The in-depth                     interviews with leaders of the queer Internet include discussions with Barry Harrison, Director of Queer Arts Resources,                     and Sister Mary Elizabeth, founder of AEGiS.

Harvard's Secret Court: The Savage 1920 Purge of Campus Homosexuals
                    October 31st, 2006
                    ISBN 0312322720 (ISBN13: 9780312322724)

                    In 2002, a researcher for The Harvard Crimson came across a restricted archive labeled "Secret Court Files, 1920." The                     mystery he uncovered involved a tragic scandal in which Harvard University secretly put a dozen students on trial for                     homosexuality and then systematically and persistently tried to ruin their lives. In May of 1920, Cyril Wilcox, a freshman                     suspended from Harvard, was found sprawled dead on his bed, his room filled with gas--a suicide. The note he left                     behind revealed his secret life as part of a circle of (cut "young") homosexual students. The resulting witch hunt and the                     lives it cost remains one of the most shameful episodes in the history of America's premiere university. Supported by                     legendary Harvard President Lawrence Lowell, Harvard conducted its investigation in secrecy. 

Approaches to Teaching LGBT Literature
                    April 30th, 2018
                    ISBN 1433141914 (ISBN13: 9781433141911

                    In 1995, George Haggerty and Bonnie Zimmerman's landmark volume Professions of Desire: Lesbian and Gay Studies                     in Literature--followed by William Spurlin's Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English (2000)--began                     addressing the esoteric discussions complicating the intersections among gender, sexuality, and other identity constructs                     within the English classroom. Given the perpetuation of heteronormativity in the educational system, Haggerty                     encourages instructors to help LGBT students "learn about the politics of oppression in their own lives as well as in the                     cultural context that, after all, determines what they mean when they call themselves lesbian or gay."

Creating Safe Environments for LGBT Students: A Catholic Schools Perspective
                    March 4th, 2007
                    ISBN 156023606X (ISBN13: 9781560236061)

                    Creating Safe Environments for LGBT Students is a comprehensive training guidebook for educators who are committed                     to diversity and the full inclusion of LGBT students in every aspect of the Catholic high school experience. Based on five                     years of pilot testing in Catholic schools, this unique book emphasizes safe staff training in integrating the Church's                     pastoral, social, and moral dimensions with the special needs of LGBT students. The book presents strategies and                     resources for building safer schools, helpful materials for communicating with parents, and general guidelines for                     developing and maintaining professional helping relationships with LGBT students.

Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments
                    April 19th, 2013
                    ISBN 0415819172 (ISBN13: 9780415819176)

                    The importance of creating safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students in the                     school environment cannot be overstated. It is one of the most prominent issues facing school professionals today, and                     its success has lasting, positive effects on the entire student body. Drawing on the expertise of researchers and                     practitioners, this book provides a comprehensive examination of the topics most relevant for school professionals.

Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses
                    March 18th, 2003
                    ISBN 1560233044 (ISBN13: 9781560233046)

                    This book presents an integrated approach toward changing attitudes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered                     (LGBT) students, faculty, and staff on contemporary college campuses. From Addressing Homophobia and                                         Heterosexism on College Campuses you can learn specific classroom techniques for handling homophobia and                     heterosexism in the classroom. This book tackles a wide variety of subjects including academic freedom, diversity                     training, nontraditional families, and religion, each of which plays an integral part in the sense of community found on any                     college campus. Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses provides you with the basic tools to                     set up sensible programs that have worked for others in the past and can work for you in the future!

Safe Is Not Enough: Better Schools for LGBTQ Students
                    August 9th, 2016
                    ISBN 1612509428 (ISBN13: 9781612509426)

                    Safe Is Not Enough illustrates how educators can support the positive development of LGBTQ students in a                                         comprehensive way so as to create truly inclusive school communities. Using examples from classrooms, schools, and                     districts across the country, Michael Sadowski identifies emerging practices such as creating an LGBTQ-inclusive                     curriculum; fostering a whole-school climate that is supportive of LGBTQ students; providing adults who can act as                     mentors and role models; and initiating effective family and community outreach programs. While progress on LGBTQ                     issues in schools remains slow, in many parts of the country schools have begun making strides toward becoming safer,                     more welcoming places for LGBTQ students. 

The Rainbow Curriculum: Teaching Teens about LGBT Issues
                    October 4th, 2012
                    ISBN 148004444X (ISBN13: 9781480044449)

                    In February, we teach Black History. March is Women's History Month. But what about June? What about Gay Pride                     Month? This book is the answer! It includes an LGBT history unit and guidelines for teaching LGBT-themed literature.                     There's also an easy-to-implement anti-bullying program and a common-sense approach to launching a gay/straight                     alliance at your school.

