Outing Yourself: How to Come Out as Lesbian or Gay to Your Family, Friends and Coworkers
                    May 23rd, 1995
                    ISBN 0684826178 (ISBN13: 9780684826172)

                    No matter how much you prepare, coming out as gay or lesbian is a difficult, emotional process -- a process that will                     continue long after the words are spoken, and the secret is out. There's no magic formula, but Outing Yourself by                     Michelangelo Signorile offers structure, guidance, and straightforward advice.

The Other Side of the Closet: The Coming-Out Crisis for Straight Spouses and Families
                    May 24th, 1994
                    ISBN 0471021520 (ISBN13: 9780471021520)

                    Candid, compassionate, authoritative--a rich source of insights, information, and practical guidance. "The first major work                     on the topic." --Gay Community News "A much needed comprehensive study of what happens to husbands, wives, and                     children during the coming-out crisis. --The Reverend Jane E. Vennard, founder Task Force for Spouses of Gays and                     Lesbians "The new enlarged edition adds important factors, especially children's reactions to a parent's coming out.                     Well-researched and insightful." --Fritz Klein, M.D., author of The Bisexual Option "Anybody practicing in this area would                     be well advised to read this book." --Professor Arthur S. Leonard, New York Law School In two million marriages, one                     spouse is gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Having a spouse or parent disclose his or her same-sex attraction is a shattering                     experience fraught with pain, confusion, anger, and a profound loss of self-esteem.

The Journey Out: A Guide for and About Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Teens
                    November 1st, 1995
                    ISBN 0140372547 (ISBN13: 9780140372540)
                    Discovering your sexuality - gay or straight - can be a process filled with confusing, often difficult decisions. How do you                     begin to sort it all out? The Journey Out provides commonsense advice for dealing with issues confronting today's                     lesbian, gay, or bisexual youth: self-acceptance, telling (or not telling) your family and friends, dating and finding love,                     dealing with homophobia and harassment, and coping with issues of religion and spirituality. You'll learn the most up-to-                    date facts on legal and health issues, and information on current gay political and youth movements, plus the resources                     available to teens around the country. Most importantly, you'll learn that you never have to be alone in your journey. The                     road to self-discovery is bound to have a few bumps along the way, but the knowledge you gain about yourself can help                     make the journey an empowering, as well as an exciting one.

Out of the Class Closet: Lesbians Speak
                    June 28th, 1994
                    ISBN 0895947048 (ISBN13: 9780895947048)

We Are Coming Out of the Closet
                    December 1st, 2018
                    ISBN13 9788365739506

                    The book We Are Coming Out of the Closet is addressed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender+ people, as well as                     other interested individuals, in places where an awareness of the significance possessed by self-disclosure doesn’t exist                     yet or needs further raising. The readers for whom the subject is new can learn what goal underlies abandoning closets                     and how to carry out this task skillfully. Those who in some degree have already gone through the issue may look at its                     details from the Author’s perspective. His reflections come from extensive reading and long-standing observation of                     developments in the world. In the coming out of particular individuals the Author sees acting for LGBT+ emancipation. 

Coming Out Young and Faithful
                    April 1st, 2001
                    ISBN 0829814140 (ISBN13: 9780829814149)

How I Learned to Snap: A Small-Town Coming-Out and Coming-Of-Age Story
                    June 1st, 2001
                    ISBN 0142002992 (ISBN13: 9780142002995)

                    With bold Southern humor, journalist and performer Kirk Read takes readers on a guided tour of his precocious and                     courageous adolescence. Recalling his years as an openly gay high school student, Read describes how he navigated                     the hallways with his sense of humor and dignity intact. He fondly recalls his initiations into sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll,                     as well as his "shy as neon" acts of rabble rousing during high school. How I Learned to Snap is a refreshingly victim-                    free story in which queer teenagers are creative, resilient, and ultimately heroic.

Growing Up Gay: From Left Out to Coming Out
                    April 1st, 1995
                    ISBN 0786880562 (ISBN13: 9780786880560)

                    A collection of anecdotes and humorous retorts are presented by an acclaimed gay comedy group, confirming some                     stereotypes and dispelling others while detailing positive portraits of growing up gay.

Coming Out: Telling Family and Friends
                    September 1st, 2009
                    ISBN 1422218651 (ISBN13: 9781422218655)

Coming Out: An Act of Love
                    October 31st, 1991
                    ISBN 0452266858 (ISBN13: 9780452266858)

                    For gay men and lesbians, as well as for the families and friends of gays, this 1990's guide to coming out privately and                     publicly is a frank, powerful, and much-needed book. Eichberg says that a full-scale effort to find a cure for AIDS will only                     be implemented when gay people collectively affirm their sexuality.

