Building Fires in the Snow: A Collection of Alaska LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry
                    September 15th 2016
                    ISBN1602233012 (ISBN13: 9781602233010)

                    Diversity has always been central to Alaska identity, as the state’s population consists of people with many different                             backgrounds, viewpoints, and life experiences. This book opens a window into these diverse lives, gathering stories and                     poems about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer life into a brilliant, path-breaking anthology. In these pages                       we see the panoply of LGBTQ life in Alaska today, from the quotidian urban adventures of a family—shopping, going out,                     working—to intimate encounters with Alaska’s breathtaking natural beauty. At a time of great change and major strides in                     LGBTQ civil rights, Building Fires in the Snow shows us an Alaska that shatters stereotypes and reveals a side of Alaska                     that’s been little seen until now.

Death by Sex Machine
                    September 7th 2017
                    ISBN1943977380 (ISBN13: 9781943977383)
                    Poetry. In Death by Sex Machine fem-surrogate cyborgs of manga and film are used as a force "for understanding                               personal suppression of language," a series of poems made uncomfortable by both what is said and not said.

The Road Before Us: 100 Gay Black Poets
                    January 1st 1991
                    ISBN0962167517 (ISBN13: 9780962167515)

The Horizontal Poet
                    December 2011
                    ISBN0929730941 (ISBN13: 9780929730943)

                    First full-length poetry collection by Jan Steckel, author of two chapbooks, The Underwater Hospital (Zeitgeist Press,                           2006) and Mixing Tracks (Gertrude Press, 2009). The Horizontal Poet won a 2012 Lambda Literary Award. Jan Steckel                       is a retired Harvard- and Yale-trained pediatrician, an activist for disability and bisexual rights, a poet, and a writer. Her                         poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in Scholastic Magazine, Yale Medicine, Bellevue Literary Review                         and elsewhere. She has won multiple national awards for her chapbooks and poems and has been nominated twice for                       a Pushcart Prize. She lives in Oakland, California with her husband, Hew Wolff.

The Tradition
                    April 2nd 2019
                    ISBN1556594860 (ISBN13: 9781556594861)

                    Jericho Brown’s daring new book The Tradition details the normalization of evil and its history at the intersection of the                         past and the personal. Brown’s poetic concerns are both broad and intimate, and at their very core a distillation of the                           incredibly human: What is safety? Who is this nation? Where does freedom truly lie? Brown makes mythical pastorals to                     question the terrors to which we’ve become accustomed, and to celebrate how we survive. Poems of fatherhood, legacy,                     blackness, queerness, worship, and trauma are propelled into stunning clarity by Brown’s mastery, and his invention of                         the duplex―a combination of the sonnet, the ghazal, and the blues―testament to his formal skill. The Tradition is a                             cutting and necessary collection, relentless in its quest for survival while revelling in a celebration of contradiction.

Black Movie
                    February 9th 2017

                    Poetry. African American Studies. These harrowing poems make montage, make mirrors, make elegiac biopic, make "a                       dope ass trailer with a hundred black children/ smiling into the camera & the last shot is the wide mouth of a pistol."                             That's no spoiler alert, but rather, Smith's way saying & laying it beautifully bare. A way of desensitizing the reader from                       his own defenses each time this long, black movie repeats."

                    September 12th 2017
                    ISBN0143131702 (ISBN13: 9780143131700)

                    In this ---powerful debut collection, sam sax explores and explodes the linkages between desire, addiction, and the                               history of mental health. These brave, formally dexterous poems examine antiquated diagnoses and procedures from                         hysteria to lobotomy; offer meditations on risky sex; and take up the poet's personal and family histories as mental health                     patients and practitioners. Ultimately, Madness attempts to build a queer lineage out of inherited language and cultural                         artifacts; these poems trouble the static categories of sanity, heterosexuality, masculinity, normality, and health. sax's                           innovative collection embodies the strange and disjunctive workings of the mind as it grapples to make sense of the                             world around it.

Unspoken Truths: Book One: A Collection of Gay Latino Poetry
                    February 15th 2012

                    Explore the beauty, richness, and complexity that the intersection of Sexuality and Culture offers through this unique lens                     of poetry. From romantic love to anonymous encounters and everything in between, this book provides a perspective not                     often seen let alone discussed. Unspoken Truth: An unspoken truth is something in life we all know to be true but to                             speak it is taboo.

May I Say Nothing
                    January 5th 2014
                    ISBN1494901161 (ISBN13: 9781494901165)Sometimes gay readers and scholars have occasion to seek out the                                 homoerotic passages of Whitman, whether to read for the pure pleasure of the experience or for scholarship. This need                       has been problematic in the past because Leaves of Grass is a huge volume to read through to find what one is seeking,                     shorter editions of "selected" Whitman poems are generally more apt to omit his homoerotic material than to include it                         (and certainly do not highlight it), and if one turns only to his "Calamus" section, his most homoerotic "chapter," one                             misses out on a great deal more. This volume seeks to give readers and scholars a single source to consult when the                         aim is to read Whitman's homoerotic verse.

The Road Home: A Decade of Gay Poetry
                    May 17th 2018

                    The Road Home is a collection of uniquely gay poems chronicling over a decade of one man's life through loss, love and                     acceptance.

To the One Who Raped Me
                    August 7th 2012
                    ISBN1937420205 (ISBN13: 9781937420208)

                    There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds in every year. So: 31,536,000 divided by                     248,300 comes to one sexual assault every 127 seconds, or about one every two minutes. In 2006, Dustin Brookshire                         was raped by a former boyfriend. In the months that followed, he began writing as a means of coping with the                                       psychological aftermath. The result is To the One Who Raped Me, a bold debut chapbook of taboo truths and the too-                          often unspoken that chronicles Dustin's journey from victim to survivor.

