The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride

                     May 20th, 2014
​                     ISBN 0847843068 (ISBN13: 9780847843060)

​                     A charming collection of vintage photos. This volume is a unique collection of photographs of LGBTQ and/or cross-​                             dressing people from 1900 to 1960. While this is a time many now regard as the deeply closeted "dark ages," these ​                           photos show LGBTQ who were clearly out (at least for a moment)-some camping it up for the cameras while others in ​                         loving or clearly domestic poses. These photographs were discovered and collected by the author at flea markets and ​                         garage sales, the names of the subjects and their photographers lost to time. He was intrigued by the fact that the ​                               pictures show couples posed hand in hand, revealing happiness, serenity, and a surprising air of freedom.

Boy Next Door
                    May 28th, 2000
                    ISBN 3861871661 (ISBN13: 9783861871668)

                    Reveals the fresh sex-appeal of young Californian men. Photographer Steven Underhill has developed a refreshing style                     and won a large gay fan base.

                    September 5th 2017

                    198 pages, soft cover, 9" x 12" monograph of the photo series BUTCH shot in and around the San Francisco Bay Area                        from 2012-2017, including an introduction by journalist Marcie Bianco.

Leonard Fink - Coming Out: Photographs of Gay Liberation and the New York Waterfront
                     May 20th, 2015
                     ISBN 3905297469 (ISBN13: 9783905297461)

                     Amateur photographer Leonard Fink lived and worked in New York City, documenting over 25 years of its gay life,                                including pride parades, bars, and especially the decaying architecture of the West Side piers, which served as a space                      for gay men to interact socially and sexually. From the mid-1970s onwards, Fink captured this time of empowerment,                            cruising, sexual freedom, and openness and experimentation, and his large collection of photographs has proven to be                        a significant and engaging visual record of the city’s gay subculture before the rise of HIV/AIDS would forever change it.                      This publication marks the first time Finks images have come together as a group.

Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus

                     November 15th, 2014
​                     ISBN 1629630411 (ISBN13: 9781629630410)

​                     A photographic essay that explores a wide spectrum of experiences told from the perspective of a diverse group of ​                             young people, ages 14–24, identifying as queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning), Speaking OUT: ​                           Queer Youth in Focus presents portraits without judgment or stereotype by eliminating environmental influence with a ​                         stark white backdrop. This backdrop acts as a blank canvas, where each subject’s personal thoughts are handwritten ​                         onto the final photographic print. With more than 65 portraits photographed over a period of 10 years, the book provides ​                     rare insight into the passions, confusions, prejudices, joys, and sorrows felt by queer youth and gives a voice to an ​                             underserved group of people that are seldom heard and often silenced. The collaboration of image and first-person ​                             narrative serves to provide an outlet, show support, create dialogue, and help those who struggle.


                     September 1st 2017
​                     ISBN3959853130 (ISBN13: 9783959853132)

​                     Clothing is not an option, and bare-naked skin rules the day! Whether they are in the shower, in the pool or in the sea - ​                       Dylan Rosser's men have two things in common: They are always as sexy as can be - and they are always wet. Hence ​                       the title of his newest photobook: "Wet" The photographer has been shooting the male nude for almost two decades and ​                     has worked with beautiful men from all around the globe. Based mainly in Ibiza (Balearic Islands), he often works in ​                             other locations like NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Bali, Sydney. 

Keep in Touch
                     May 23rd 2019
                     ISBN1388688670 (ISBN13: 9781388688677)

                     An internationally renowned artist Nick Mesh photographs everyday men who are mostly not in the modeling industry.                          All those fabulous muscular guys appear naturally in his works and look absolutely believable in their emotions. Nick                            tells incredible stories in each image. His stunning bodybuilders lead us into their secret wishes and make the most                              daring fantasies come true right before our eyes. 

Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography
                    January 1st, 2013
                    ISBN 0578113058 (ISBN13: 9780578113050)

                    Same-sex couples are one small part of a large, vibrant market and need most of the same services as heterosexual                           couples. But all wedding templates are not created equal for same-sex couples. This is also true for wedding                                       photographers and the poses they have been trained to use when conducting engagement shoots and photographing                         weddings. 

Masculine Beauty
                     May 1st 2015
                     ISBN3867878374 (ISBN13: 9783867878371)

                     Muscular bodies, expressive faces, aesthetic poses: these are the secrets of David Vance's photography. His mastery in                      capturing the body's play with dynamics has no peer. Masculine Beauty spotlights a large variety of male elegancy.                              David Vance's works are displayed in the most noted galleries in the world.

Trans Portraits: Voices from Transgender Communities

                     October 6th, 2015
​                     ISBN13 9781611688078

​                     A fascinating collective memoir of the lives and experiences of transgender people, in their own voices. Giving voice to a ​                     diverse group of individuals, the book raises questions about gender, acceptance, and unconditional love. From ​                                   historical descriptions of activism to personal stories of discrimination, love, and community, these touching accounts of ​                     gender transition shed light on the uncharted territories that lie beyond the gender binary. Despite encounters with ​                               familial rejection, drug addiction, and medical malpractice, each account is imbued with optimism and humor, providing ​                       a thoughtful look at the daily joys and struggles of transgender life.

Life Beyond the Binary: Non-Binary Portrait Series
                     October 1, 2018

                     What does ‘non-binary’ look like? “Life Beyond the Binary”, the most recent project of riot cakes founder Darcy Quinn,                          explores this question. Dismayed by the lack of representation of non-binary individuals like themselves, Darcy opened                        up applications for non-binary people to take part in a portrait zine. The zine is filled with 30 portraits, all drawn by Darcy                      Quinn, to show the many faces of life outside of the binary. Each portrait is accompanied by a short bio text written by                          the participants themselves. 

We Are The Youth

                     June 1st, 2014
​                     ISBN 9781631732

​                     We Are the Youth is based on the online photojournalism project that shares the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and ​                         transgender youth in the United States. Through portraits by photographer Laurel Golio and “as told to” personal essays ​                     by writer Diana Scholl, this book captures the incredible strength and diversity of LGBTQ youth.

Portraits of Women
                     January 1, 1987
                     ISBN905071028X (ISBN13: 9789050710282)

                     Poseuses collects Gon Buurman's portraits of queer women, sometimes alone, sometimes as couples. Warm and                                affecting, Poseuses captures a certain time and certain place while retaining something timeless. "You can see                                    Poseuses as a visual commentary on conventional and normative reality. 

Body of Work
                    March 1, 2014
                    Body of Work is a bold and sensual photography series depicting poetry fragments written on the author's body,                                   reflecting a desire to infuse the written word with living, visual elements.

Intimate Companions: A Triography of George Platt Lynes, Paul Cadmus, Lincoln Kirstein, and Their Circle
                     April 22nd, 2000
                     ISBN 0312208987 (ISBN13: 9780312208981)

                     Photographer George Platt Lynes, painter Paul Cadmus, and critic Lincoln Kirstein played a major role in creating the                          institutions of the American art world from the late 1920s to the early 1950s. The three created a remarkable world of                          gay aesthetics and desire in art with the help of their overlapping circle of friends, lovers, and collaborators. Through                            hours of conversation with surviving members with their circle and unprecedented access to papers, journals, and                                previously unreleased photos, David Leddick has resurrected the influences of this now-vanished art world along with                          the lives and loves of all three artists in this groundbreaking biography.

Photographic works for or by LGBT photographers in the United States

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Gods of Sport
                     March 1st 2008
                     ISBN3861878968 (ISBN13: 9783861878964)

                     Pedro Virgils styled portraits of athletes bodies celebrate testosterone-laden masculinity. With elegant poses and vivid                          coloring Virgil manages to create tension as well as including a tongue-in-cheek pathos that will bring a smile to your                            face. Muscular machos that will set your fantasies ablaze and subtle gay scenes mix together and unquestionably leave                      a lasting impression.

Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture
                     November 2nd, 2010
                     ISBN 1588342999 (ISBN13: 9781588342997)

                     Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, companion volume to an exhibition of the same name at the                        National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, traces the defining presence of same-sex desire in American                                      portraiture through a seductive selection of more than 140 full-color illustrations, drawings, and portraits from leading                            American artists. 

Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans

                     December 1, 2017
​                     ISBN

​                     Throughout the 1970s, filmmaker Barbara Hammer toured the United States, Africa, and Europe, making film after film ​                       about women and the lesbian experience, both of which had seldom been seen by a woman, for women on screen ​                             before. She made a slew of now-legendary experimental films, including Sis­ters! (1973), Dyketactics (1974), Multiple ​                           Orgasm (1976), Sappho (1978), and Double Strength (1978), more or less inventing lesbian cinema at a time when ​                             such material had largely been relegated to the pornographic imagination of male artists and filmmakers. During this ​                           prolific period, Hammer photographed her travels, her lovers, moments of community and kinship between her ​                                     collaborators on set, private and public performances, friends, strangers. 

Ruth Bernhard: Between Art and Life
                     September 1st 2000
                     ISBN0811821919 (ISBN13: 9780811821919)

                     Hailed by Ansel Adams as "the greatest photographer of the nude," Ruth Bernhard is an icon in the photographic world.                      As told by Ruth in countless conversations with close friend and biographer Margaretta Mitchell, this thoughtful,                                    illustrated memoir is a true tribute to the legendary artist. 

Friends & Lovers
                     August 1st, 2002
                     ISBN 3861872609 (ISBN13: 9783861872603)

                     This episodic, narrative photobook presents intimate observations of young couples in various uninhibited                                            constellations.


                     April 1st 2009
​                     ISBN3867870225 (ISBN13: 9783867870221)

​                     His eye for masterful compositions and lighting leads collectors and critics to drawing strong comparisons to Robert ​                             Mapplethorpe.

Greg Gorman: Just Between Us
                     March 28th 2002
                     ISBN1892041561 (ISBN13: 9781892041562)

                     Over the last two decades, photographer Greg Gorman has carved out a classically refined style that is uniquely his                            own. In his portraits of Streisand, DiCaprio, De Niro, and Travolta, his fine art work, and his major ad campaigns,                                  Gormans images suggest a mastery of the medium that few have rivaled. Continuing his exploration of the male nude,                        Just Between Us is a highly charged work focused exclusively on one model. During a year of shooting, an unusually                          collaborative relationship evolved between artist and subject. 

Turnon: Gear

                     September 1st 2012
​                     ISBN3867874263 (ISBN13: 9783867874267)

Butch: Not Like the Other Girls
                    January 1, 2014

                    A photographic exploration of the liminal space occupied by female masculinity, BUTCH honours the beauty, power and                       diversity of women who transgress the gender binary, with subjects reflecting the many sizes, shapes, ethnicities, and                         styles of Butch. The transversal dialectic of female masculinity is celebrated here — unapologetic and undiluted.

The Male Nude

                     February 1st, 1998
​                     ISBN 3822841056

​                     While the female nude has long played a conspicuous role in western iconography, the male nude has not always ​                               enjoyed such adoration. This collection provides an overdue review of material that at one time could only be bought ​                           under the counter, beginning with the anonymous erotica of the 19th century. It features the pioneer homoerotic nude ​                         photographs of Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, posing nude youths in classical postures at Taormina in Sicily. It includes ​                         illustrations from groundbreaking magazines such as Physique Pictorial, the leading organ of the mid-50s gay scene, ​                         and it covers the entire range from classic masters of male nude photography, such as Herbert List, George Platt Lynes ​                     or Robert Mapplethorpe, to the pin-up beefcake of the sex magazines.

Catalina: The Vintage Years
                    September 1st 2013
                    ISBN3867875022 (ISBN13: 9783867875028)

                    From the golden age of vintage photography, Catalina was one of the first male studios founded in 1978. A photo book                         from the early days documenting the bygone world of unbounded sexual freedom.

Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs
                     September 4th, 2018
                     ISBN 0525558705 (ISBN13: 9780525558705)

                     For Bill Cunningham, New York City was the land of freedom, glamour, and, above all, style. Growing up in a lace-                               curtain Irish suburb of Boston, secretly trying on his sister's dresses and spending his evenings after school in the city's                        chicest boutiques, Bill dreamed of a life dedicated to fashion. But his desires were a source of shame for his family, and                      after dropping out of Harvard, he had to fight them tooth-and-nail to pursue his love.

                     October 27th 1992
                     ISBN3832792147 (ISBN13: 9783832792145)

                     This major, long out-of-print survey, widely regarded as the definitive overview of Mapplethorpe's black-and-white                                photography, is once again available in a new, updated edition. It presents a comprehensive selection of Mapplethorpe's                      nudes, portraits, self-portraits, floral still lifes and other works, including his best known and most controversial images.

Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans

                     October 20th 2011
​                     ISBN3867871728 (ISBN13: 9783867871723)

​                     There's really no need to explain why swim trunks are one of the sexiest pieces of clothing. Rather than a long ​                                     explanation, Trunk Show offers a slew of awe-inspiring photos that serve as visual proof. This anthology of swimwear - ​                       and beautiful men wearing it - was compiled by Jason Salzenstein, editor of Brief Encounters. This sexy follow-up is all ​                       about the small garment that turns heads whenever it's worn by a sexy guy.

Loving Brian
                     October 1st, 2005
                     ISBN 3861879565 (ISBN13: 9783861879565)

                     In his last book Howard Roffman spun the tale of Peter and Petr. With his keen sense for intimate moments, Roffman                          now brings us closer to the irresistable and boyish Brian. Still full of innocence, he is captured by Roffman's lens as he                        discovers his own body and those of his friends.

Fragile & Deathless
                     May 23rd 2019
                     ISBN136419838X (ISBN13: 9781364198381)

                     A big collection of male photo images, portraits and nudes. Physical perfection, the essence of masculinity itself,                                  fantastically built bodies, handsome faces, invincible power and indomitable spirit. Overwhelming frankness of nudity.                          Delightful harmony of colors and shapes. Hottest muscle guys share their secret thoughts and wishes. The most                                  welcome addition to the library of anyone who truly admires and appreciates the male form and sexuality.

The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals

                     July 1st, 2002
​                     ISBN 1555836542 (ISBN13: 9781555836542)

​                     "The Phallus Palace "is a bold approach to the subject of female to male transexuals (FTMs). Personal testaments from ​                     FTMs and contributions from a host of others place the subject of transsexualism into a historical, medical, ​                                           psychological and cultural context. Captivating photographs guide the reader from the FTMs female personae, through ​                       surgical operations, to portraits of the men whose self and public identities are finally revealed as one. Dean Kotula has ​                     worked as a documentary photographer for twenty years. Dean changed his sex from female to male under the ​                                   scrutinizing eyes of 2,000 predominantly male shipyard workers while working as a machinist. The ensuing ordeal ​                               prompted him to create this book A native Minnesotan, Dean now resides in Massachusetts where he co-owns an ​                               antique business.

Catherine Opie: American Photographer
                    October 1st 2008
                    ISBN0892073756 (ISBN13: 9780892073757)

                    This comprehensive new exhibition catalogue, published to accompany the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's major                         mid-career survey of Catherine Opie's work, is the first to gather all of the artist's key projects to date in a single volume.                     Opie is best known for her subtle but potent portraits of people from the queer communities of Los Angeles and San                             Francisco. In this definitive volume, each of Opie's series--among them Portraits, Freeways, Domestic, Icehouses and In                     and Around Home--is reproduced in full color plates alongside works that were not displayed in the exhibition, allowing                         for the most complete overview of this important Los Angeles artist's work to date.

