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Same-Sex Marriage: The Road to Equality, 1990-2013
                    July 28th, 2013
                    ASIN B00E7ZOAKK
                    Sometimes we over-estimate the difficulties of changing the world. When The Independent was founded, in 1986, the                     idea that same-sex couples in Britain would one day enjoy the same rights to matrimony as heterosexual ones was                     barely thinkable: not because there was anything improbable about the concept itself, but because the required changes                     to the status quo seemed too mountainous. Yet somehow, barely a quarter of a lifetime later, everything has changed.                     Immovable obstacles have been pushed aside; prejudices have been eroded; the seemingly immutable established                     order has changed. Love between two people of the same gender can be proclaimed and celebrated as loudly and                     joyously as any other love - and the idea that there was once a time when the laws on marriage did not apply to all                     British citizens equally is already beginning to seem quaint and implausible.


REC*OG*NIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men
                    September 26th, 2014
                    ISBN13 9780965388177
                    A collection of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, critical essays and visual art produced by 61                     cisgender and transgender bisexual, pansexual, polysexual and fluid men from the United States, Canada, Chile, India,                     Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. This compelling anthology—which also includes a resource section—is a                     significant contribution to literature available about and by bisexual men and expands our understanding of how                     bisexuality is lived by men across race, class, gender, age and nationality.

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No Bath, But Plenty of Bubbles: An Oral History of the Gay Liberation Front, 1970-73
                    November 1st, 1995
                    ISBN 0304332054 (ISBN13: 9780304332052)

                    The Gay Liberation Front dragged homosexuality out of the closet, onto the streets and into the public eye. Its London                     supporters held the first gay demonstrations, organized the first Pride march and ran the first public gay dances in                     Britain. The Front contained an alliance of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals long before 'queer' was                     fashionable and challenged homophobia before we had a word for it. Their direct action and street theatre were the envy                     of the rest of the revolutionary counterculture, their politics the most diverse, their communes the wildest and their                     arguments the loudest. In two short years, the Gay Liberation Front created the conditions for a lesbian and gay                     movement for generations to come and then imploded into fragments that became our newspapers, helplines and                     activist groups. 

Surpassing the Love of Men: Romantic Friendship and Love Between Women from the Renaissance to the Present
                    October 1st, 1981
                    ISBN 0688133304 (ISBN13: 9780688133306)
                    A classic of its kind, this fascinating cultural history draws on everything from private correspondence to pornography to                     explore five hundred years of friendship and love between women. Surpassing the Love of Men throws a new light on                     shifting theories of female sexuality and the changing status of women over the centuries.

Sexy Origins and Intimate Things: The Rites and Rituals of Straights, Gays, Bis, Drags, Trans, Virgins, and Others
                    April 1st, 1998
                    ISBN 0140271449 (ISBN13: 9780140271447)

                    Has there ever been a gay pope? What is history’s first love poem? Why do men have nipples? How did “drag” come to                     mean cross-dressing? Who was the first prostitute? At what age does a man’s penis stop growing? Do female animals                     have orgasms? How long have people been giving the finger? Charles Panati explores hundreds of racy and                                       “unmentionable” subjects, including words, practices, and taboos. Obsessed with getting to the root of things, Panati                     reveals facts that will surprise even the most informed reader.

Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century
                    January 1st, 2003
                    ISBN 0393326497 (ISBN13: 9780393326499)
                    The nineteenth century was a golden age for those people known variously as sodomites, Uranians, monosexuals, and                     homosexuals. Long before Stonewall and Gay Pride, there was such a thing as gay culture, and it was recognized                     throughout Europe and America. Graham Robb, brilliant biographer of Balzac, Hugo, and Rimbaud, examines how                     homosexuals were treated by society and finds a tale of surprising tolerance. He describes the lives of gay men and                     women: how they discovered their sexuality and accepted or disguised it; how they came out; how they made contact                     with like-minded people. He also includes a fascinating investigation of the encrypted homosexuality of such famous                     nineteenth-century sleuths as Edgar Allan Poe's Auguste Dupin and Sherlock Holmes himself (with glances forward in                     time to Batman and J. Edgar Hoover). Finally, Strangers addresses crucial questions of gay culture, including the riddle                     of its relationship to religion: Why were homosexuals created with feelings that the Creator supposedly condemns? This                     is a landmark work, full of tolerant wisdom, fresh research, and surprises.

Same Sex Love and Desire Among Women in the Middle Ages
                    October 19th, 2001
                    ASIN 0312210566 (ISBN13: 9780312210564)
                    While scholarship in lesbian/gay studies, queer studies, and studies of gender and sexuality has had an enormous                     impact on medieval studies, little attention has been paid thus far to women who chose to live according to same-sex                     affectivity and desire. General treatments of homosexuality in the Middle Ages have assumed that little can be said on                     the subject. The contributors explore the many ways that lesbian love and desire may have been articulated and                     represented in the medieval period.

No Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure
                    August 1st, 2008
                    ISBN 1554531780 (ISBN13: 9781554531783)

                    Based on legends, poems, letters and first-hand accounts, these seven biographical tales tell of women who disguised                     themselves as men. From ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages to the 19th century, this historically accurate graphic                     treatment is perfect to transport readers back to bygone eras. The lives of these daring women were often filled with                     danger and the fear of discovery. However, for the sake of freedom, ambition, love or adventure, these women risked                     everything. No Girls Allowed brings a contemporary edge to a part of history largely untold - until now.

Pages Passed from Hand to Hand: The Hidden Tradition of Homosexual Literature in English from 1748 to 1914
                    January 20th, 1998
                    ISBN 0395837057 (ISBN13: 9780395837054)
                    There have been several recent anthologies of twentieth-century gay fiction, but Mark Mitchell and David Leavitt's book                     is the first to explore the texts that circulated before the genre of "gay fiction" came into being, and before greater                     tolerance allowed writers to treat homosexual themes directly. The result is both an entertaining and a revelatory                     anthology, and a valuable contribution to our understanding of the literary treatment of homosexuality.

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