                    December 1st 1986
                    ISBN0060156287 (ISBN13: 9780060156282)

                    Allen Ginsberg's Howl is a prophetic masterpiece an epic raging against dehumanizing society that overcame censorship                     trials and obscenity charges to become one of the most widely read poems of the century.

The Collected Poems of Frank O'Hara
                    November 12th 1971
                    ISBN0520201663 (ISBN13: 9780520201668)

                    Available for the first time in paperback, The Collected Poems of Frank O'Hara reflects the poet's growth as an artist                             from the earliest dazzling, experimental verses that he began writing in the late 1940s to the years before his accidental                       death at forty, when his poems became increasingly individual and reflective.

Gay & Lesbian Themes
                    May 10th 2012

                    Gay & Lesbian Themes is a single-volume reference that contains selected essays from Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth                     Edition. Every article in this set was carefully selected by our editors to provide the best information available about the                       topic covered. The essays in Gay & Lesbian Themes discuss such influential poets as John Ashbery, Hart Crane, Allen                       Ginsburg, Sappho, and Oscar Wilde.

Write from the Heart: Lesbian Healing from Heartache
                    March 1st 1996
                    ISBN0963166646 (ISBN13: 9780963166647)

                    An anthology of stories and poems on the subject of recovery from relationship loss, whether by break-up or death. The                       first and only book of its kind to approach lesbian relationship loss by those who know it best. Although there are books                       on how to survive loss, none specifically targets lesbians. Same-sex loss involves different social and legal issues, as                         illustrated by questions and answers from a mental health professional. Lammy Award finalist, 1992.

Between: New Gay Poetry
                    December 2nd 2013
                    ISBN193762711X (ISBN13: 9781937627119)

                    Between: New Gay Poetry, edited by Jameson Currier, features sixty gay poets writing on relationships between men:                         gay men with their friends, lovers, partners, husbands, dates, tricks, boyfriends, hustlers, idols, teachers, mentors,                               fathers, brothers, family, teams, co-workers, relatives and strangers.

Gay and Lesbian Poetry an Anthology from Sappho to Michelangelo
                    May 3rd 1995
                    ISBN0815318863 (ISBN13: 9780815318866)

Beautiful Barbarians: Lesbian Feminist Poetry
                    January 1st 1986
                    ISBN0906500230 (ISBN13: 9780906500231)

Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics
                    March 2013
                    ISBN1937658104 (ISBN13: 9781937658106)

                    The first of its kind, Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics gathers together a diverse range of                        55 poets with varying aesthetics and backgrounds. In addition to generous samples of poetry by each trans writer, the                         book also includes “poetics statements”—reflections by each poet that provide context for their work covering a range of                     issues from identification and embodiment to language and activism.

Gay Poetry
                    May 21st 2017

                    Witness something Incredible, Fantastic, Universal and Unique. Written for all the masses, not just the LGBT community.                     Poetry is expressed through your body, mind, and soul. Sex is a great way to spark up some creativity. Each word is like                     an mouth orgasm.

Everybody's Gay [Come With Us to Be Free]
                    February 9th 2012
                    asin: B0077JMK78
                    Summary: A stunning collection of poetry and photography. This collection speaks mainly of homosexuality and youth.                         Fantasy fills this collection with magic. These pieces are an emotional stew of melancholic prose, frivolity, sexuality, and                       love. Intoxicating and hypnotic this will bring you courage even if you are not gay. Adults and Children are all welcome                         into my imaginary castle built of words.

                    November 12th 2011

                    We aren't always aware of the impact our actions have on others. When we brushed against an arm on the subway, did                       we send electricity up his spine? When we broke it off after three months, did we scar her for life? When we opened the                       door for the elderly man, did we remind him that he wasn't alone? The truth is that each of us live on an island, skimming                     rocks into the ocean. We have no idea whether those ripples we create become beauty or chaos. And when the doorbell                     rings and we find an envelope with our name on it? Maybe it's karma returning that beauty or chaos to us.

Needles & Veins: An Anthology of Lesbian Poetry
                    December 22nd 2013

                    A collection of lesbian poetry that showcases the grittier side of romance between women.

Best Gay Poetry 2008
                    December 1st 2008
                    ISBN1590211286 (ISBN13: 9781590211281)

                    Best Gay Poetry is a new annual series collecting the best gay poems of the year before. It offers both poetry                                       aficionados and casual gay readers an easy way to keep abreast of the field and find poems that speak to their                                     experience. Editor Lawrence Schimel has brought together a diverse array of poems and voices, not merely in their                             poetic style and form, but also in how gay subjects and themes are addressed. Drawing on poems published in journals,                     anthologies, and single-author collections, Best Gay Poetry 2008 offers up the cream of the crop of what was published                       in 2007, gathered together in one handy volume. 

Masculine Beauty: A Collection of Walt Whitman's Poetry Of Same-Sex Affection
                    January 5th 2014
                    ISBN1494901161 (ISBN13: 9781494901165)Sometimes gay readers and scholars have occasion to seek out the                                 homoerotic passages of Whitman, whether to read for the pure pleasure of the experience or for scholarship. This need                       has been problematic in the past because Leaves of Grass is a huge volume to read through to find what one is seeking,                     shorter editions of "selected" Whitman poems are generally more apt to omit his homoerotic material than to include it                         (and certainly do not highlight it), and if one turns only to his "Calamus" section, his most homoerotic "chapter," one                             misses out on a great deal more. This volume seeks to give readers and scholars a single source to consult when the                         aim is to read Whitman's homoerotic verse.