Rick Day Bel Ami
                     September 1st 2016
                     ISBN3959850158 (ISBN13: 9783959850155)

                     New York based fashion photographer Rick Day has a gift of capturing the beauty of the male figure. In addition to                                numerous calendars, his work has been published in magazines like "Elle," "Genre," "Details," "Teen Vogue," and "GQ."                      In addition, he has compiled several books devoted to his photography, including "Players, "Players Two," "All Players,"                      and "Pioneers." His new collection, "Rick Day Bel Ami," sets the stage for modern male photography, matching his talent                      for capturing the "world's sexiest exhibitionists" with the beauty and youth of Bel Ami's impressive roster of talent. 

Outcome: LGBT Portraits
                     October 10th, 2016
                     ISBN 1909208264 (ISBN13: 9781909208261)

                     In 2014 Photographer Tom Dingley set up his #Outcome project – to photograph LGBT people with the attributes of their                      everyday life – their work, or their interests


                     August 1st, 1997
​                     ISBN 3861870665 (ISBN13: 9783861870661)

​                     The three are John, Gary and Kris. Three young men who know one another and have learnt to love. Howard Roffman ​                       photographed the story of this ménage trois with a loving eye over a long period. Fantasy and reality coalesce and a ​                           romantic collage full of sensually erotic pictures is the result.

                     October 28th 199
                     ISBN 3861871475 (ISBN13: 9783861871477)

                     Jeff is a phenomenon. Everybody has seen this magnificent face before. Descried by shooting-star Steven Underhill                            (Straight boys, Twins), he became an icon. Countless posters and note cards are available. With phenomenal good                              looks and inscrutable sexy. Edition Euros shows Jeff's intriguing beauty on 60 pages, photographed by Steven                                      Underhill.

As I See It
                    November 1st 2000
                    ISBN1576870863 (ISBN13: 9781576870860)

                    Three years ago, photographer Greg Gorman created for power House Books the most personal work of his career. This                     epic artist’s project features carefully selected young men—not big or overly built—who exemplify for Gorman a perfected                     state, allowing him to frame grace, beauty, and elegance in the form of the male nude. Included amongst the 212 portraits                     are many of Gorman’s friends and acquaintances, as well as professional models, many of whom had never posed nude                     before. The initial release of the book went on to become a best-seller.

The Homoerotic Photography of Carl Van Vechten: Public Face, Private Thoughts

                     May 28th 2006
​                     ISBN1592133053 (ISBN13: 9781592133055)

​                     James Smalls focuses on homoerotic, interracial male nudes and discusses the images in the context of primitivism's ​                         relationship to modernism, camp sensibility and theatricality, white privilege and exotic tourism, and the politics of ​                               spectatorship.

Turnon: Muscles

                     April 28th, 1999
​                     ISBN 3861871319 (ISBN13: 9783861871316)

​                     In this volume of photos, Steven Underhill reveals his love of two young gods with radiant physiognomies - Bruce and ​                         Seth, the twins. Here Underhill reveals them in playful and intimate moments in pictures full of erotic energy ​                                         photographed over a long period. A great work by a master of his craft that gives the viewer a wonderful image of an ​                           inseparable bond.

Muscle Men
                     June 1st 2010
                     ISBN1573443921 (ISBN13: 9781573443920)

                     "Muscle Men" is a celebration of the body beautiful, where men who look like Greek gods are worshipped for their                                outsized attributes. Editor Richard Labonte takes us into the erotic world of body builders and the men who desire them.                      These uninhibited stories are by the masters of the genre, including Jack Fritscher, Jeff Mann, Steven Bereznai, Tom                           Fuchs, and Ryan Field. At the gym, in the locker room, and especially in the steam room, the hunks who look hard, work                      hard, and play hard inspire fantasies the world over. Visit the masculine studs of "Muscle Men" to enjoy a taste of their                          strength and power.

A Lesbian Photo Album: The Lives of Seven Lesbian Feminists
                    March 16th 1989

                    ISBN0961845325 (ISBN13: 9780961845322)

Eye To Eye: Portraits of Lesbians
                     January 1, 1979
                     ISBN0960317600 (ISBN13: 9780960317608)
                     Audre Lorde states: "As we need to share our words for power, so also do we need to share the contours of our faces,                        and the visual shapes of our loving and of our lives. The splendid vitality captured within Eye to Eye makes this                                    possible."

                     November 1st, 2007
                     ISBN 3861874709 (ISBN13: 9783861874706)

                     His first book ROUGH STUFF (2004) earned Ohm Phanphiroj international acclaim. The mixture of voyeurism,                                    provocation and sensual intimacy between him and his models had a huge and lasting impact on gay photographic                              identity. His follow-up work, RARE VIEWS (2006) also took a similar approach and was even more successful. With                            NIGHTHAWKS Phanphiroj presents himself anew as a sensitive and impartial artist, a portraitist of young self-discovery                      in a world moving at a tearing pace. Sexually charged scenes are interspersed with melancholy moments. Nothing is                            hidden here, which is exactly what the photographers fan love the captivating honesty of his images.

Erotic Triggers: What Turns Us on
                     May 1st 2010
                     ISBN3867870489 (ISBN13: 9783867870481)

                     In 'Erotic Triggers' Tom Bianchi focuses on everything that arouses with a curious and diverse eye.


Couples: A Photographic Documentary Of Gay And Lesbian Relationships
                    October 1st 1996
                    ISBN0874517915 (ISBN13: 9780874517910)

                    During New York City's Stonewall 25 and Gay Pride celebration in 1994, photographer John Gettings shot portraits of                           gay and lesbian couples, and later recorded their comments about their lives and their love for each other. The result is                       this stunning collection, a compendium of words and images that provides the clearest window yet into the thoughts,                           emotions, and devotion of same-sex couples and their struggles and joys enroute to each other. 85 photos.

Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell
                     August 18th 2017
                     ISBN0895511681 (ISBN13: 9780895511683)

                     Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell surveys the career of Laura Aguilar, a Chicana photographer who is most widely known for                      black-and-white nude self-portraits that are frank and self-assertive, yet deeply sensitive and poetic. In photographs that                      are frequently political as well as personal, Aguilar offers candid portrayals of herself, her friends and family, and her                            Chicano/Latino and LBGT communities. 

The Perfect Boy

                     July 1st, 2004
​                     ISBN 3861873621 (ISBN13: 9783861873624)

​                     Howard Roffman has a unique talent for capturing the magical attractive power of young men in photographs. His ​                               images depict ethereal beauty and candid authenticity. Perfect Boy is a celebration of the natural erotic aura of his ​                               young subjects, presented in a series of nine intimate and sensual photo essays.

Beasts: FotoFactory Anthology II
                    October 1st 1997
                    ISBN1883923239 (ISBN13: 9781883923235)

                    An affectionate and stunning pageant of men with animals and men as animals. Captivating, bizarre--even erotic, Beasts                     is for the connoisseur and collector of distinguished male art and fine photographic publishing. 

Nothing but the Girl
                     December 1st 1997
                     ISBN1860470025 (ISBN13: 9781860470028)

                     A pictorial representation of the lesbian image by prominent lesbian photographers, this book contains over 20 portfolios                      with in-depth biographies of the artists. They discuss the themes which have fuelled their work, from sex, gender, race,                        fashion, the body and nature. the photographers featured include Della Grace, Jill Posener, Morgan Gwenwald and                              Honey Lee Cottrell.

Fantastic Man: Men of Great Style and Substance
                     October 26th, 2015
                     ISBN 0714870390 (ISBN13: 9780714870397)

                     Fully illustrated, Fantastic Man represents the best of the magazines’ archives, offering a fascinating portrait of                                    contemporary men's style and a unique viewpoint on what defines masculinity in the 21st century.