Love and Resistance: Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era
                    March 5th, 2019
                    ISBN 1324002077 (ISBN13: 9781324002079)

                    A ragtag group of women behind a police line in the rain. A face in a crowd holding a sign that says, “Hi Mom, Guess                     What!” at an LGBT rights rally. Two lovers kissing under a tree. These indelible images are among the hundreds housed                     in the New York Public Library’s archive of photographs of LGBT history from photojournalists Kay Tobin Lahusen and                     Diana Davies. 

Piece of My Heart: A Lesbian of Color Anthology
                    January 1st, 1991
                    ISBN 0920813658 (ISBN13: 9780920813652)

                    Uncompromising in its honesty, at times humorous, angry, confrontational, and erotic, Piece of My Heart celebrates the                     lives of women both out and coming out.

Coming Out (Of the Closet)
                    November 25th, 2013
                    ASIN B003XYE8P8

                    Through the stories of many characters, this novel shows how men became aware of their same sex attractions. Even                     the phrase "coming out of the closet" changed meaning from 1950 until 2000. At midcentury the described a man who                     had accepted that he was gay, but gradually it began to mean sharing that knowledge with others: other gays, friends,                         and finally employers and family members. At all times the process was complex hurdles facing the men. By viewing the                     lives of different characters, we see how some men successfully coped and where others failed. The stories are a mix of                     satisfaction and frustration, joy and even tragedy, but it highlights how the process changed over fifty years. The myth                     that learning that one is "gay" has always been the same is dispelled and a major gap in gay history, the lives of                     individual ordinary men, is illuminated by these varied stories

The Way Out: The Gay Man's Guide to Freedom No Matter If You're in Denial, Closeted, Half In, Half Out, Just Out or Been Around the Block
                    May 16th, 2006
                    ISBN 0757303927 (ISBN13: 9780757303920)

                    Christopher Lee Nutter came out of the closet in 1994 with a bang in a brutally honest essay for Details magazine,                     thrusting him into the spotlight as an unofficial mentor to gay men across the country. Twelve years later in this edgy                     memoir, Nutter chronicles his journey from closeted Southern boy to gay New York bartender and party boy, sharing                     everything he's learned about how gay men are taught to see themselves in a fundamentally destructive way. Assaulted                     with programming from the "gay" and "straight" worlds alike, gay men are left to ask themselves, Am I the coolest,                     sexiest, trendiest thing ever, or an illegitimate cancer on society? 

Coming Out - The Right Time and the Best Ways for Telling People about Your Homosexuality
                    August 29th, 2013
                    ASIN B00EVHV0YI


Coming Out of the Classroom Closet: Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers, and Curricula
                    April 6th, 1992
                    ISBN 1560230134 (ISBN13: 9781560230137)

                    This landmark book empowers educators to become visible, positive influences and role models for gay and lesbian                     students in their classrooms and schools. As most homosexual educators, and even students, remain invisible due to                     possible hostilities of "coming out," this eye-opening book presents recent research to help gay and lesbian teachers                     break their silence. It encourages them to speak out on issues of homosexuality where curricula, civil rights, personal                     freedoms, and social entitlements are concerned. It promotes the development of school-based intervention for gay,                     lesbian, and bisexual students. 

Closet Writing/Gay Reading: The Case of Melville's Pierre
                    February 1st, 1994
                    ISBN 0226120228 (ISBN13: 9780226120225)

                    In Closet Writing/Gay Reading, Creech shows how a literary critic can be receptive to implicit and closeted sexual                     content. Forcefully advocating a tactic of identification and projection in literary analysis, he lends renewed currency to                     the kind of "sentimental" response to literature that continental theory—particularly deconstruction—has sought to                     discredit. One of the most urgent tasks for gay studies today, James Creech argues, is the retrieval of a repressed,                     "closeted" literary heritage. But contradictions and problems cloud even the most basic theoretical questions: What does                     a lesbian or gay reading of a literary text require or presume? Can we talk about a homosexual writer expressing him- or                     herself before the invention of "homosexuality"? 

Does Your Mama Know? An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories
                    January 1st, 1997
                    ISBN 0965665909 (ISBN13: 9780965665902)
                    By turns funny, passionate, angry and joyous, does your mama know? reflects the complexity of emotions that                     accompany a black lesbian’s coming out. These 49 short stories, poems, interviews and essays—fiction and nonfiction—                     make up a powerful collection of original and new writing by 41 women. does your mama know? is ready to take its                     place in the halls of literary African American lesbian voices.