Word of Mouth: An Anthology of Gay American Poetry
                    July 1st 2000
                    ISBN1584980060 (ISBN13: 9781584980063)

                    Beginning with W.H. Auden, "Word of Mouth" offers a sweeping introduction to gay American poetry of the past half-                            century. It includes major works by Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Robert Duncan, and others.

Lesbian Nevaeh Poetry Anthology
                    June 1st 2012
                    ISBN1908822201 (ISBN13: 9781908822208)

                    An Anthology of over 40 poems by 8 authors. Lesbian Poetry Anthology written by Lesbians for Lesbians about love, lost                     and found, life's ups and downs, and everything in between. Featuring bestselling Lesbian Authors Trin Denise, Kiki                             Archer, and Aliyat Lecky as well as several first time, up and coming Lesbian Authors.

Floating, Brilliant, Gone
                    April 15th 2013
                    ISBN1938912438 (ISBN13: 9781938912436)

                    Beginning at loss and ending in reflective elation, Floating, Brilliant, Gone moves steadily through the many complicated                     textures of identity, anxiety, and absence. Using a language that is as volatile as the world it tries to occupy, these poems                     read like lucid dreams that jolt awake at the most unexpected moments. Like a ghost speaking from the ruins of memory,                     Choi's electrifying debut is at once fiercely imaginative and eerily familiar.

Lesbian Poetry: An Anthology
                    June 1st 1981
                    ISBN0930436083 (ISBN13: 9780930436087)

Gay Love Poetry
                    August 12th 1997
                    ISBN0786704691 (ISBN13: 9780786704699)

Unspoken Truths: Book Two: A Collection of Gay Latino Poetry
                    February 24th 2012

                    This provocative collection of poetry tackles controversial issues ranging from exploitation in adult entertainment to the                         hypocrisy that exists in the current HIV prevention field. The second book to the Unspoken Truth series promises to take                     the reader on an unapologetic ride to the realities of contemporary Gay culture.

Short, Sharp Shocks: A Collection of LGBTQ Short Fiction, Prose & Poetry
                    November 9th 2016

                    Short, Sharp Shocks is an eclectic collection of short fiction from the LGBTQ spectrum, with particular attention paid to                         the female of the species. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, sometimes erotic, occasionally painful but always                                   heartfelt. The stories and poems in this collection explore the diversity of Queer lives through the innocence of childhood,                     self-discovery, identity, loss, lust and love

Queer Voices: Poetry, Prose, and Pride
                    May 1st 2019

                    Since its beginnings in 1993, the Queer Voices reading series has featured both emerging and established Minnesota-                        based writers of the LGBTQIA+; community. With a track record of more than twenty years, the series has become a                           national model and one of Minnesota's most important literary institutions. It is reputed to be the longest-running curated                     queer reading series in the country.

LGBTQ Fiction and Poetry from Appalachia
                    February 28th 2019
                    ISBN1946684929 (ISBN13: 9781946684929)

                    This collection, the first of its kind, gathers original and previously published fiction and poetry from lesbian, gay,                                   bisexual, transgender, and queer authors from Appalachia. Like much Appalachian literature, these works are pervaded                       with an attachment to family and the mountain landscape, yet balancing queer and Appalachian identities is an                                     undertaking fraught with conflict. This collection confronts the problematic and complex intersections of place, family,                           sexuality, gender, and religion with which LGBTQ Appalachians often grapple.

Black Gay Male: Story & Poetry
                    September 29th 2016
                    ISBN1539148211 (ISBN13: 9781539148210)

                    True events about growing up in America as a Black Gay Male. In America people experience racism, sexism, and other                     oppression. Other countries suffer the same. This E-book explains what its like living in a world where being yourself can                     get you killed. If we can't change who we are, maybe we can change the world we live in.

Articulate Flesh: Male Homo-Eroticism and Modern Poetry
                    December 23rd, 1987
                    ISBN 0300047525 (ISBN13: 9780300047523)

                    Arguing that homosexual poetry is part of the mainstream of poetic writing—not a distinct and differentiated category                     within it—Gregory Woods provides a fastidious study of homosexual poetry in the twentieth century that emphasizes the                     homo-erotic themes in the works of D.H. Lawrence, Hart Crane, W.H. Auden, Allen Ginsberg, and Thom Gunn. Woods’s                     controlled and elegant study demonstrates that a critic who ignores the sexual orientation of a poet, particularly a love                     poet, risks overlooking the significance of the poetry itself.

REC*OG*NIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men
                    September 26th 2014
                    A collection of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, critical essays and visual art produced by 61                       cisgender and transgender bisexual, pansexual, polysexual and fluid men from the United States, Canada, Chile, India,                       Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Black Queer Hoe
                    September 4th 2018

                    Black Queer Hoe is a refreshing, unapologetic intervention into ongoing conversations about the line between sexual                           freedom and sexual exploitation. Women’s sexuality is often used as a weapon against them. In this powerful debut,                             Britteney Black Rose Kapri lends her unmistakable voice to fraught questions of identity, sexuality, reclamation, and                             power, in a world that refuses Black Queer women permission to define their own lives and boundaries.

He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices
                    March 15th 2012
                    ISBN1937420086 (ISBN13: 9781937420086)

                    Unable to accept complacency in suburban life, Stephen S. Mills transports himself to dank prison cells, international                           executions, and the minds of murderers that unravel through the kinky underbelly of America. He comes full-circle back                       to the bedroom of a young, gay couple whose everyday lives surprise us in a flawed and fascinating world. He Do the                         Gay Man in Different Voices channels the hushed tones, loving whispers, and lusty moans of a generation deluged in an                     unflinching, unending media assault that brings the best and worst of us to an exciting, terrifying proximity.