Robert Mapplethorpe: The Archive
                     March 15th, 2016
                     ISBN 1606064703 (ISBN13: 9781606064702)

                     Celebrated photographer Robert Mapplethorpe challenged the limits of censorship and conformity, combining technical                        and formal mastery with unexpected, often provocative content that secured his place in history. Mapplethorpe’s artistic                        vision helped shape the social and cultural fabric of the 1970s and ’80s and, following his death in 1989 from AIDS,                              informed the political landscape of the 1990s. His photographic works continue to resonate with audiences all over the                        world.

Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from Their Beginnings to Stonewall
                     January 1st, 1996
                     ISBN 0231099983 (ISBN13: 9780231099981)

                     Spanning more than a century of photography and film, "Hard to Imagine" is the first visual chronicle of the evolution of                        gay male image culture, from the canonical works of "art" photography and cinema to the private and often highly                                explicit productions of amateurs. This comprehensive work explores a vast, eclectic tradition in its totality, analyzing the                        aesthetics of the visual imagery, its production, circulation, and consumption, and broad social and legal implications.

Summer Souvenirs

                     August 1st 2013
​                     ISBN3867876185 (ISBN13: 9783867876186)

​                     Summer Heat! The heat of the day, the cool of a bath. This photo book is pure summer, packed with the most beautiful ​                       men enjoying summer to the fullest. Who wouldnt want to be a part of it? Fred Goudon photographed the men of the ​                           world during his journeys through Europe and the United States and shares his summer souvenirs with us.

Beach Boys (2012)
                    April 1st 2012
                    ISBN3867872430 (ISBN13: 9783867872430)

                    It’s pretty obvious where the inspiration for this book comes from — the artist lives in Miami Beach, Florida. The eternal                       summer, the unique light in this part of the world and the silent force of nature, all this can be found in his pictures. But                         mainly, of course, it’s all about his models. Those young men are filled with joy and happiness—just like one of those                           great classic albums by the Beach Boys, full of songs you can dance and dream to. Wonderful concept, so all we need                       now is a good title. Well, how about … yeah, that brings it to the point!

Zanele Muholi: Faces and Phases 2006-2014

                     November 30th 2014
​                     ISBN3869308079 (ISBN13: 9783869308074)

​                     In Faces and Phases, Zanele Muholi embarks on a journey of "visual activism" to ensure black queer and transgender ​                       visibility. Despite South Africa's progressive Constitution and 20 years of democracy, black lesbians and transgender ​                           men remain the targets of brutal hate crimes and so-called corrective rapes. Taken over the past eight years, the more ​                       than 250 portraits in this book, accompanied by moving testimonies, present a compelling statement about the lives and ​                     struggles of these individuals. They also comprise an unprecedented and invaluable archive: marking, mapping and ​                           preserving an often invisible community for posterity.

Straight Boys 2

                     May 1st, 2004
​                     ISBN 3861873893 (ISBN13: 9783861873891)

Perfection in Form
                     June 15th 2009
                     ISBN383279316X (ISBN13: 9783832793166)

                     Today, Robert Mapplethorpe is recognized as firmly an artist of his time, whose work was richly steeped in the classical                        tradition. Even his most transgressive work borrowed heavily from the conventions of such masters as Michelangelo.                          Although separated by the centuries, each artist helped shape how we view the world. This book explores the                                      connection from both academic and aesthetic perspectives. 

Male Bonding
                     October 18th 1996
                     ISBN1883923158 (ISBN13: 9781883923150)

                     This best-selling, debut FotoFactory Anthology represents the vision of 42 different photographers reflecting on the                              theme of the male relationship. Stunningly sensual images of beautiful men together--printed in sensuous duotone on                          heavy, matte artpaper and hard bound in linen. Its unusual and eloquent format, banner photographers and exquisite                          photographs make this a necessary addition to your library.

Man to Man: A History of Gay Photography
                     October 1st, 2007
                     ISBN 0865651868 (ISBN13: 9780865651869)

                     This comprehensive study of homoeroticism and male homosexuality surveys the homoerotic urge in fashion                                        photography, including layouts in Vogue and reprints rare and unpublished work by such photographers as Horst,                                Mapplethorpe, and Herb Ritts.

Full Frontal
                     May 1st 2014
                     ISBN3867877319 (ISBN13: 9783867877312)

                     Dylan Rosser is one of the most successful photographers in male art photography. Some of his best work is now                                available for the first time as a Gallery Edition calendar. Printed on heavy stock paper, wire-o-binding, shrink-wrapped.

Muse: Mickalene Thomas: Photographs
                     July 28th 2015)
                     ISBN159711314X (ISBN13: 9781597113144

                     Mickalene Thomas, known for her large-scale, multitextured and rhinestone-encrusted paintings of domestic interiors                          and portraits, identifies the photographic image as a defining touchstone for her practice. Thomas began to photograph                        herself and her mother as a student at Yale, studying under David Hilliard--a pivotal experience for her as an artist. This                      volume is the first to gather together her various approaches to photography, including portraits, collages, Polaroids and                      other processes.

All Players
                    October 1st 2012
                    ISBN3867874204 (ISBN13: 9783867874205)

                    Rick Day's opulent coffee-table books Players and Players Two both became instant bestsellers. At first glance, the                             photographs are all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in rugby wear, tight trunks or nothing at all. But                         Rick Day doesn't just take pictures of masculine sex appeal. His work impresses with an almost corporeal tension. The                       interaction of straightforwardness and intimacy keeps us wondering: Who is the subject and who is the object? Rick                             Day's photographs are perfectly staged. All Players is a 288-page collection of all new material.

Heavenly Bodies
                     June 1st 2009
                     ISBN3867870195 (ISBN13: 9783867870191)

                     David Vance seeks to make his models appear like Greek statuesand succeeds with brilliance. Every picture is a piece                        of timeless art that you want to blow up and hang on your wall. More of the incredibly successful Timeless (2006) with                          one essential difference: Heavenly Bodies is shot in full color!


The Wild Good

                     October 1st 1996
​                     ISBN0385481721 (ISBN13: 9780385481724)

​                     This extraordinary collection of letters, poetry, fiction, interviews, and memoirs offers a vivid portrait of the various forms ​                     of love that enrich and nourish the lives of lesbians. The works of prominent figures such as Adrienne Rich, Audre ​                               Lorde, Dorothy Allison, and Jewelle Gomez are joined by those of emergeing takents to celebrate the many dimensions ​                     of lesbian love. 35 duotone photos.

Women in Love: Portraits of Lesbian Mothers & Their Families

                     May 1st 1998
​                     ISBN0821225235 (ISBN13: 9780821225233)

​                     In the tradition of the popular bestseller "Sisters" comes a striking, large-format photography book which profiles lesbian ​                     mothers and their families--a book that definitely proves that "love makes a family"

Texas Twins

                     April 1st, 2007
​                     ISBN 3861878585 (ISBN13: 9783861878582)

​                     Celebrated portrait photographer, Howard Roffman is back with some of his most intimate and stunning work to date. ​                         Nash and Morgan are a pair of extremely photogenic twins from deep in the heart of Texas.

Outback Dusk
                    July 30th 2014
                    ISBN0980667550 (ISBN13: 9780980667554)

                    Dusk features some of the most masculine, perfectly and naturally built, handsome and sensual naked men within a                             stunning array of hauntingly beautiful and raw outback settings. Paul Freeman has established himself at the pinnacle of                     his craft, not only as a photographer, but as a visual poet and artist eulogizing as he captures the spirit of the rugged yet                     sensitive Australian male in all his physical glory. His genius is to find the right men to photograph and then tell an                               enthralling story with his vision from behind the camera. 

The Faces of LGBT


Male Bonding: Vol. 2
                     November 1st 1998
                     ISBN1883923328 (ISBN13: 9781883923327)

                     Male Bonding: Volume Two (FotoFactory Anthology Series, Book 4) features 120 handsome photographs of men                                together: working, playing, fighting and loving. Compiled by photo editor and archivist David Sprigle, Male Bonding -                            volume two offers an even more intimate portrayal of male relationships than his first book, Male Bonding. Sixty-eight of                      the world's finest photographers were selected for the diversity of their photographs. 

