Making Gay Relationships Work: A Handbook for Male Couples
                    October 18th 1990
                    ISBN 0948982055 

Upgrade Your Relationship for gay girls
                    November 21st 2012
                    ISBN B00AAZSYSU

                    Do you want short answers to long relationship questions? Have you and your girlfriend lost touch, do you feel like most                     relationship books don't really speak to you personally? Predominantly for gay girl couples and singles, this book is one                     of a kind and can give you a wealth of information in under an hour so you actually have time to get out there and start                     using it!

Permanent Partners: Building Gay & Lesbian Relationships That Last
                    October 5th, 2004
                    ISBN 0452286212 (ISBN13: 9780452286214)
                    A timely and authoritative guide to creating healthy, lasting partnerships, by an author who draws upon more than 15                     years of professional experience counseling lesbians and gay men.

Lasting Love At Last: The Gay Guide to Relationships
                    February 27th 2018
                    ISBN 1683092228 (ISBN13: 9781683092223)

                    At last, gay love is here to stay. In the era of mobile apps, the gay dating census (aka #BaeBuffet) is literally in the palm                     of your hands. But how do you sift through all the digital smoke and glitter to find a heart of gold? Enter certified                     matchmaker and love coach, Amari Ice, and his twelve-step RELATIONSHIP Process. In Lasting Love at Last, Amari Ice,                     the gay relationship guru, will show you: How to attract lasting love in as little as ten weeks, How to recognize and                     neutralize what’s sabotaged your past relationships, The reason most relationships fail, The difference between not                     being ready for a relationship and being scared of commitment, What you actually need from a partner in order to be                     happy, How to guarantee you only invest in someone worth your time, energy, and love.

Modern Brides & Modern Grooms
                    November 4th, 2014
                    isbn: 1629145831
                    isbn13: 9781629145839
                    How to make any wedding liberating, brave, and sexy. This post-DOMA book is for any couple—same or opposite sex                         seeking a personalized wedding that dignifies the relationship and the individual self. No “new normal” here—this guide                     emboldens you to harness your unique, brazen, queer truth; to be creative; and to plan your wedding your way. As a                     psychotherapist, O’Connell offers ideas to bridge relational gaps with your partner, family, and friends. As a professional                     actor, he also offers insight into the ways your wedding is a theatrical production: how this can help you to conceptualize                     the event, consolidate your efforts, and increase creative collaboration as a couple. This will serve you not only on the                     day, but also for the rest of your time together.

Intimacy Between Men: How to Find and Keep Gay Love Relationships
                    November 30th 1990
                    ISBN 0452266963 (ISBN13: 9780452266964)

                    More and More gay men are seeking to establish exclusive and enduring relationships but find themselves blocked by                     an inabillity to achieve intimacy. This insightful, supportive book is for all of them.

Get Closer: A Gay Men's Guide to Intimacy and Relationships, 2nd Edition
                    November 25th 2012
                    ISBN B00ADPGC2M

                    Each relationship is as individual as the men who are involved. Rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to                     relationship success, Dr. Jeffrey Chernin helps each of us to acquire a better understanding of ourselves and how we                     engage in intimate relationships. In this warm and compassionate guide, Chernin helps us answer the questions we long                     to answer

Together forever? The gay guide to good relationships
                    January 1st 1995
                    ISBN 0330336886 (ISBN13: 9780330336888)


Bringing Perfect Back: The Gay Man's Relationship Guide to Finding His Perfect Partner
                    October 18th 2008
                    ISBN 1439214239 (ISBN13: 9781439214237)

                    At a time when what a gay male relationship is and can be is radically changing, Bringing Perfect Back offers a                     refreshing and personable look at everything facing the modern gay man, whether he's searching for a partner or                     committed to one. From the early stages of how to present himself and how to know what will work for him, to taking                     sensible advantage of the Internet as well as the world at large as he ventures out into the serious romance market,                     Bringing Perfect Back walk him through the beginnings with solid counsel and down-to-earth humor. Then, all the major                     and minor snags of the gay relationship in action get a thorough going-over. From wrangling over bills, old boyfriends,                     sexual passions lessening, down to the bare bones of surviving infidelity and opting for marriage. 