Tangled Sheets Stories & Poems Lesbian
                    June 1st 1995
                    ISBN0889612072 (ISBN13: 9780889612075)
                    This luscious sequel to Getting Wet heats up the body of lesbian sex literature with a collection by, for and about dykes in                     lust.

Lady Business - A Celebration of Lesbian Poetry
                    January 1, 2012
                    ISBN1937420183 (ISBN13: 9781937420185)

                    Poems by 12 lesbian poets

My Life Is Poetry: An Anthology of Writings by Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Seniors
                    July 1st 2008
                    ISBN0971439303 (ISBN13: 9780971439306)

                    An anthology of autobiographical poetry by gay, lesbian, and bisexual seniors. Portraits by artist Jenny Walters                                     accompany each poet.

We Have the Melon
                    June 1st 1992
                    ISBN0856359661 (ISBN13: 9780856359668)

                    Layered with rich insight, this powerful collection of poetry provides an unidealistic stance on homosexuality that evokes                       the many landscapes of sensuality and desire.

                    April 11th 2005
                    ISBN0300107897 (ISBN13: 9780300107890)

                    Richard Siken’s Crush, selected as the 2004 winner of the Yale Younger Poets prize, is a powerful collection of poems                         driven by obsession and love. Siken writes with ferocity, and his reader hurtles unstoppably with him. His poetry is                               confessional, gay, savage, and charged with violent eroticism. In the world of American poetry, Siken's voice is striking.                       In her introduction to the book, competition judge Louise Glück hails the “cumulative, driving, apocalyptic power, [and]                         purgatorial recklessness” of Siken’s poems. She notes, “Books of this kind dream big. . . . They restore to poetry that                           sense of crucial moment and crucial utterance which may indeed be the great genius of the form.”

Have Some Pride: a collection of LGBT+ poetry
                    June 30th 2017

                    Living in a world that is grossly opposed to who you are, the bravest and most radical thing to do is to be yourself. And                         being a part of the LGBT+ community is just that – brave. ‘Have Some Pride’ is a collection of poetry and prose,                                   celebrating the beauty that is being queer. Written by a sapphic (self proclaimed) goddess, Carola shares the feelings of                     fear and isolation that many LGBTQ+ people experience. But more importantly, she writes about being proud to be under                     the queer umbrella and being proud to be in the LGBTQ+ community.

The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered
                    March 1st 2010
                    ISBN097146863X (ISBN13: 9780971468634)

                    Twenty-eight modern gay authors reminisce about their favorite out of print gay novels, bringing the texts to light and                           telling intimate stories of their own.

I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems
                    September 29th 2015
                    ISBN0062389106 (ISBN13: 9780062389107)

                    I Must Be Living Twice brings selections from the poet's previous work together with a set of bold new poems, through                         which Myles continues to refine her sardonic, unapologetic, and fiercely intellectual literary voice. Steeped in the culture                       of New York City, Myles's stomping grounds and the home of her most well-known work, she provides a wide-open lens                       into a radical life.

Ex-Lover Weird Shit: A Collection of Short Fiction, Poetry, & Cartoons by Lesbians & Gay Men
                    December 28th 1994
                    ISBN0964280337 (ISBN13: 9780964280335)

Barefoot: Poems and Stories
                    January 18th 2014

                    Barefoot is not one story. Barefoot is a collection of poems that tell many stories, many memories. There are stories of                         heartache and friendship. There are stories of transition—from female to male, from a Christian subculture to a wider                           perspective, and from loneliness to community. There are stories about learning to love one’s body and the earth and                           everything physical, while not neglecting to love the unseen and the untouchable. There are stories of loss. There are                         stories of family. There are stories of feeling God while desperately wanting to be an atheist, and in feeling connected to                       others while desperately wanting to be alone. There are stories of light and love. There are stories of life.

For Zoe: An anthology of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork by members of the LGBTQIA+ community
                    April 1st 2019

                    For Zoe is an anthology created by members of the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate the life and work of English                             actress Leah Bracknell. In 1989 Leah joined the cast of ITV’s Emmerdale as Veterinary student Zoe Tate. In 1993, in a                         ground-breaking episode, Zoe came out as a lesbian. She remained on the show, battling severe homophobia, forging                         and maintaining relationships, celebrating a civil partnership, and battling mental health issues, until her departure in                           2005, making her not only the first character to “come out” on British television, but the first lesbian in a British soap                             opera, and the longest running lesbian in television history. The creation and portrayal of Zoe Tate changed the course of                     history for LGBTQIA characters on British television.

Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality
                    October 4th 2011
                    ISBN0983293198 (ISBN13: 9780983293194)

Finding HER: An LGBT prose/poetry romance for women who love women
                    August 4th 2019
                    ISBN1087458242 (ISBN13: 9781087458243)

                    No one's writing romances for women who love women anymore, so I did. The woman you want exists and "that saying                       about life is true when you stop looking for love it will find YOU."

                    November 5th 2019
                    isbn: 1947793578
                    isbn13: 9781947793576

                    Feed is the fourth book in the Teebs tetralogy. It's an epistolary recipe for the main character, a poem of nourishment,                           and a jaunty walk through New York's High Line park, with the lines, stanzas, paragraphs, dialogue, and registers                                 approximating the park's cultivated gardens of wildness. Among its questions, Feed asks what's the difference between                       being alone and being lonely? Can you ever really be friends with an ex? How do you make perfect mac & cheese?                             Feed is an ode of reconciliation to the wild inconsistencies of a northeast spring, a frustrating season of back-and-forth,                       of thaw and blizzard, but with a faith that even amidst the mess, it knows where it's going.