Turnon: Muscles

                     July 15th, 2012
​                     ISBN None

​                     A muscled guy radiates strength of purpose, assertiveness and - last but not least - lots of sex appeal. Whoever goes to ​                     the gym several times a week surely knows what he owes his body, plus he's usually an alluring look for the rest of us. ​                       So, after the success of the anthologies Turnon: Tattoos and Turnon: Sports, we decided to continue the series with a ​                         bulky new photo compilation - Turnon: Muscles. We collected the best pictures of renowned photographers, who ​                                 brought the male body as a piece of art into the spotlight.

Catherine Opie: Keeping an Eye on the World
                    January 1, 2018

                    The work of the celebrated Los Angeles–based photographer Catherine Opie (born 1961) includes portraits of gay and                       lesbian subjects and American urban landscapes, ranging from large-scale color works to small black-and-white prints. A                     full survey of her works from the early 1990s to the present, Keeping an Eye on the World is published for Opie's first                           European retrospective.

Mom: A Tribute to Mothers of LGBTs
                     July 11th, 2012
                     ISBN 1478147040 (ISBN13: 9781478147046)

                     Mothers of LGBT individuals are the focus of this photo essay book from Windy City Times. The Chicago-based weekly                        newspaper solicited submissions from LGBTs in the Chicago area, or those formerly from Chicago, for this book. Some                        nationally known moms are featured, including: - Judy Shepard, mother of murdered gay activist Matthew Shepard. –                          Dorothy Hajdys-Holman, whose son Allen Schindler was brutally killed by military colleagues in 1992

Men & Gods
                     November 1st 2013
                     ISBN3867876355 (ISBN13: 9783867876353)

                     David Vance is the master of timeless nude photography. Perfect bodies classically posed - David Vance imbues his                            models with a touch of eternity, which only gods possess.

Playing With the Edge: The Photographic Achievement of Robert Mapplethorpe
                     October 20th 1995
                     ISBN0520200519 (ISBN13: 9780520200517)

                     Arthur Danto's assessment of the achievement of Robert Mapplethorpe is a lucid and graceful introduction to a                                    controversial artist by the most distinguished philosophical critic of the arts in our time. While fully addressing the most                        public dimensions of Mapplethorpe's career—the branding of his work as pornography and the legal and censorship                            issues that surround the exhibition of his photographs.

Into the Light: Photographs of the NYC Gay Pride Day from the 70s Till Today
                     March 10th 2018
                     ISBN3959852754 (ISBN13: 9783959852753)

                     Into the Light" is the title of Stanley Stellar's magnus opum: a history of the New York Pride Parade from the 1970s until                        today. The Brooklyn-born photographer (who belongs to the same generation as Robert Mapplethorpe) is a chronicler of                      the city that never sleeps, and so it seems his camera neither rested a single moment. As art collector and museum                            founder Charles Leslie put it, Stellar is a living witness to the urban drama which spanned the years from 1969 to the                            present and his imagery reconfirms the centrality, in spite of everything, of eternal male beauty. 

                     October 1st 2010
                     ISBN3867871477 (ISBN13: 9783867871471)

                     His first photo book Players was an outstanding success; with Pioneers photographer Rick Day now delivers a worthy                          follow up. But this time his way doesn't only lead him in to the photo studio but also outdoors, to the sea, into the                                  mountains and on the meadow. But here, there and everywhere the miracle MAN remains the focus of his works. Day                          creates an own little dramaturgy for each of his pictures. He talks to the viewer directly and in some ways he obviously                        likes to play with our expectations a little. Surprising, sexy and strong- Pioneers gives us excellent photo art and                                  breathtaking men on 128 pages.

The Woods

                     January 1st 1996
​                     ISBN0964200945 (ISBN13: 9780964200944)

​                     This book of photographs is as much a visual fairy tale as it is a collection of David Vance's art; men and women ​                                 exploring the woods and its mystical powers of good, evil and fantasy -- Naked!

To Survive On This Shore

                     May 17th 2018
​                     ISBN3868288546 (ISBN13: 9783868288544)

Love Bites: Photographs
                     December 1st 1991
                     ISBN 0854491503 (ISBN13: 9780854491506)

                     Rapidly established as a modern classic, this is the pioneering, ground-breaking book of lesbian photography. Della                      Grace broke the silence with this anthology of bold new lesbian images. Self-affirmation, self-definition, her queer                      sensibilty grapples with gender like no other contemporary photographer.

                     September 28th 2011
                     ISBN0980667526 (ISBN13: 9780980667523)

                     Photographer Paul Freeman takes a sometimes tongue-in-cheek look at the way European men have adorned and                              mythologized themselves and their physical courage over the centuries, and refers for inspiration to monumental art and                      paintings that were the work of artists who tended to depict a fantasy of sensuality rather than the brutal masculinity of                        reality. 

Love Makes a Family
                     May 25th 1999
                     ISBN1558491619 (ISBN13: 9781558491618)

                     This handsome volume combines interviews and photographs to document the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual,                          and transgendered parents and their children. It allows all of the family members to speak candidly about their lives,                            their relationships, and the ways in which they have dealt with the pressures of homophobia. 

The Kids: The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA

                     September 19th 2017
​                     ASINB06ZXTND6Y

​                     Judges, academics, and activists keep wondering how children are impacted by having gay parents. Maybe it's time to ​                       ask the kids. For the past four years, award-winning photographer Gabriela Herman, whose mother came out when ​                             Herman was in high school and was married in one of Massachusetts' first legal same-sex unions, has been ​                                       photographing and interviewing children and young adults with one or more parent who identify as lesbian, gay, trans, or ​                     queer.

Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits
                    October 16th, 1996
                    ISBN 1573440620 (ISBN13: 9781573440622)

                    The idea of gender is no long as fixed as it once was: Tootsie, La Cage aux Folles, and Milton Berle saw to that. But                             none of this has prepared us for Loren Cameron's amazing portraits of transsexuals. Beautifully reproduced and                                   complemented with notes and short essays, these portraits of women who are now men may startle, but they will also                         make you marvel at the genuine complexities of life, sex, and desire. Body Alchemy might have been a curiosity, like                           Diane Arbus's photographs of those outside the physical and cultural mainstream, but Cameron's art is so empathetic,                         so precise, that we are left in awe and with a new understanding of the realities of being human.

Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs

​                     ISBN0044407076 (ISBN13: 9780044407072)

​                     A strong defense of the right to diversity in images and in sexual practices, Stolen Glances brings together the work of ​                         lesbian photographers and writers from North America and Britain to explore the representation of lesbianism.

Every Breath We Drew
                     October 27th 2015
                     ISBN1942084048 (ISBN13: 9781942084044)
                     Over the past decade, Jess T. Dugan (born 1986) has created intimate portraits that engage with issues of identity,                              sexuality, gender and community. Her first book, Every Breath We Drew, compiles color portraits of the artist and others.                      Working within the framework of queer experience and actively constructed masculinity, these portraits examine the                            intersection between private, individual identity and the search for intimate connection with others. 

Greg Gorman: In Their Youth: Early Portraits
                     October 31st 2009
                     ISBN8862080972 (ISBN13: 9788862080972)

                     In Their Youth: Early Portraits comprises over 200 of the California-based photographer's previously unpublished                                  portraits from the last three decades, featuring famous actors shot when they were still unknown young men, from teen                        years into their early twenties. "I decided to do a project that expressed my infatuation with male beauty," Gorman                                explains, "especially in terms of youth... the portraits don't have lots of backgrounds, they're straightforward. 

Femmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
                     September 1st 2001
                     ISBN1560253665 (ISBN13: 9781560253662)

                     A photographic celebration of female couples features works by Michael Childres, Bob Carlos Clarke, Wolfgang                                    Tillmans, and many others. Color, duotone, and b&w photos.