LGBT Friendly Universities: Stanford and UC Berkeley Campus Resources for LGBTQ Students
                    March 24th, 2017
                    ASIN B06XVHYXHP

                    Paul believes individuals are loved unconditionally by God the Creator and should be given the freedom to pursue                     happiness on their terms without coercion. When Paul was asked to complete an assignment for a college counseling                     class at the University of California at Los Angeles related to what American universities offer lesbian, gay, bisexual and                     transgender (LGBT) students; he chose to conduct research on Stanford University and the University of California at                     Berkeley. Being a champion of freedom and godly love for human beings regardless of their sexual orientation;                     recognizing all of us were created in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27); Paul shares the results of his research on LGBT                     resources and activities available on campus at Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Out on Fraternity Row: Personal Accounts of Being Gay in a College Fraternity
                    September 1st, 1998
                    ISBN 1555834094 (ISBN13: 9781555834098)

                    In the spirit of Jocks, Out on Fraternity Row collects uncompromising, first-person accounts of gay life inside a                     traditionally homophobic institution. Part of the Lambda 10 Project, Out on Fraternity Row gives voice to over 30 men                     who tell their emotionally charged stories of coming out or staying silent and how this decision changed their fraternal                     experience, their view of themselves, and even their lives.

Understanding and Teaching U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History
                    December 17th, 2014
                    ISBN 029930244X (ISBN13: 9780299302443)

                    Understanding and Teaching U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History offers a wealth of insight for                     teachers. Introductory essays by Leila J. Rupp and Susan K. Freeman make clear why queer history is important and                     provide global historical context, showing that same-sex sexual desire and gender change are not new, modern                     phenomena. Teachers in diverse educational settings provide narratives of their experiences teaching queer history. A                     topical section offers 17 essays on such themes as sexual diversity in early America, industrial capitalism and emergent                     sexual cultures, and gay men and lesbians in World War II. Contributors include detailed suggestions for integrating                     these topics into a standard U.S. history curriculum, including creative and effective assignments. A final section                     addresses sources and interpretive strategies well-suited to the history classroom.

Gay-Straight Alliances: Networking with Other Teens and Allies
                    August 15th, 2017
                    ISBN 150817427X (ISBN13: 9781508174271)

                    A 2016 Vanderbilt University study reported that LGBTQ+ students in schools with a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) were                     52 percent less likely to hear homophobic remarks and experience bullying in school. This title provides the tools and                     resources to organize a GSA and to become a proactive leader in a community. Also included in the guide are                     educational activities, tips for being a good ally to LGBTQ+ people of color, and a Myths & Facts section that debunks                     common assumptions about Gay-Straight Alliances. The comprehensive text is a valuable guide for LGBTQ+ youth and                     allies.

Standing Up to Bullying at School
                    August 15th, 2017
                    ISBN 1508174318 (ISBN13: 9781508174318)

                    LGBTQ+ youth face an increased risk of being bullied at school, which can lead to serious consequences for their                     mental health, academic performance, and physical safety. Public awareness of the issue has increased, however, and                     schools are now expected to provide a safe learning environment for students of every sexual orientation and gender                     identity. This title provides resources and strategies for helping LGBTQ+ students overcome bullying and maintain their                     well-being. It offers numerous suggestions on how to help bullied LGBTQ+ youth stand up for themselves, reach out to                     others, gain awareness of their rights, and promote tolerance in their school.

The Right to Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools 2nd Edition
                    September 9th, 2010
                    ISBN 0816674582 (ISBN13: 9780816674589)

                    Despite significant advances for gay and transgender persons in the United States, the public school environment                     remains daunting, even frightening, as evidenced by numerous high-profile incidents of discrimination, bullying, violence,                     and suicide. Yet efforts to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students and educators, or                     to enhance curricula to better reflect the experience of differing sexual orientations and gender identities, are bitterly                     opposed in the courtroom, at the ballot box, and especially in the schools themselves.

Gender, Bullying, and Harassment: Strategies to End Sexism and Homophobia in Schools
                    April 23rd, 2009
                    ISBN 0807749532 (ISBN13: 9780807749531)

                    While there have been countless studies of bullying and harassment in schools, none have examined the key gender                     issues related to these behaviors. In her new book, Meyer does just that and offers readers tangible and flexible                     suggestions to help them positively transform the culture of their school and reduce the incidences of gendered                     harassment. The text features sections that speak specifically to administrators, teachers, counselors, student leaders,                     and community and family members.

Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students
                    March 6th, 2012
                    ISBN 1452205906 (ISBN13: 9781452205908)

                    A joint publication with the National Association of School Psychologists.

Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian and Bisexual in a College Sorority
                    April 1st, 2001
                    ISBN 1555835880 (ISBN13: 9781555835880)

                    "This volume is an important one, because it teaches, in the most intimate way possible, the complex lessons of                     embrace and rejection of sisters. Lesbians do not want to be 'accepted.' We want to be, and to have, sisters. As with all                     love, the greatest enemy of that goal is fear.""-from the foreword by Sheila Kuehl. The first-person accounts of 25 women                     stand as a powerful and courageous collective effort to address the traditionally homophobic and heterosexist                                       atmosphere within sororities and gain greater understanding of the true nature of sisterhood. Shane L. Windmeyer is the                     assistant director of student activities at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Pamela W. Freeman is the                     assistant dean of students at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

Dramatic Changes: Talking about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity with High School Students Through Drama
                    July 10th, 2002
                    ISBN 0325004145 (ISBN13: 9780325004143

                    Educator and activist Paula Ressler knows from experience that students who are marginalized because of sexual                     orientation, gender, or appearance spend much of their time in high school just trying to survive. The consequences of                     ignoring these issues can be devastating. In this book she demonstrates how the drama workshop can be a powerful                     tool to facilitate discussion about topics that have long been suppressed in traditional educational venues and mired in                     taboo and confusion. She offers an approach to teaching and learning in which participants acquire new knowledge                     based on experience, not simply transmission.

Stepping Up! Teachers Advocating for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools
                    March 23rd, 2018
                    ISBN 1138568198 (ISBN13: 9781138568198)

                    Stepping Up! offers inspiring suggestions for ways teachers and teacher educators can stand up and speak out for                     students to create welcoming classroom climates for LGBTQ and gender diverse youth. Building from ten years of                     collaborative longitudinal inquiry, including interviews with parents, students, teachers, and administrators, the authors                     share stories from different perspectives to support teachers with concrete examples of advocacy. The authors show                     teachers how to 'step up' by working with students, through and beyond curriculum, and by working with families and                     administrators to improve school culture for LGBTQ and gender diverse students. Additionally, they explore the potential                     constraints involved in such social justice work, and share strategies and resources for transforming schools to be more                     queer-friendly.

Standing Out, Standing Together: The Social and Political Impact of Gay-Straight Alliances
                    September 28th, 2005
                    ISBN 0415950929 (ISBN13: 9780415950923)

                    Just a decade ago, requests by students to establish groups to support gay and lesbian students were rare and                     generally met with shock and confusion by school administrators and local communities. Today there are more than                     1600 gay straight alliances (GSAs) across the country. Standing Out, Standing Together documents the emergence of                     gay straight alliances in public schools across America - from factors that have contributed to the relatively rapid spread                     of GSA to those that stirred controversy and posed roadblocks. Using over 10 years of interviews with students,                     teachers, administrators and political activists; case studies; and local and national media reports, Miceli explores the                     personal and political stakes involved in the battles over GSAs. 

Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling
                    October 27th, 1999
                    ISBN 0847693694 (ISBN13: 9780847693696)

                    Queering Elementary Education is not about teaching kids to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight. ItOs not part of a                     sinister stratagem in the Ogay agenda. O Instead, these provocative and thoughtful essays advocate the creation of                     classrooms that challenge categorical thinking, promote interpersonal intelligence, and foster critical consciousness.                     Queer elementary classrooms are those where parents and educators care enough about their children to trust the                     human capacity for understanding and their educative abilities to foster insight into the human condition. Those who                     teach queerly refuse to participate in the great sexual sorting machine called schooling where diminutive GI Joes and                     Barbies become star quarterbacks and prom queens, while the Linuses and Tinky Winkies become wallflowers or human                     doormats.

Gay-Straight Alliances: A Handbook for Students, Educators, and Parents
                    June 6th, 2007
                    ISBN 1560236841 (ISBN13: 9781560236849)

                    A step by step guide to the school club that provides a safe place for LGBT and straight kids. A Gay-Straight Alliance                     (GSA) provides a safe place for students to discuss issues, meet others, and get support from those who care. Gay-                    Straight Alliances: A Handbook for Students, Educators, and Parents explains exactly how to begin this important type of                     school club that helps build positive relationships and promotes knowledge and tolerance. This guide tells students what                     it takes to start a GSA at their school, teachers how best to work with GSAs, and helps principals and superintendents to                     understand the applicable laws. Parents who read this book can discover for themselves just how positive an influence                     the GSA may be in their child's life.

Help for Billy
                    December 20th, 2012
                    ISBN 0977704092 (ISBN13: 9780977704095)

                    Written for both parents and educators, Help for Billy addresses the real issues going on behind a child's negative                     behavior. It will change everything for your child--a must read for anyone working with a child in the classroom.