The 20 year purge: a gay man's poetry anthology
                    December 1st 2016

                    A GLBT themed poetry anthology by Zachary Flategraff. This book contains 189 original poems and is 281 pages in                             length in Black and White. Raw Innuendo. Lurid Love. Family Affairs. Forbidden Emotions. Sex. Vengeance. Politics.                           Gay Life. Poetry selected from ages 12 to 32 from this gay man’s interesting bipolar life.

Our Deep Gossip: Conversations with Gay Writers on Poetry and Desire
                    November 29th 2013
                    ISBN0299295648 (ISBN13: 9780299295646)

                    From Walt Whitman forward, a century and a half of radical experimentation and bold speech by gay and lesbian poets                       has deeply influenced the American poetic voice. In Our Deep Gossip, Christopher Hennessy interviews eight gay men                       who are celebrated American poets and writers: Edward Field, John Ashbery, Richard Howard, Aaron Shurin, Dennis                           Cooper, Cyrus Cassells, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Kazim Ali. The interviews showcase the complex ways art and life                         intertwine, as the poets speak about their early lives, the friends and communities that shaped their work, the histories of                     gay writers before them, how sex and desire connect with artistic production, what coming out means to a writer, and                           much more.

Orchids, Rosebuds, and Sweet Flags
                    April 16th 2018
                    ISBN1590216911 (ISBN13: 9781590216910)

                    Once a poem gets under the skin, it survives and takes on a life of its own. Author Gunn, who has spent years cataloging                     and exploring gay mysteries, gay pulps, and gay drama through the ages, turns to poetry for his last work. From the                             Introduction: "Facing my own mortality, I gradually became more forthcoming about my personal relations with the                               poems. And when I reached the second half of the twentieth century, I increasingly allowed my own taste to determine                         which poets I wanted to explore.... Each new book I publish becomes my favorite, but I think I have genuinely enjoyed                         writing this one the most, perhaps because I have been more willing to open up in ways I never had before."

                    January 1, 2011
                    ISBN0925904996 (ISBN13: 9780925904997)

                    Stealth, this reeling motet by poets Maureen Seaton & Sam Ace, feels like a Tarkovsky film, all of them strung together,                       about the end of the world, these poems continuously spilling themselves into other spaces ad infinitum. And giving us a                     tiny window on that. It feels like a shell-game. Friendship and language. Stealth is excited and joyous, while dying,                               dragging one’s tired ass through a desert, hallucinating. It feels like The Wasteland but the footnotes are fun. Stealth is                         more boy than girl. I don’t think Philip Marlowe, I think of Philip Whalen with a pilot’s silk scarf tied around his neck. Man                       or a girl’s doll. These multiples never get solved, only raised here. I think I mean that stealth is simply the past tense of                         steal or living finally with everything you stole—living well in a paradise of your own.

Don't Call Us Dead
                    September 5th 2017
                    ISBN1555977855 (ISBN13: 9781555977856)

                    Award-winning poet Danez Smith is a groundbreaking force, celebrated for deft lyrics, urgent subjects, and performative                      power. Don't Call Us Dead opens with a heartrending sequence that imagines an afterlife for black men shot by police, a                     place where suspicion, violence, and grief are forgotten and replaced with the safety, love, and longevity they deserved                       here on earth. Smith turns then to desire, mortality the dangers experienced in skin and body and blood and a diagnosis                     of HIV positive. "Some of us are killed / in pieces," Smith writes, some of us all at once. Don't Call Us Dead is an                                   astonishing and ambitious collection, one that confronts, praises, and rebukes America--"Dear White America"--where                         every day is too often a funeral and not often enough a miracle.

Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry
                    September 1st 2011
                    ISBN0979420881 (ISBN13: 9780979420887)

                    Poetry. LGBT Studies. Jewish Studies. In this land of MILK AND HONEY, poems flow. Contemporary Jewish, lesbian                           poets address an array of experiences--relationships between and among women, family relationships, politics, solitude,                     ethical responsibilities, history, solidarity, and community. MILK AND HONEY features beloved poets like Ellen Bass,                           Robin Becker, Elana Dykewomon, Marilyn Hacker, Eleanor Lerman, Joan Nestle, Leslea Newman and Ellen Orleans, as                     well as new and emerging voices. With language and imagery that moves from the sensual and political to the tender                           and serene, MILK AND HONEY explores the vibrant, complicated, exhilarating experience of being Jewish and lesbian--                      or queer--in the world today.

Soft Science
                    April 2nd 2019
                    ISBN1938584996 (ISBN13: 9781938584992)

                    Soft Science explores queer, Asian American femininity. A series of Turing Test-inspired poems grounds its exploration                       of questions not just of identity, but of consciousness―how to be tender and feeling and still survive a violent world filled                     with artificial intelligence and automation. We are dropped straight into the tangled intersections of technology, violence,                       erasure, agency, gender, and loneliness.

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard
                    September 25th 2012
                    ISBN0763658073 (ISBN13: 9780763658076)

                    A masterful poetic exploration of the impact of Matthew Shepard’s murder on the world. On the night of October 6, 1998,                     a gay twenty-one-year-old college student named Matthew Shepard was lured from a Wyoming bar by two young men,                       savagely beaten, tied to a remote fence, and left to die. Gay Awareness Week was beginning at the University of                                 Wyoming, and the keynote speaker was Lesléa Newman, discussing her book Heather Has Two Mommies. Shaken, the                     author addressed the large audience that gathered, but she remained haunted by Matthew’s murder. October Mourning,                     a novel in verse, is her deeply felt response to the events of that tragic day. 

Walking with Ghosts: Poems
                    May 15th 2005
                    ISBN1844711137 (ISBN13: 9781844711130)

                    Written from a contemporary Cherokee, Queer and mixed-race experience, these poems confront a legacy of land-theft,                     genocide, and forced removal, and resist ongoing attacks on both Indigenous and Gay/ Lesbian/ Bisexual /Transgender                       communities. Tender, startling, confrontational and erotic, this book honors the dead and brings the survivors back home.