Jungle Fever
                     February 1st 2014
                     ISBN0615582486 (ISBN13: 9780615582481)

                     Jungle Fever is a lush coffee-table book of David Vance’s photography covering the subject of beautiful men, nude and                        seminude, in tropical jungle and studio settings.

Jagged Youth
                     April 1, 2000

                     ISBN 3861871637 (ISBN13: 9783861871637)

The Male Nudes

                     May 3rd 2011
​                     ISBN0847833747 (ISBN13: 9780847833740)

​                     The elegant male nude photographs of George Platt Lynes, many never before published, from a newly discovered ​                             archive of negatives. George Platt Lynes was the preeminent celebrity portraitist of his day, shooting for Vogue and ​                             Harper’s Bazaar and creating distinctive photographs of iconic cultural figures such as Diana Vreeland, Salvador Dalí, ​                         and Orson Welles. But he also produced a separate body of work, kept largely hidden during his lifetime: photographs of ​                     the male nude. 

                     ISBN0985240334 (ISBN13: 9780985240332)

                     Ten Avenues Press announces Kevin McDermott's new photography book, EXHIBITION. The 160-page hardcover is a                        collection of nudes and portraits of more than 50 different men photographed over the past ten years. From the rooftops                      of NYC to the beaches of Miami and Malibu, on the moors of Provincetown or in the woods of Upstate NY, or even                              inside the intimacy of Kevin's studio in the city, this exquisite coffee-table book includes many of the most beautiful                              images taken by McDermott. 

Uncommon Heroes: A Celebration of Heroes and Role Models for Gay and Lesbian Americans

                     June 28th 1994
​                     ISBN0964177900 (ISBN13: 9780964177901)

​                     This photo-essay celebration of extraordinary Gay and Lesbian Americans isn't just about celebs like Martina and Ellen. ​                     It also follows the lives of ordinary GLBT people who do extraordinary things.

LGBT: San Francisco
                     May 26th 2017
                     ISBN1909526398 (ISBN13: 9781909526396)

                     Daniel Nicoletta (born 1954) has been a leading chronicler of the LGBT civil rights movement in San Francisco over the                      last 40 years. This is the first book dedicated to his powerful photographs documenting the journey of the burgeoning                          lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender mecca that was San Francisco in the 1970s through to the present. Nicoletta is best                        known for his iconic images of Harvey Milk, one of the world's first openly gay elected officials, who was assassinated                          by a homophobic colleague in 1978. 

Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955
                     June 15th, 1997
                     ISBN 0789300796 (ISBN13: 9780789300799)

                     This book documents a moment in the history of American culture - a period in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s that gave birth                        to new notions of male beauty and desire, and to a new type of male icon. Long before Stonewall and the gay pride                              movement, there was a small group of men - both photographers and the models who sat for them - who helped pave                          the way for male sexual liberation. Led by the photographer George Platt Lynes, the painter Paul Cadmus, and the arts                        patron Lincoln Kirstein, this group shattered taboos surrounding the artistic presentation of the male figure.

                     November 1st, 2006
                     ISBN 3861878739 (ISBN13: 9783861878735)
                     Show downs, blowing off steam, foreplay? Everything is possible in Steven Underhill's new photo collection, his sixth                            with Bruno Gmünder. Scenes of playful wrestling matches between young men at home alternate with single portraits of                      the players. Along with duotone images there are also colour photos of young, sexy and natural men!

Anthony Friedkin: The Gay Essay
                    July 8th 2014
                    ISBN0300206372 (ISBN13: 9780300206371)

                    For more than forty years, American photographer Anthony Friedkin (b. 1949), creating full-frame black-and-white                               images, has documented people, cities, and landscapes primarily in his home state of California. During the culturally                           tumultuous years of 1969 and 1970, Friedkin made a series of photographs that together offer an eloquent and                                     expressive visual chronicle of the gay communities of Los Angeles and San Francisco at the time. 

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
                    February 11th, 2014
                    ISBN 0763656119 (ISBN13: 9780763656119)

                    Author and photographer Susan Kuklin met and interviewed six transgender or gender-neutral young adults and used                         her considerable skills to represent them thoughtfully and respectfully before, during, and after their personal                                       acknowledgment of gender preference. Portraits, family photographs, and candid images grace the pages, augmenting                       the emotional and physical journey each youth has taken. Each honest discussion and disclosure, whether joyful or                             heartbreaking, is completely different from the other because of family dynamics, living situations, gender, and the                               transition these teens make in recognition of their true selves.

Emotion - Photographs by David Vance
                    March 1st 2017
                    ISBN3959852517 (ISBN13: 9783959852517)

                    David Vance is first an artist, a person who expresses himself through a medium and David Vance s medium is the                               camera. In Emotion - Photographs by David Vance the critically acclaimed photographer shares his particular vision of                         emotions with us. As a beauty addict, I am compelled photographing beautiful subjects. When I see something that is                           beautiful, I want to show it to the world the way I have experienced it, says Vance. Influenced by the great movie star                           portraits of George Hurrell and the great fashion photographers of the 1950s, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, Vance                         creates an image world of its own: beautiful, sensual, and emotional."


                     April 1st 2006
​                     ISBN3861879840 (ISBN13: 9783861879848)

​                     Fine art photographer David Vance offers his nod to classicism in Greek and Roman sculpture with his stunning images ​                     of the male physique.

Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans

                     June 30th 2010
​                     ISBN0299236846 (ISBN13: 9780299236847)

​                     For two years, Philip Gambone traveled the length and breadth of the United States, talking candidly with LGBTQ ​                               people about their lives. In addition to interviews from David Sedaris, George Takei, Barney Frank, and Tammy Baldwin, ​                     Travels in a Gay Nation brings us lesser-known voices—a retired Naval officer, a transgender scholar and “drag king,” a ​                     Princeton philosopher, two opera sopranos who happen to be lovers, an indie rock musician, the founder of a gay frat ​                         house, and a pair of Vermont garden designers.

                     August 1st 2009
                     ISBN3867870357 (ISBN13: 9783867870351)

                     Enjoy is inspired by the ideal of the male physique: perfect curves and anatomically well-shaped muscles are set in                              aesthetic environments.

Alvin Baltrop: The Piers
                    October 27th, 2015
                    ISBN 8415931239 (ISBN13: 9788415931232)

                    Powerful, lyrical and controversial, Alvin Baltrop's photographs are a groundbreaking exploration of clandestine gay                             culture in New York in the 1970s and 80s. During that era, the derelict warehouses beneath Manhattan's West Side piers                     became a lawless, forgotten part of the city that played host to gay cruising, drug smuggling, prostitution and suicides.                         Baltrop documented this scene, unflinchingly and obsessively capturing everything from fleeting naked figures in                                 mangled architectural environments to scenes of explicit sex and police raids on the piers.

Photographs of My Father: A Lost Narrative from the Civil Rights Era
                     January 28th, 1973
                     ISBN 0394473345 (ISBN13: 9780394473345)

                     At the National Council of Churches, Robert Spike had organized American churches to support the passage of both the                      Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, to march in Selma and to organize in Mississippi. An important white leader in the                      black civil rights struggle, he helped the LBJ White House pass legislation and write crucial civil rights speeches. In the                        midst of what he described as “the dirtiest fight of my life” struggling to save a federal Mississippi education program, he                      was viciously murdered in Columbus, Ohio. The murder was never solved. Very little effort went into finding the                                    murderer. The Columbus police and the FBI hinted the unsolved murder was connected to Spike’s undisclosed gay life.                      During his father's rise in the civil rights movement, Paul Spike lived 

Manhood: The Bare Reality
                     June 15th 2017
                     ISBN1780664257 (ISBN13: 9781780664255)

                     100 men bare all in a collection of photographs and interviews about manhood and 'manhood'. These days we are all                          less bound by gender and traditional roles, but is there more confusion about what being a man means? From veteran                        to vicar, from porn addict to prostate cancer survivor, men from all walks of life share honest reflections about their                                bodies, sexuality, relationships, fatherhood, work and health in this pioneering and unique book. 

