Books written for LGBT Pride in the United States

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Out of the Closet and Onto the Streets: Gay Pride and the 21st Century
                    April 30th 2013
                    ISBN8857215296 (ISBN13: 9788857215297)

                    The first comprehensive photo documentation of the gay pride movement in New York City from the Stonewall uprising to                     the present day. The Stonewall riots that occurred in New York City in 1969 are frequently cited as the first instance in                         American history when people in the homosexual community fought back against a system that persecuted sexual                               minorities. 


Pride and Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes
                    May 16th 2017
                    ISBN1633535509 (ISBN13: 9781633535503)

                    This book fills the gap for 20 million queer Americans where 90% of the current queer nonfiction titles are predominantly                     by and about white, educated, upper middle class LGBTQ artists and icons, mostly gay men. Global figures, diverse                             representatives, Lesbians, disabled, gender fluid, working class artists, icons and, especially, everyday heroes are left                         out of the portrait. Most collections highlight research and feature dead heroes. Only Tony Kushner s Angels in America:                     A Gay Fantasia on National Themes crossed over into bestseller status, cutting across race, class and sexual orientation                     in its readership.

Pride: The LGBTQ+ Rights Movement: A Photographic Journey
                    October 1st 2019
                    ISBN145493655X (ISBN13: 9781454936558)

                    This celebratory book is the most in-depth visual tribute to the LGBTQ+ pride movement ever created. The story starts in                     the bohemian subculture of post–World War I American cities. Author Christopher Measom next covers the influence of                       World War II, which relocated millions of people to single-sex barracks and factories, encouraging a freedom and                                 anonymity that helped spark the formation of gay communities after the war. 

Passages of Pride
                    December 12th 1991
                    ISBN1555834175 (ISBN13: 9781555834173)

                    The shocking, triumphant true stories of six lesbian and gay American teenagers are chronicled by an award-winning                           journalist. Accompanied by commentary from parents and experts, the simple truths of the lives of these teens will                               devastate and amuse, anger and inspire. Many interviews with other teenagers round out this moving book.

Gay Pride: A Celebration of All Things Gay and Lesbian
                    November 1st 2004
                    ISBN0806525630 (ISBN13: 9780806525631)

                    As if Alexander the Great, the Harlem Renaissance, A Member of the Wedding, and piano bars weren't enough, here are                     the fabulous reasons to celebrate the rich heritage and vast cultural contributions of gays and lesbians. This inspiring,                         joyous book triumphantly commemorates the many ways gays and lesbians have profoundly shaped the face of the                             world's politics, art, literature, music, theatre, cinema, sports, civil rights, and much more. 

LGBT PRIDE: A History of Fighting Prejudice Against Homosexuality
                    October 12th 2017

                    Amongst the emerging hippy culture and in the wake of the assassination of John F Kennedy, members of the LGBT                           community began to feel the need to collect together to protest about the discrimination they were experiencing. As with                       so many large institutions, things started small. Just a handful of protestors turned up for those early gatherings. But                             from small seeds, giant trees grow. Today LGBT Pride is a worldwide institution, attracting people not just from its own                         community. It is both diverse and collective, a loose conglomeration of individual groups coming each putting on their                           own events under one heading.

Mom Knows: Reflections on Love, Gay Pride, and Taking Action
                    June 1st 2012
                    ISBN0985117001 (ISBN13: 9780985117009)

                    Thus began one woman's extraordinary, silence-breaking journey: Catherine Tuerk set out to educate herself and others                     about gay people. She became a leader in PFLAG--Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. She wrote                           articles for varied publications and appeared on many television and radio shows with the aim of dispelling homophobia                       and promoting pride-inspired advocacy. On frequent vacation trips abroad, Catherine and her husband served as pro-                          gay ambassadors, getting to know gay people and their parents in other cultures. 

Passages of Pride
                    November 15th 2010
                    ISBN1609105974 (ISBN13: 9781609105976)

                    This triumphant memoir chronicles the author's teenage suicide attempt and the real beginning of the Gay Liberation                           movement, pre-Stonewall, in 1969 San Francisco, where Mr. Whittington was fired for being gay. It's creative non-fiction,                     written like a novel, with a conservative alter-ego's thoughts inserted to keep it lively. His groundbreaking openly gay                           philosophy-coming out enmasse as a way to enlighten and change the world-leads his comrades to crown him "Gale the                     Liberator."