Ode to Boy: Vol. 2: An Anthology of Same-Sex Attraction in Literature from the 19th Century Through the First World War
                    September 2nd 2014
                    ISBN0692286357 (ISBN13: 9780692286357)

                    Ode to Boy, Vol. 2 is a refreshingly readable collection of literature devoted to same-sex attraction from the 19th Century                     through the war poets. Includes works from James Silk Buckingham, Lord Byron, Disraeli, Gogol, Thoreau, Melville,                             Whitman, Bayard Taylor, Ernst Haeckel, John Addington Symonds, Henry James, Stanley Lane-Poole, Wilde, Mary                             Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, Housman, Cather, Stein, Thomas Mann, Renee Vivien, Forster, D.H. Lawrence, H.D.,                                   Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Brooke, Lawrence of Arabia, and Wilfred Owen. Hale's introductions to the authors are to the                     point and sometimes witty, specifying why the author or work is included in the volume and sometimes providing a larger                     biographical scope.

A Day for a Lay: An Anthology of Gay Poetry
                    April 1st 1999
                    ISBN1569801347 (ISBN13: 9781569801345)

                    From Greece's forthright Cavafy to France's renegade Genet; from Oscar Wilde's beloved Lord Alfred Douglas to                                 Ginsberg and the Beats; from senior poets such as Harold Norse to the kids who will be writing poems in the new                                 millennium--Gavin Dillard, one of the world's best-loved contemporary poets, has gathered the best of the 20th Century                       gay poetry "lest it be lost to us except in the lonely vaults of queer archives."


Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color
                    January 1st 2018
                    ISBN1937658783 (ISBN13: 9781937658786)

                    In 2014, Christopher Soto and Lambda Literary Foundation founded the online journal Nepantla, with the mission to                             nurture, celebrate, and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community, including contributions as diverse in style                         and form, as the experiences of QTPOC in the United States. Now, Nepantla will appear for the first time in print as a                           survey of poetry by queer poets of color throughout U.S. history, including literary legends such as Audre Lorde, James                       Baldwin, June Jordan, Ai, and Pat Parker.

Angels of the Lyre: A Gay Poetry Anthology
                    January 1st 1975
                    ISBN0915572133 (ISBN13: 9780915572137)

A Poet of the Invisible World
                    October 6th 2015
                    ISBN1250071283 (ISBN13: 9781250071286)
                    A Poet of the Invisible World follows Nouri, a boy born in thirteenth-century Persia with four ears instead of two.                                   Orphaned as an infant, he’s taken into a Sufi order, where he meets an assortment of dervishes and embarks on a path                       toward spiritual awakening. Along the way, Nouri will find himself in the sumptuous court of a sultan, a barren farm in the                     hills of Spain, a bustling city on the north coast of Africa, and a monastery perched high in the mountains. He will fall in                         love—and encounter an adversary who will try to destroy that love.

Boys On Purpose: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Stories with Decidedly Gay Overtones
                    July 5th 2011
                    ISBN1463524056 (ISBN13: 9781463524050)

                    A collection of poems, prose and stories with decidedly gay overtones and a nostalgic bent. Boys growing up in the                             United States during the 1950's and 1960's had little, if any, information about being "different." There was literally no                           one to turn to for advice or encouragement. If anything, the dictates of the culture and societal pressures made them feel                     insecure and outcast. In this first-published collection, Sacramento-based writer Rodion Rebenyar has compiled a variety                     of poems (written specifically for and with those who don't normally like to read poetry in mind!), prose and stories which                     highlight one boy's journey through this turbulent decade.

A Raging Horde of Green Carnations: gay poems of an old~new era
                    August 26th 2014

                    Sex, relationships, hookups, and breakups are all detailed in these clever and sometimes painfully honest poems from                         Jacob Owenson. This collection of poems about homosexual life in today's culture are not to be missed. These are                               poems to make you think, make you laugh, and make you cry.

The New Testament
                    September 9th 2014

                    In The New Testament, Jericho Brown continues his tender examination of race, masculinity, and sexuality. These                               poems bear witness to survival in the face of brutality, while also elegizing two brothers haunted by shame, two lovers                         hounded by death, and an America wounded by war and numbered by religion. Brown summons myth, fable, and                                 fairytale not to merely revise the Bible—more so to write the kind of lyric poetry we find at the source of redemption—for                       the profane and for the sacred.

Coming Out of the Closet and Breaking the Chains
                    March 3rd 2003
                    ISBN1592863248 (ISBN13: 9781592863242)

                    Coming Out of the Closet and Breaking the Chains: Poetic Views from the Other Side of a Special Education Classroom                     is a collection of poems touching on everything that has touched Ms. Dressersa life, from her experiences and                                     impressions as a young person having to go through the special education system in our country as school system, to                         child and spousal abuse. It touches on a wide range of subjects in life. But at the heart of this huge collection of poetry is                     a series of poems that bear the title of the book.

Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets on the Midwestern Experience
                    October 1st 2012
                    isbn: 097988165X
                    isbn13: 9780979881657

                    In Among the Leaves, 18 queer male poets share stories what it means to live in the Midwest. We learn what it’s like for                       them to play football and come up short. We feel their lingering effects of bullying. We experience the undeniable power                       of seasons affecting their moods as they ache for a meaningful connection. We learn what it means to celebrate in spite                       of the odds against them. But more than anything, we discover anew through their poems the redemptive power of love                       and renewal among the leaves growing and falling.