School's Out: The Impact of Gay and Lesbian Issues on America's Schools
                    April 1st, 1995
                    ISBN 1555832490 (ISBN13: 9781555832490)America's schools are filled with gay men and lesbians. Woog interviewed                     nearly 300 people in this exploration of the current impact of gay and lesbian issues and people on the U.S. educational                     system.

Sexual Identities and Schooling: A Special Issue of Theory Into Practice
                    January 10th, 2005

                    ISBN 0805894683 (ISBN13: 9780805894684)

Acting Out! Combating Homophobia Through Teacher Activism
                    November 15th, 2009
                    ISBN 080775031X (ISBN13: 9780807750315)

                    In this volume, teachers from urban, suburban, and rural districts join together in a teacher-inquiry group to challenge                     homophobia and heterosexism in schools and classrooms. To create safe learning environments for all students they                     address key topics, including seizing teachable moments, organizing faculty, deciding whether to come out in the                     classroom, using LGBTQ-inclusive texts, running a Gay-Straight Alliance, changing district policy to protect LGBTQ                     teachers and students, dealing with resistant students, and preparing preservice teachers to do antihomophobia work.

Beating Bullying at Home and in Your Community
                    August 15th, 2017
                    ISBN 1508174245 (ISBN13: 9781508174240)

                    From toxic family environments to harassment in the workplace and cyberbullying, LGBTQ+ teens often face bullying                     beyond the schoolyard. This text explores the issues and lets teens know they're not alone when dealing with this                     mistreatment. Giving guidance to bystanders as well as targets, the title includes suggestions for educating families and                     communities that members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve the same rights and protections as other people. Targets                     of bullying can find encouragement along with ideas and resources on how to change their situation and heal from the                     damage caused by aggression and harassment.

Boarding School Homosexuality: From Plato's Academy to the Princeton Rub
                    January 13th, 2016
                    ISBN 1523368292 (ISBN13: 9781523368297)

LGBT Youth in America's Schools
                    April 19th, 2012
                    ISBN 0472031406 (ISBN13: 9780472031405)
                    Jason Cianciotto and Sean Cahill, experts on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender public policy advocacy, combine                     an accessible review of social science research with analyses of school practices and local, state, and federal laws that                     affect LGBT students. In addition, portraits of LGBT youth and their experiences with discrimination at school bring                     human faces to the issues the authors discuss.This is an essential guide for teachers, school administrators, guidance                     counselors, and social workers interacting with students on a daily basis; school board members and officials                                       determining school policy; nonprofit advocates and providers of social services to youth; and academic scholars,                     graduate students, and researchers training the next generation of school administrators and informing future policy and                     practice.


Building People: Social-Emotional Learning for Kids, Families, Schools, and Communities
                    July 17th, 2018
                    ASIN B07F44Y912

                    Building People: Social-Emotional Learning for Kids, Families, Schools & Communities brings together a dozen wide-                    ranging perspectives on social-emotional learning (SEL) to present a comprehensive picture of the SEL landscape in                     schools and communities and provide action steps for educators, families, and leaders. This book’s contributors                     represent a diverse group of nationally and internationally renowned researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders                     whose collective body of work addresses multiple facets of SEL and its successful implementation in numerous relevant                     contexts. All stakeholders—from those who work in a school or district to families or other community leaders—will gain                     a better understanding of SEL and what it looks like in practice through this book. 

The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students
                    August 1st, 2006
                    ISBN 155583857X (ISBN13: 9781555838577)

                    Based on student demand, the Advocate magazine and publisher Alyson Books have partnered to produce The                     Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students. With advice from campus officials and LGBT college students -- the experts                     themselves - this easy to use guide is the perfect companion for the first generation of out LGBT students. This new                     guide profiles the 100 U.S. institutions with the top "Gay Point Average" on critical LGBT issues such as: Gay-affirmative                     policies Campus events Queer student perspectives Housing for LGBT students Local gay hangouts Gay-friendly                     support resources Queer studies 

Being Gay and Lesbian in a Catholic High School
                    May 24th, 2000
                    ISBN 1560231831 (ISBN13: 9781560231837)

                    Recognize the homophobia and anti-gay violence in a respected institution! The only study of its kind, Being Gay and                     Lesbian in a Catholic High School: Beyond the Uniform offers compelling evidence to Catholic educators, clergy, and                     laypeople that their superb academic institutions are not fulfilling the clear mandate of the Church on inclusive loving                     behavior toward sexual minorities. Yet the facts presented in Being Gay and Lesbian in a Catholic High School prove                     that too often they encourage or allow stereotyping, homophobia, and anti-gay violence. The experiences recounted in                     this disturbing book range from feeling different and being pressured to date the opposite sex to suffering life-changing                     violence.