Pride Parades: How a Parade Changed the World
                    October 4th 2016
                    ISBN1479869546 (ISBN13: 9781479869541)

                    On June 28, 1970, two thousand gay and lesbian activists in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago paraded down the                           streets of their cities in a new kind of social protest, one marked by celebration, fun, and unashamed declaration of a                           stigmatized identity. Forty-five years later, over six million people annually participate in 115 Pride parades across the                           United States. They march with church congregations and college gay-straight alliance groups, perform dance routines                       and marching band numbers, and gather with friends to cheer from the sidelines.

Gay Pride Paradise: Photo Book of Gay Pride. Beauty Sexy Carnival
                    March 4th 2017

                    This ebook contains Photo Book of Gay Pride. Beauty Sexy Carnival.

PRIDE: Fifty Years of Parades and Protests from the Photo Archives of the New York Times
                    May 21st 2019
                    ISBN1419737929 (ISBN13: 9781419737923)

                    It began in New York City on June 28, 1969. When police raided the Stonewall Inn—a bar in the Greenwich Village                               neighborhood, known as a safe haven for gay men—violent demonstrations and protests broke out in response. The                           Stonewall Riots, as they would come to be known, were the first spark in the wildfire that would become the LGBTQ                             rights revolution. Fifty years later, the LGBTQ community and its supporters continue to gather every June to                                       commemorate this historic event. Here, collected for the first time by The New York Times, is a powerful visual history of                     five decades of parades and protests of the LGBTQ rights movement. These photos, paired with descriptions of major                         events from each decade as well as selected reporting from The Times, showcase the victories, setbacks, and ongoing                       struggles for the LGBTQ community.

Into the Light: Photographs of the NYC Gay Pride Day from the 70s Till Today
                    March 10th 2018
                    ISBN3959852754 (ISBN13: 9783959852753)

                    Into the Light" is the title of Stanley Stellar's magnus opum: a history of the New York Pride Parade from the 1970s until                       today. The Brooklyn-born photographer (who belongs to the same generation as Robert Mapplethorpe) is a chronicler of                     the city that never sleeps, and so it seems his camera neither rested a single moment. As art collector and museum                             founder Charles Leslie put it, Stellar is a living witness to the urban drama which spanned the years from 1969 to the                           present and his imagery reconfirms the centrality, in spite of everything, of eternal male beauty.

Pride: Photographs after Stonewall
                    May 7th 2019
                     Fifty years ago this spring, the Stonewall uprising occurred in Greenwich Village—an event that marked the coming-out                       of New York’s gay community and a refusal by gays to accept underground status that was as important in its way as the                     Montgomery bus boycott was to the civil rights movement. As a direct outcome of Stonewall, gay pride marches were                           held in 1970 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World
                    May 21st 2019
                    ISBN0062571702 (ISBN13: 9780062571700)

                    Meet the leaders and activists on the front lines of the LGBTQ movement, from the 1960’s to the present, through                                 stunning interviews and compelling black and white photographs compiled and presented by OUTWORDS, a nonprofit                         dedicated to preserving the stories of LGBTQ people. The 75 individuals featured in THE BOOK OF PRIDE—including                       marriage pioneer Evan Wolfson, trans icon Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Stonewall-era rabblerouser Mark Segal and                                 legendary anti-DADT activist Grethe Cammermeyer—fought battles frequently under the threat of violence and                                     persecution.

The Little Book of Pride: The History, the People, the Parades
                    May 12th 2020
                    ISBN1912983168 (ISBN13: 9781912983162)

                    What began as a protest for gay rights following the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York has grown to become a global                       celebration of LGBTQ culture. In the 50-odd years since the original protest, and what is now widely accepted to be the                       first Pride march—Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1970—Pride events are now attended by millions each year,                               celebrating how far we’ve come, recognizing where we have to go, and highlighting important causes in the queer                               community. The Little Book of Pride proves that size definitely doesn't matter by squeezing everything you need to know                     about Pride into 144 pages. Inside, you will find the history, the key people involved, the best Pride events around the                           world, inspirational quotes from famous queers, Pride facts, and a fun Pride survival guide.

Pride: From Stonewall to the Present
                    April 2nd 2019
                    ISBN0233005862 (ISBN13: 9780233005867)

                    In June 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. Pride charts that historic event, the rioting that                     followed, the radicalization and organization of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide, and the activism that has taken place                     in the 50 years since. It documents the milestones in the fight for equality between genders and sexualities, from early                         victories, to the gradual acceptance of LGBTQ+ people, to the passing of legislation barring discrimination.