About Him: Poetry
                    August 20th 2016
                    Poetry about that special someone you may love. You may have a crush on. You may have lust for. You may not know                         how to express yourself. These poems are emotions and feelings from the author.

A Place Called No Homeland
                    April 1st 2017
                    ISBN1551526794 (ISBN13: 9781551526799)

                    This extraordinary poetry collection journeys to the place where forgotten ancestors live and monstrous women roam—                        and where the distinctions between body, land, and language are lost. In these fierce yet tender narrative poems, Thom                       draws from both memory and mythology to create new maps of gender, race, sexuality, and violence. Descended from                         the traditions of oral storytelling, spoken word, and queer punk, Thom's debut collection is evocative and unforgettable.

                    January 21st, 2014
                    ISBN 1495261719 (ISBN13: 9781495261718)

                    Barefoot is a collection of stories and poems written about Elijah Walker's experiences while transitioning from female to                     male, from a Christian subculture to a wider perspective, and from loneliness to community.

Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time
                    September 1st 1988
                    ISBN0312038364 (ISBN13: 9780312038366)

Wanting in Arabic
                    January 1st 2002
                    ISBN1894770005 (ISBN13: 9781894770002)

                    Poetry. Braiding theoretic concerns with the ambivalences of sexed and raced identity. WANTING IN ARABIC attempts                       to traverse the fantasies of foundational loss and aggressive nostalgia in order to further a poetics of a conscious                                 partiality of being, of generous struggle and comic rather than tragic misrecognition. "Trish Salah's poetic sequence is                         not simply a narrative of gender change; it's a wandering, thoughtful text, one both fierce and tremulous"--Erin Moure.                         "This is a beautiful and disturbing collection of poems, writing from the uncharted langscape of the third sex

The Black Unicorn: Poems
                    October 31st 1978
                    ISBN0393312372 (ISBN13: 9780393312379)

                    Rich continues: "Refusing to be circumscribed by any simple identity, Audre Lorde writes as a Black woman, a mother, a                     daughter, a Lesbian, a feminist, a visionary; poems of elemental wildness and healing, nightmare and lucidity. Her                               rhythms and accents have the timelessness of a poetry which extends beyond white Western politics, beyond the anger                       and wisdom of Black America, beyond the North American earth, to Abomey and the Dahomeyan Amazons. These are                       poems nourished in an oral tradition, which also blaze and pulse on the page, beneath the reader's eye."

The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde
                    September 28th 1997
                    ISBN0393319725 (ISBN13: 9780393319729)

                    Collected here for the first time are more than three hundred poems from one of this country's major and most influential                     poets, representing the complete oeuvre of Audre Lorde's poetry. Lorde published nine volumes of poetry which, in her                       words, detail "a linguistic and emotional tour through the conflicts, fears, and hopes of the world I have inhabited."                               Included here are Lorde's early, previously unavailable works: The First Cities, The New York Head Shop and Museum,                       Cables to Rage, and From a Land Where Other People Live.

The Collected Poems Of Tennessee Williams
                    April 1, 2002
                    ISBN0811215083 (ISBN13: 9780811215084)

                    In this definitive edition of The Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams, all of the playwright/poet's previously collected                         and uncollected published poems, including poems from the plays, have been assembled, accompanied by explanatory                       notes and selected variants.

Ode to Boy: An Anthology of Same-Sex Attraction in Literature, Volume One: From Antiquity Through the Eighteenth Century
                    September 1st 2014
                    ISBN0692286144 (ISBN13: 9780692286142)

                    Ode to Boy Vol. 1 is a refreshingly readable collection of literature devoted to same-sex attraction from the ancient                               Greeks through the Eighteenth Century. Includes works from Homer, Solon, Sappho, the Old Testament, Anacreon,                             Theognis, Pindar, Plato, Xenophon, Callimachus, Meleager, Catullus, Virgil, Horace, Petronius, Plutarch, Ovid, Aelian,                         Strato, Agathius, Rumi, Hafiz, Michelangelo, Montaigne, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Richard Barnfield, Katherine Philips,                         Aphra Behn, and Anna Seward. Hale's introductions to the authors are to the point and sometimes witty, specifying why                       the author or work is included in the volume and sometimes providing a larger biographical scope.

Sonnets to a Young Man
                    July 10th 2013
                    ISBN0615847676 (ISBN13: 9780615847672)

                    By the beginning of the Twentieth Century, almost anyone in England who knew anything about Shakespeare knew that                       he had written his famous love sonnets to a beautiful adolescent male who was fifteen when the first sonnet was written.                     The debate was not about what gender the poems addressed but what specific young man had been the object of                               Shakespeare's affection. Read in sequence, the sonnets tell a story. Shakespeare was instructed by his patron to try to                       get the patron's son to marry and pass along his lineage and beauty. The first seventeen sonnets are therefore called the                     procreation sonnets because this is precisely Shakespeare's message to the boy. 

Wanting Women: An Anthology of Erotic Lesbian Poetry
                    ISBN0961740612 (ISBN13: 9780961740610)

Gentle Cruelty
                    April 16th 2011

                    This is a collection of lesbian poems most of which have an erotic content. The poem themes include topics such as                             lesbian love and sex, gay marriage, sexual identity and personal believes. The author explores her relationships with                           other women while offering a rare glimpse into her sexual encounters. Author's strong emotions are evident when                                 discovering her sexual identity in the context of her principles and the social "norm".

Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out
                    October 1, 1991
                    ISBN1555831745 (ISBN13: 9781555831745)
                    In this groundbreaking anthology, more than seventy women and men from all walks of life describe their lives as                                 bisexuals in prose, poetry, art, and essays.