Signs of a Gay Husband Vol. 2: On The Other Side Of Fear
                    April 25th, 2017
                    ASIN B07116DK2P

                    On the Other Side of Fear is about moving forward after a toxic relationship. It covers deception, anger, and abuse in a                     marriage, and women who married not knowing their husbands were gay.

Signs of a Gay Husband: Identifying Closeted Gay Husband Behaviors
                    May 21st, 2015
                    ASIN B00Y3BC3TI
                    This book identifies closeted gay husband behaviors. The stories are based on real life events dealing with anger,                     deception, and abuse.

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The Closet

Coming Out of the Closet Without Coming Apart at the Seams
                    March 3rd, 2004
                    ISBN 1414059647 (ISBN13: 9781414059648)

Surviving Madness: A Therapist's Own Story
                    March 29th, 2002
                    ISBN 0299176207 (ISBN13: 9780299176204)

                    Betty Berzon, renowned psychotherapist and author of the bestselling book Permanent Partners, tells her own incredible                     story here. Berzon’s journey from psychiatric patient on suicide watch—her wrists tethered to the bed rails in a locked                     hospital ward—to her present role as a groundbreaking therapist and gay pioneer makes for purely compelling reading.                     Berzon is recognized today as a trailblazing co-founder of a number of important lesbian and gay organizations and one                     of the first therapists to focus on means of developing healthy gay relationships and overcoming homophobia. Her                     sometimes bumpy road to success never fails to fascinate. Along the way she encounters such luminaries as Anaïs Nin,                     Eleanor Roosevelt, the Sitwells, Evelyn Hooker, and Paul Monette. 

The Corporate Closet: The Professional Lives of Gay Men in America
                    August 23rd, 1993
                    ISBN 0029356040 (ISBN13: 9780029356043)

                    Examines the strategies gay men have developed to manage their sexual identity within the context of a heterosexual                     corporate culture and discusses the consequences and benefits of their choices.

Coming Out of the Closet: A Journey to Healing
                    September 10th, 2017
                    ASIN B075JRZTZ8

                    Coming Out of the Closet is an honest account of how my private and professional worlds collided as I faced the                     Industrial Tribunal of my son against the Church that employed us both. When the fog and the fear subsided, the book                     became a therapeutic, God given task, and a true witness of his deliverance. I am privileged to add my voice to the many                     others who expose the sham and hypocrisy that has always surrounded homosexuality, enabling its deadly                                         consequences to thrive. Snapshots of my childhood and young adult life allow us to question some of the masks that we                     /all wear in order to conform to society. It is particularly so if we are part of Church. I acknowledge closets of pretense                     that I tried to live within, and how I painfully emerged from them.

Nobody Is Supposed to Know: Black Sexuality on the Down Low
                    March 1st, 2014
                    ISBN 0816677964 (ISBN13: 9780816677962)

                    Since the early 2000s, the phenomenon of the “down low”—black men who have sex with men as well as women and do                     not identify as gay, queer, or bisexual—has exploded in news media and popular culture, from the Oprah Winfrey Show                     to R & B singer R. Kelly’s hip hopera Trapped in the Closet. Most down-low stories are morality tales in which black men                     are either predators who risk infecting their unsuspecting female partners with HIV or victims of a pathological black                     culture that repudiates openly gay identities. In both cases, down-low narratives depict black men as sexually                                       dangerous, duplicitous, promiscuous, and contaminated. In Nobody Is Supposed to Know, C. Riley Snorton traces the                     emergence and circulation of the down low in contemporary media and popular culture to show how these portrayals                     reinforce troubling perceptions of black sexuality. 

Mom and Dad, I'm gay: Coming Out of the Closet
                    April 10th, 2015
                    ASIN B00VZ7Z4KI

                    Mom and Dad, I’m Gay Coming out of the closet” is an expression that covers a lot of a gay person’s experience. Most of                     our fears and doubts are perfectly hidden in a closet. It is like the story with the Boogie Man. What happens if we decide                     to come out of this and confess who we really are and what we really like to do? Fortunately, this book will provide you                     all the information you need to overcome a crisis situation if you are among the gay people in the whole world. If not,                     then you should still keep going on with the lecture because you’ll find a lot of interesting and accurate information about                     gay culture, about what they represent and what they experience every day. This is a guide for everyone that needs to                     shed a light upon their knowledge and who want to leave the prejudices away. 