Gay Dating: the gay man's guide to finding a relationship
                    November 18th 2010
                    ISBN B004CYF6LI

                    The essential read for every gay man from Dating Coach and founder of Urban Connections dating site, Jaye Sassieni.                     Finally, a straight-forward, helpful guide for gay men who are looking for love. As well as examining how and where to                     find your Mr Right, this book asks what is stopping you from finding a suitable partner? Subconscious, self-imposed                     barriers such as lack of confidence, an impossible search for perfection or destructive patterns are identified and dealt                     with through self analysis of your beliefs, attitudes and body language. This positive and inspiring book will leave you                     feeling clearer about your relationship goals and how to achieve them.

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships
                    May 1st, 2007
                    ISBN 157344295X (ISBN13: 9781573442954)
                    Relationship expert and bestselling author Tristan Taormino offers a bold new strategy for creating loving, lasting                     relationships. Drawing on in-depth interviews with over a hundred women and men, Opening Up explores the real-life                     benefits and challenges of all styles of open relationships -- from partnered non-monogamy to solo polyamory. With her                     refreshingly down-to-earth style and sharp wit, Taormino offers solutions for making an open relationship work, including                     tips on dealing with jealousy, negotiating boundaries, finding community, parenting and time management. Opening Up                     will change the way you think about intimacy.

Gay Advice & Tips for love & Relationships
                    May 27th 2017
                    Quick tips and tricks on the game of dating and relationships. Read up on how to find a boyfriend, be a better husband,                     and why it's important to love yourself first; before starting anything serious. This book is filled with knowledge and                     experience. Eye popping color to strike interest. Exclusive in sight on the LGBT community lifestyle. Blow for blow you                     will gag at how much detail is put in this book. Don't be the one to miss out on a good man.

Happy Gay Marriage & Successful Gay Dating: The ultimate guide & relationship advice for the married, coupled up and singletons 
                    November 29th 2018
                    ISBN B07L18CQF1

                    From the founder of Seventy Thirty the first exclusive matchmaking company with relationship psychology at its core,                     and Lemarc Thomas psychologist and gay relationship expert, comes this intelligent and insightful book; the ultimate                     guide and relationship advice for the married, coupled up and singletons. From the book “Self-assuredness is something                     that is very attractive to most gay men. If one is stressed about their sexuality or about being gay, this can be a turn-off.                     Being comfortable with yourself is a sign of security and wellbeing, which is appealing.” And “When there was a bone of                     contention, gay and lesbian couples tended to throw in a bit of humour and affection to defuse the situation.”

Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships
                    January 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 1587900157 (ISBN13: 9781587900150)
                    Don't let the title fool you. this IS a serious, thoughtful (and thought-provoking) comprehensive introduction to, and                     examination of, a much misunderstood and misused practice. But more than that, it is a witty, provocative, damn fine                     read, with as much to offer to the faithfully monogamous as to those looking for a bit more out of life, love and                                       relationships. Go on. Dive in. Wendy-O tackles a touchy subject with clarity and creativity. She is wise beyond her years.                     This guide teaches you how you can have it all. I gave the jealousy tips to my lover immediately.

Best Date Ever: True Stories That Celebrate Gay Relationships
                    April 1st 2007
                    ISBN 0918393337 (ISBN13: 9780918393333)

                    Whether it’s a first date or a tenth, dinner in or dancing out, here is a new and fresh spin on the dating world, illustrating                     the time-honored tradition of romance.

Love in the Time of HIV: The Gay Man's Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships
                    July 16th 2003
                    ISBN 1572308435 (ISBN13: 9781572308435)

                    The facts of life have never been more complicated for gay men. While the threat of AIDS has been diminished by new                     treatments and longer life expectancy, HIV remains a serious and intractable foe. In this affirming guide, therapist                     Michael Mancilla, himself HIV-positive, helps fellow gay men, both single and partnered, pursue the happy and fulfilling                     love life they deserve. Readers will find advice on everything from meeting Mr. Right and talking about HIV status to                     building the long-term relationships that many never expected to have. Candid first-hand accounts reveal how others in                     the community are negotiating safer sex, overcoming legal and financial hurdles to plan for the future, learning to accept                     care as well as give it, and crafting the kinds of intimate relationships they want, whether that means casual sex, dating,                     or permanent commitment. Smart, honest, and insightful, this book is written from the heart.