Blood, Bread, and Poetry: Selected Prose, 1979-1985
                    January 1st 1986
                    ISBN0393311627 (ISBN13: 9780393311624)

                    Through a wide range of poetic pieces, Adrienne Rich explores in this collection the intricacies of being white, female,                         lesbian, Jewish, and a U.S. citizen, both at this time of her life and through the lens of her past.

An Atlas of the Difficult World
                    October 17th 1991
                    ISBN0393308316 (ISBN13: 9780393308310)
                    In this, her thirteenth book of verse, the author of "The Dream of a Common Language" and "Snapshots of a Daughter-                        in-Law" writes of war, oppression, the future, death, mystery, love and the magic of poetry.

Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christian
                    February 14th 2015

                    Sanctified is the world's first poetry anthology featuring works exclusively by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Christians.                     "I am excited about this publication because LGBT Christians' voices need to be heard not only in church meetings, city                       councils, and courtrooms, but also in the literary arena. I believe poetry is an intimate, very revealing form of writing, and                     that this anthology speaks deeply to the experience of queer Christians in our world," says editor Justin Cannon.                                   "Sanctified is a powerful, poignant and diverse collection of ideas, thoughts, and especially emotions emanating from                           each poet's gentle, beautiful soul. These wonderfully crafted poems are a touching celebration of the Christian GLBT                           and Searching Community that reflect love, hope, dreams, and a deep, profound faith that inspires. Each poem is a                             spiritual gem that offers the reader a great deal to reflect on whether gay or straight." ~ Bishop Paul Peter Jesep

The Erotic Percipient Mind: Lesbian Theme Poetry and Prose
                    April 18th 2020
                    ISBN1977225632 (ISBN13: 9781977225634)
                    Saralle Ramson's poetic verse features themes of desire and lust while falling in love. The collection opens with "The                           Want of You," a confessional poem in which the narrator shares her desires for another. Poems such as "My Hunger,"                         "We Fall So Hard," and "From a Distance" capture Saralle Ramson's "hopeless romantic[ism]." The Erotic Percipient                           Mind will appeal to readers who enjoy romantic poetry.

The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry
                    January 1st 1980
                    ISBN0877456488 (ISBN13: 9780877456483)

                    This expanded edition features a new essay by Martin that revisits the assumptions of his earlier work and sketches an                       account of American gay male poetry since the 1970s, including an overview of works by Rafael Campo, Mark Doty, and                     Reginald Shepherd. Extending the scope of the original study, Martin's new essay offers a more diverse view of the                             tradition.

Soft Moonlight. A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems
                    February 22nd 2014

                    My second volume of lesbian love poems. These poems are a collection of poems reflecting my life journey in reality and                     in thought and feeling. Passion, love and pain create poems of love as well as any poem of thought and feeling which                         reflects our life journey.

Not Love Alone: A Modern Gay Anthology
                    September 1st 1986
                    ISBN0854490000 (ISBN13: 9780854490004)

TransVerse: Poetry About Being Transgender
                    October 22nd 2018
                    Once upon a time, there was a boy, only he didn’t know he was a boy. He didn’t know what was wrong at first, so he did                       the only thing he knew how—he wrote. And he kept writing as he learned more about himself and his place in the world.                     TransVerse is a broad collection of poems, including haiku, sonnet, acrostic, rhyming, and free verse poetry. The poems                     start at the beginning of the author’s journey before he knew he was transgender, continue through his transition, and                           end at where he is today. This collection of poems offers an unflinchingly honest look into what it’s like to be transgender.                     This book takes the reader by the hand and leads them through the author’s journey from girl to man, showing an                                 intimate look at what it’s like inside a transgender mind.

Books by LGBT poets and poetry in the United States

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[insert] boy
                    December 20th 2014
                    ISBN: 1936919281
                    The next time someone tells you spoken word poets can’t make poems come to life on the page, send them to Danez                         Smith’s [insert] boy, a remarkable debut collection that puts that tired notion to bed once and for all. In these poems,                             Smith opens the reader to a world of desire, longing, and deep mourning that picks up where his brothers Hopkins and                         Whitman left off. 

Brave Poetry: Empowering the Woman, the Ethnic, the Repressed, the Lesbian, the Human Being
                    December 24th 2016

                    Lyon Brave is a contemporary writer and songwriter who has been gaining recognition for her work over the last four                           years. Brave Poetry, is a superior collection of poetry by this artist. The work is not watered down or flowery like most                           poems. This is a powerful collection of poetry that reaches out and grabs the soul. The poetry champions the causes for                     the underdogs and spreads awareness for the worlds greatest repressions, from racial struggles, to lesbian and gay                             issues, to being repressed as a woman. Brave Poetry is not simply a collection of work, it's a battle cry.

Leaves of Grass
                    January 1, 1892
                    asin: B004TOZV48
                    This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for                         free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Living as a Lesbian: Poetry
                    December 1st 1986
                    ISBN0932379125 (ISBN13: 9780932379122)

                    The world is large in LIVING AS A LESBIAN but also personal and intimate. These poems are closely observed and                             finely wrought with Clarke's characteristic charm and wit shining throughout. In 1986, LIVING AS A LESBIAN captured                         the vitality and volatility of the lesbian world; today, in a world both changed and unchanged, Clarke's poems continue to                     illuminate our lives and make new meanings for LIVING AS A LESBIAN.

The World in Us: Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave
                    April 14th 2001
                    ISBN0312273339 (ISBN13: 9780312273330)

                    The first substantial collection of gay/lesbian poetry to be published in over a decade, The World in Us features several                       established voices as well as emerging talents. Marilyn Hacker, J.D. McClatchy, Eileen Myles, Letta Neely, and Mark                           Wunderlich are but a few of the many artists included in this rich, varied, and contemporary anthology.