The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Young People 

                     November 5th, 1997
​                     ISBN 0688149316 (ISBN13: 9780688149314)

​                     With candor and sensitivity, thirty-nine young people write frankly about their own homosexuality. Told with honesty and ​                       courage, their words express the fundamental need all people share for acceptance and respect. Published in ​                                     collaboration with the adult division of William Morrow.

Family: A Portrait of Gay and Lesbian America
                     December 1st 1994
                     ISBN0062500112 (ISBN13: 9780062500113)

                     An award-winning photojournalist displays a panoramic view of lesbian and gay life as never seen before. Family is a                          vivid assemblage of seventy black-and-white photographs accompanied by interviews and personal stories that bend                          stereotypes and present a brave new vision of the diverse lives of lesbians and gay men.

The Adonis Factor

​                     ISBN

Black Book
                    December 15th 1986
                    ISBN0821222783 (ISBN13: 9780821222782)

                    This is a collection, by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, of images of black men. Some are nude, some rude and                             others explicitly erotic. In miniature format, the collection presents one of Mapplethorpe's most controversial and                                   accomplished portfolios.

The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography
                    May 6th 2014
                    ISBN0804185239 (ISBN13: 9780804185233)These are exciting times for marriage equality—but capturing memorable                       LGBTQ portraits requires a novel approach to posing, which until now has been nearly exclusively oriented toward                               pairing a taller man in black with a smaller woman in white. What works for Jack and Jill won’t necessarily work for Jack                       and Michael, let alone Jill and Louise. 

                     October 18th 2010

                     A shot-for-shot parody of Madonna's infamous SEX book, shot in drag.

Robert Mapplethorpe
                     January 1, 1987.
                     ISBN4891941499 (ISBN13: 9784891941499)

                     The photographs collected in this volume or some of the least known images in Mapplethorpe's oeuvre. But whether                            commissioned portraits or ad agency projects, the care and devotion that goes into everything Mapplethorpe does is                            evident throughout. Now in a mellower phase of his life, he's looking forward to doing more work with color. Readers of                        this work will be pleased to find some color prints, among the first ever collected in book form.

                    April 15th 2001
                    ISBN3861871955 (ISBN13: 9783861871958)

                    In his photos, David Vance manages to connect the power of masculinity and its sensuousness like no other                                         photographer. His classically beautiful models are often entangled in everyday or quiet moments and possess a dreamy                       gravity. A fine collection of erotica from one of America's most important male photographers. A real attraction.

Poolside Pleasures
                     April 1st 2014
                     ISBN3867876711 (ISBN13: 9783867876711)

                     This compilation combines the qualities of Mark Henderson's bestsellers in a manner never seen before. Mark                                      Henderson ushered the style of last century's physique photographers into the modern age.

Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography
                     May 1st 2006
                     ISBN0226368580 (ISBN13: 9780226368580)

                     There was a time in America when two men pictured with their arms wrapped around each other, or perhaps holding                            hands, weren’t necessarily seen as sexually involved—a time when such gestures could be seen simply as those of                            intimate friendship rather than homoeroticism. Such is the time John Ibson evokes in Picturing Men, a striking visual                            record of changes in attitudes about relationships between gentlemen, soldiers, cowboys, students, lumberjacks,                                  sailors, and practical jokers. Spanning from 1850 to 1950, the 142 everyday photographs that richly illustrate Picturing                          Men radiate playfulness, humor, and warmth. 

Timeless Bodies

                     June 1st 2013
​                     ISBN3867875367 (ISBN13: 9783867875363)

​                     David Vance is one of the world's most successful photographers in male erotic photography and photographer of ​                               international stars such as Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, William Baldwin, Sophia Loren and many ​                             more. For the first time, David Vance presents the best photographs from his books Heavenly Bodies (2009) and ​                                 Timeless (2006) in a new volume of 160 pages titled Timeless Bodies.

Who's a Pretty Boy, Then?: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Gay Life in Pictures

                     December 15th 1996
​                     ISBN1852425946 (ISBN13: 9781852425944)

​                     More than 600 portraits and pornography, postcards and cuttings and snapshots from private albums ? go to make up ​                         one man's personal and highly idiosyncratic view of gay history since the invention of the camera. Gay people, their ​                             friends, lovers, idols and enemies in all their glory, divas, bodybuilders and drag queens, heroes and villains, from Marie ​                     Lloyd to Madonna, Sandow to Schwarzenegger, Boulton to Savage, Labouchere to Mary Whitehouse. And alongside ​                         the famous and infamous, are the images of ordinary gay men taken at moments that only friends and lovers would ​                             bother to record.

                     September 28th 1999
                     ISBN1892041162 (ISBN13: 9781892041166)

                     One of the most important artists to emerge in the last quarter century was Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989), whose                          bold photographs left a strong impression on society and culture. Known primarily for his refined aesthetic,                                            Mapplethorpe created classical portraits, nudes, and still lifes that helped redefine photography as an art form at a time                        when the medium was floundering. Mapplethorpe's controversial sex pictures -- blunt images of sadomasochism and                          live "play" -- were simultaneously condemned and revered during Mapplethorpe's life, and later became the center of                          debate over public funding for the arts, censorship, and the First Amendment. 

Straight Boys

                     July 4th, 2007
​                     ISBN 3861874571 (ISBN13: 9783861874577)

The Last Boys

                     May 29th 2015
​                     ISBN3867878382 (ISBN13: 9783867878388)

​                     The Last Boys is Barry Marre s first photo book. This young photographer, who is renown from magazines and fashion ​                       blogs, has a sense for dreamy and sensual shots. His models look fragile, yet expressive. This book is an adventurous ​                       experiment of young photography with a modern, juvenile touch, using real light.

                     May 1st 2010
                     ISBN3867870500 (ISBN13: 9783867870504)

                     Thomas Synnamon's SLEEPLESS is a successful first monograph of a new artist's work. Previously active as a model,                        Synnamon brings to his new venture of photography a core of information that most other photographers do not                                    possess: he has been the subject of photographs and now he is the creator. That may seem a small additive to his self-                       trained new vocation, but spending time with his images encourages an inner knowledge of just how to achieve the                              result he wants. His models appear to confide in him in the creative act in a very responsive way, making these black                          and white and color photographs in praise of the male form a very personal success for him.

Snap : Photographs by David Sprigle
                     November 27th 1999
                     ISBN1883923417 (ISBN13: 9781883923419)

                     In SNAP, Sprigle fundamentally changes the way we understand the beauty of the accidental moment. These images of                      rough elegance are reminiscent of the attenuated figures, movement and tension of Baroque Paintings. Yet, the                                    characteristics are random--products of ostensible lighting conditions. The photos, Sprigle's newest series, are a visual                        essay about our instant culture. About a new aesthetic that arises from the intersection of cheap consumer technology                        and art. He presents a sanctioned voyeurism: reality tightly cropped, frontally composed and blurred by time to become                        unexpectedly beautiful. His color pallet, seemingly based in oil paint rather then photographic grain, is drawn from the                          Impressionistic Masters. Sprigle's work examines the way light rearranges an almost-classical memory of the human                            form.

Making A Way: Lesbians Out Front
                     ISBN0960317619 (ISBN13: 9780960317615)

Wet Men

                     September 27th 2011
​                     ISBN0789322595 (ISBN13: 9780789322593)
​                     Francois Rousseau, photographer of Locker Room Nudes and the famed Dieux du Stade calendar, presents a unique ​                         and candid collection of nude and seminude photos of more than fifty men in, on, and around water. Wet Men is a ​                               celebration of the beauty of the male form, as well as the fulfillment of the fantasies surrounding the swimmers, ​                                   lifeguards, athletes, and bathers around us.