How to Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide
                    November 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 0971962804 (ISBN13: 9780971962804)

                    This guide is obviously written from the heart. The tone is gentle and supportive, a big sister encouraging other lesbians                     to love and accept themselves and live a full life, free of fear and shame. This is a much-needed book, one the authors                     wish had been available when they were younger and needed advice on how to "make it" in a predominantly                                         homophobic world. It's not preachy, clinical, or cynical. It's readable, humorous, and, most important, kind. Plus, it's                     chock full of useful information and resources.

Looking for Mr. Straight
                    October 24th, 2014
                    ISBN 1505572460 (ISBN13: 9781505572469)

                    As little girls we fantasize about growing up and finding our “Mr. Right." Someone who is good-looking, smart, funny,                     educated, loyal, family-oriented…the list goes on and on. And yet, who would have thought that one of the most                     important criteria wasn’t even considered? Mr. Right needs to be straight! Looking for Mr. Straight: A Guide to Identifying                     the Closeted Gay Men You May Be Dating is aimed at helping women like you become more aware of an important, yet                     controversial dating issue: the closeted gay male who doesn’t know or want to know that he’s gay.

Beyond the Closet: The Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Life
                    August 23rd, 2002
                    ISBN 0415932076 (ISBN13: 9780415932073)

                    Gay life has become increasingly open in the last decade. In Beyond the Closet, Steven Seidman, a well-known author                     and leading scholar in sexuality, is the first to chronicle this lifestyle change and to look at the lives of contemporary gays                     and lesbians to see how their "out" status has changed. This compelling, well-written, and smart account is an important                     step forward for the gay and lesbian community.

Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories
                    May 1st, 1997
                    ISBN 0380788357 (ISBN13: 9780380788354)

                    In stunning essays written especially for this collection, twenty-nine noted gay writers recount their true "coming out"                     stories, intensely personal histories of that primal process by which men come to terms with their desire for other men.                     Here are accounts of revealing one's sexual identity to parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and, in one notable                     instance, to a stockbroker. Men tell of their first sexual encounters from their preteens to their thirties, with childhood                     friends who rejected or tenderly embraced them, with professors, with neighbors, with a Broadway star. These are                     poignant, sometimes unexpectedly funny tales of romance and heartbreak, repression and liberation, rape and first love                     defining moments that shaped their authors' lives.


Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians
                    March 12th, 2019
                    ISBN 0664265057 (ISBN13: 9780664265052)

                    On a daily basis, author and LGBTQ advocate Amber Cantorna receives emails asking the same question: How does                     one reconcile their sexuality with their faith? Depression, despair, and thoughts of suicide often haunt LGBTQ Christians                     as they feel unable to imagine the possibility of living a happy, fulfilling life as an LGBTQ person of faith. As the gay                     daughter of a thirty-plus-year executive of conservative Christian organization Focus on the Family, Amber lost                     everything when she came out as gay in 2012. However, her journey to embrace her authenticity brought her fulfillment                     and wisdom to share. Unashamed serves as a guide for Christians considering coming out, tackling tough subject                     matters such as demolishing internalized homophobia, finding an affirming faith community, reestablishing your worth as                     a child of God, and navigating difficult family conversations. 

Out of the Closet into Our Hearts: Celebrating Our Gay and Lesbian Family Members
                    June 1st, 2001
                    ISBN 0943595843 (ISBN13: 9780943595849)

                    The first in-depth collection of articles / essays written by the families (parents, siblings, grandparents, children and                     extended families) of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. Illustrated with numerous photos. Six                     sections explore various perspectives on how these relationships are celebrated: WE'RE HERE, WE'RE FAMILY, GET                     USED TO US: Moving articles showing the power of unconditional love, including a loving tribute by film critic, Gene                     Shalit, to his son Pete.

Testimonies: Lesbian Coming-Out Stories--Updated and Revised
                    August 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 1555835465 (ISBN13: 9781555835460)

                    Nearly two-dozen women from widely varying backgrounds and age groups give accounts of their journeys toward self-                    discovery. The stories dramatically give voice to each woman's efforts to develop a lesbian identity, explore her sexuality,                     and build community with other lesbians.

The Last Closet: The Real Lives of Lesbian and Gay Teachers
                    June 17th, 1996
                    ISBN 0435081470 (ISBN13: 9780435081478)

                    The Last Closet tells the stories of lesbian and gay educators as they struggle for dignity in the face of homophobia.                     These stories come from over a hundred lesbian, gay, and bisexual women and men who are, or have been, teachers,                     counselors, librarians, and administrators across the country. Rita Kissen, who began her research after her lesbian                     daughter became a teacher, uses both narration and description to capture the texture and tone of these teachers' daily                     lives. The Last Closet describes the struggles of educators caught between their desire for authenticity and their need for                     safety - a need that forces most of them to hide a significant part of their identity. 