                     January 29th, 1990
​                     ISBN 052524820X (ISBN13: 9780525248200)

​                     This is a pioneering book of photographs and interviews with crossdressers and their loved ones: wives, children, and ​                         other family members. The focus is on presenting crossdressers in daily life, in positive settings and relationships. The ​                       photographs sensitive, sometimes beautiful, and the text offers insight into the differences between sexual orientation ​                         and gender presentation. "Transformations" is suitable for schools and libraries.

                     April 20th 2009
                     ISBN3867870179 (ISBN13: 9783867870177)

                     His models have an exhibitionistic tendency. Photos are worked over to give the bodies a strong and special glow. "I                            wanted to blur the lines of sexuality with this project. Men and women should be able to turn the pages and lose                                  themselves in beauty and lust." - Rick Day

Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918
                    March 1st, 2001
                    ISBN 0810957124 (ISBN13: 9780810957121)

                    This groundbreaking book presents rarely seen photographs that provide an entirely fresh perspective on male                                     friendship in the 19th century. The poignant images in more than 100 early photographs, drawn from public and private                       collections, suggest a surprisingly broad-minded attitude toward physical intimacy between men, challenging the                                 conventional view of the Victorian era as more inhibited than our own. 

Kissed: Sensuality in Gay Art
                     September 1st 2010
                     ISBN3867871469 (ISBN13: 9783867871464)

                     But it was only a kiss! -a sentence you won't ever say again after having leafed through this book and marveled at these                      unique kissing pictures. How much a kiss can mean and how much a kiss is a universe of its own-that is pointed up in                          this volume on 260 pages by more than 40 photographers. From sensual and erotic to wild and debauched: Here you'll                        find everything that can happen between lips. Kissed is anthology that makes you find truth in the words of Mark Twain                        who once said: A kiss is something you need both hands for.A" Well, that still says it best.

Robert Mapplethorpe: The Photographs
                     March 15th, 2016
                     ISBN 160606469X (ISBN13: 9781606064696)

                     The legacy of Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 –1989) is rich and complicated, triggering controversy, polarizing critics, and                        providing inspiration for many artists who followed him. Mapplethorpe taught himself about the history of art, how to run                        a studio, how to network, and how to keep the public interested in him. At the same time, he honed a distinctive                                    individual vision based on craftsmanship and an aesthetic of classical grace. One of the most influential figures of his                          time, today Mapplethorpe stands as an example to emerging photographers who continue to test boundaries and                                concepts of the beautiful.

Heroics 2
                     July 15th 2013
                     ISBN0980667542 (ISBN13: 9780980667547)

                     A collection of over one hundred and eighty fine art nude photographic portraits of men captured in the classical tradition                      of mythologized heroism and the sometimes grandiose and dramatic poses that entailed, shot in an array of                                          contemporary, post-modernist, neo-classic and painterly environments, in both color and warm toned black and white,                          reminiscent of the influences being evoked and in the tradition of fine art film photography.

Dagger: On Butch Women
                    March 1st 1994
                    ISBN0939416824 (ISBN13: 9780939416820)

                    This powerful collection of butch women's voices shocks, delights, and at times titillates. Comprised of tell-all interviews                       and personal essays, historical analysis, cartoons, and some quite fetching photos, this book is for those who swear by                       roles as well as those who just don't get what all the brouhaha is about Down and dirty, kind and generous, Dagger is a                       celebration of lesbian sexuality and bravery.

Milk: A Pictorial History of Harvey Milk
                     January 13th 2009
                     ISBN1557048282 (ISBN13: 9781557048288)

                     This official illustrated companion book features oral histories, archival photographs, behind-the-scenes stills, and the                          story of the new Focus Features film directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, My Own Private Idaho), starring                            Academy Award winner Sean Penn (Mystic River, Dead Man Walking) as gay-rights icon Harvey Milk. His life changed                        history. His courage changed lives.

Players Two
                     July 1st 2011
                     ISBN3867871426 (ISBN13: 9783867871426)

                     Rick Day's opulent co ffee-table books Players and Players Two both became instant bestsellers. At first glance, the                            photographs are all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in rugby wear, tight trunks or nothing at all. But                        Rick Day doesn't just take pictures of masculine sex appeal. His work impresses with an almost corporeal tension. The                        interaction of straightforwardness and intimacy keeps us wondering: Who is the subject and who is the object? Rick                            Day's photographs are perfectly staged. All Players is a 288-page collection of all new material.

Fire Island Pines: Polaroids 1975-1983
                     May 31st 2013
                     ISBN8862082703 (ISBN13: 9788862082709)

                     Growing up in the 1950s, Tom Bianchi would head into downtown Chicago and pick up 25-cent -physique- magazines at                      newsstands. In one such magazine, he found a photograph of bodybuilder Glenn Bishop on Fire Island. -Fire Island                            sounded exotic, perhaps a name made up by the photographer, - he recalls in the preface to his latest monograph. -I                            had no idea it was a real place. Certainly, I had no idea then that it was a place I would one day call home.- In 1970,                            fresh out of law school, Bianchi began traveling to New York, and was invited to spend a weekend at Fire Island Pines,                        where he encountered a community of gay men.

Lesbian Sacred Sexuality
                     ISBN0914728814 (ISBN13: 9780914728818)

                     A stirring evocation of sexuality, connectedness, and Tantric power.

Out In America: A Portrait Of Gay And Lesbian Life
                     January 1, 1994
                     ISBN0670858501 (ISBN13: 9780670858507)

                     For Gay and Lesbian Americans, visibility has always been a key issue. While some maintain a life in the closet for                              family, career, or personal reasons, others come out to a world that rarely celebrates, and at times refuses to tolerate,                          the simple courage of people just being themselves. Out in America should look no different from the rest of America to                        the casual observer - there are farmers and artists, sky divers, families, professionals, and retirees. But for gay men,                            lesbians, and their supporters, the 250 photographs in this book offer evidence of a community that knows no                                      boundaries, a community that has put down roots in truly every segment of American society.

Photographs by Donna Pollach
                     November 30th 2015

                     This collection of 150 black and white photographs by Donna Pollach documents her life in the Portland, Oregon lesbian                      community from the early 1970s to her death in 2002. It includes her own artist statement and chronology, and                                      statements by Ellen Goldberg; Karen Pollach, Donna’s twin sister; and Sue St.Michael, Donna’s partner. The book is                            divided into sections entitled “Community,” “Sisters,” “Lesbian Families,” and “Portraits.”

                     February 9th 2002
                     ISBN0867195266 (ISBN13: 9780867195262)

                     Intimacies covers the entire career of pro-sex feminist photographer Tee Corinne. Speaking about her work, Corinne                            says, If I became a 'visible and accessible lesbian artist' it is because of the images made to fill a perceived void, to fill                          these blank spaces where desire and questioning and transcendence converged, where my intellectual longings and                            seven years of university art training responded to the social and cultural forces set in motion in the 1960s.

Women Together: Portraits of Love, Commitment, and Life

                     May 1st 1999
​                     ISBN0762400641 (ISBN13: 9780762400645)

​                     A photo-essay book which celebrates the commitment of long-term female relationships.

Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers
                     August 1st 1997
                     ISBN0262071800 (ISBN13: 9780262071802)

                     In 1985, photographer Robert Giard set out to create an archive of portraits of gay and lesbian writers from across the                          United States. His intention was to present visible evidence of their presence in our culture, to attest to their particular                          voices. The result is the most extensive photographic record of the gay and lesbian literary community ever undertaken. 

                    January 1, 1995
                    ISBN0517702223 (ISBN13: 9780517702222)

                    Soares presents a collection of thoughts and photos celebrating the gender roles, erotic desires, and self-perceptions of                       lesbian life. Featuring the work of five contemporary lesbian photographers, the photos are accompanied by essays by                         Judy Grahn and Nisa Donnelly.