Feminism, the Family, and the Politics of the Closet: Lesbian and Gay Displacement
                    November 9th, 2000
                    ISBN 0198295596 (ISBN13: 9780198295594)

                    Has feminism failed lesbianism? What issues belong at the top of a lesbian and gay political agenda? This controversial                     new book answers these questions through an in-depth examination of lesbian and gay subordination. Feminism, the                     Family, and the Politics of the Closet seeks to firmly place sexual orientation politics within feminist theory and define the                     central political issues confronting lesbian and gay men. Cheshire Calhoun critiques the analytic frameworks employed                     within feminism that render invisible the differences between lesbian and heterosexual women in order to bring the study                     of lesbian life from the margins to the center of feminist theory. Throughout, Calhoun strives to move lesbian and gay                     politics away from concerns of sexual regulations and toward concerns of the displacement of gays and lesbians from                     both the public sphere of visible citizenship and the private sphere of romance, marriage, and family. 

Coming Out of the Closet: Exploring LGBT Issues in Strategic Communication with Theory and Research
                    April 30th, 2013
                    ISBN 1433119498 (ISBN13: 9781433119491)

                    Despite representing significant portions of the advertising, marketing, and public relations work force, the lesbian, gay,                     bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community has largely been ignored by scholarly research in strategic                                         communications. With the exception of case studies that document strategies that can be used to secure the LGBT                     consumer dollar, little has been done to understand the LGBT community's experiences with strategic communications                     efforts. This edited volume fills this gap by sharing research on the impact and interaction of campaigns and                                         programming from advertising, marketing, and public relations on internal (e.g., practitioners and employees) and                     external (e.g., consumers, activists) stakeholders from the LGBT community. 

Coming Out: The Ultimate Guide
                    March 5th, 2016
                    ASIN B01CMP5XKW

                    If you are having trouble expressing who you really are, I hope this eBook helps you. Back in the day, before I came out                     of the closet, this is the type of eBook I would have loved to read. Back then, I wasn’t familiar with this type of setting and                     for those of you that are new to this and just need to hear the truth from someone who is living it.

Children of Horizons: How Gay and Lesbian Teens Are Leading a New Way Out of the Closet
                    January 1st, 1993
                    ISBN 0807079294 (ISBN13: 9780807079294)

                    With a new epilogue on teens and AIDS, Children of Horizons provides the first in-depth examination of the trials faced                     by gay and lesbian teens.

Epistemology of the Closet
                    October 16th, 1990
                    ISBN 0520078748 (ISBN13: 9780520078741)

                    What is at stake in male homo/heterosexual definition? Through readings of Melville, Nietzsche, Wilde, James and                     Proust, the author argues that the vexed imperatives to specify straight and gay identities have become central to every                     important form of knowledge of the 20th century.

Out of the Closet and Onto the Streets: Gay Pride and the 21st Century
                    April 30th, 2013
                    ISBN 8857215296 (ISBN13: 9788857215297)

                    The first comprehensive photo documentation of the gay pride movement in New York City from the Stonewall uprising to                     the present day. The Stonewall riots that occurred in New York City in 1969 are frequently cited as the first instance in                     American history when people in the homosexual community fought back against a system that persecuted sexual                     minorities. They have become the defining event that marked the start of the gay rights movement in the United States                     and around the world. Suzanne Poli, a Brooklyn native, witnessed the riots and has documented decades of gay pride                     parades in New York since 1970. This book showcases Suzanne Poli’s photographs: more than 120 color and black-                    and-white plates illustrating the gay rights movement as an artistic, social, and political force within New York City. 

My Father’s Closet
                    April 4th, 2017
                    ISBN 0814213324 (ISBN13: 9780814213322)
                    Thirty years after her father’s death, Karen McClintock sets out to find the gay father she never really knew. As we follow                     the unraveling family secret, we find ourselves drawn into her story as they stumble into infidelity, grieve heartbreaking                     losses, and remain loyal in love. Set in Columbus, Ohio, My Father’s Closet tells the story of how just before the war,                     McClintock’s parents fell in love and married, while overseas in Germany the man whom she believes became her                     father’s lover was concealing his Jewish and gay identities in order to escape to America. A set of her father’s journals,                     letters her parents sent to each other during the Second World War, and a mysterious painting all lead her toward the                     truth about her gay father. McClintock weaves a complex secret into the fabric of lives we truly care about.