More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory
                    September 2nd, 2014
                    ISBN 0991399706 (ISBN13: 9780991399703)
                    Can you love more than one person? Have multiple romantic partners, without jealousy or cheating? Absolutely!                     Polyamorous people have been paving the way, through trial and painful error. Now the new book More Than Two can                     help you find your own way. With completely new material and a fresh approach, Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert wrote                     More Than Two to expand on and update the themes and ideas in the wildly popular polyamory website                                From partners, authors and practicing polyamorists Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert comes the long-                    awaited, wide-ranging resource exploring the often-complex world of living polyamorously.

The Lesbian Couples Guide
                    May 12th, 1995
                    ISBN 0060950218 (ISBN13: 9780060950217)

                    A complete guide to lesbian relationships that explores both the practical and emotional dimensions of being a lesbian                     couple in today’s society.


One Gay Man's Anxious Relationship Patterns
                    January 18th 2015
                    ISBN 1507609639 (ISBN13: 9781507609637)

                    One Gay Man's Anxious Relationship Patterns" is the author's true story of Anxious Attachment. Bo Sebastian                                       documents many relationships from childhood to adulthood, showing the diverse ways attachment disorder can affect                     even a spiritual teacher and life coach of twenty-five years. Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attachment                     Disorder can elude even the most diligent mind. From a rocky beginning of sexual abuse and one parent's departure, Bo                     began building unstable relationships. Many years of therapy and fights with God and religion brought about the needed                     change and power to deal with the insecure feelings of old and grasp hold of a new paradigm of healthy relationship,                     using the tools of spirituality, therapy, and attachment theory. Bo ultimately learns that relationship never brings                     happiness, unless all of the attachment wounds of the past have been met with compassion.

Grand Prize, Lookin' For A Winner a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color
                    September 28th 2008
                    ISBN 9780979909540

                    Grand Prize Lookin for a Winner is the first dating/relationship guide exclusively designed for Same-Gender Loving/Gay                     Men of Color. The book attempts and succeeds in guiding those who consider themselves to be relationship-oriented                     through a successful dating process. Throughout the conversation, words are used that are prominent to Black/Hispanic                     cultures. In defining and identifying three components of dating, Physical Attraction, Chemistry and Compatibility, a                     brotha is in a better position to know what he wants in another brotha. Grand Prize also looks at a dating alternative                     "Polisivity" (a poly-amorous relationship) and gives dating tips, along with food for thought. The conversation briefly                     touches on dating married men.

Sex vs. Love: The Ultimate Showdown
                    November 2nd 2009
                    ISBN 1439259763 (ISBN13: 9781439259764)

                    Meet the Champions.... In this corner, in the red satin trunks, Sex. Primal, strong, quick on his feet and with one scary                     right hook. Sex is a tough customer. Used to coming out on top, full of surprises, Sex has a long record of throwing                     curves at the most powerful of opponents and walking away with the title belt. In the opposite corner - in the white trunks                     with the hearts - stands Love. No welterweight, Love, he's been known to bring kings to their knees. More mighty a force                     than a tsunami, Love is famous for knocking just about anybody who crosses his path for a loop. Two fantastic                     combatants. Let the match begin. Well, it's already begun. For thousands of years, and it's a battle that's been played                     out, not in a ring, but in all our lives. 

Friendship, Dating, and Relationships
                    January 15th 2010
                    ISBN 0151574596 (ISBN13: 9780151574599)

                    Dating and relationships are important parts of the teen years. GLBT teens may have questions about these topics that                     are different from their straight counterparts. This book explores GLBT teens' relationships with themselves, their friends,                     and the people they date. Issues such as getting over a breakup, dating and online safety, safe sex, and coming out to                     one's friends are presented in a comprehensive, engaging manner.

Beyond Loving: Intimate Racework in Lesbian, Gay, and Straight Interracial Relationships
                    August 21st 2012
                    ISBN 019974355X (ISBN13: 9780199743551)

                    Beyond Loving provides a critical examination of interracial intimacy in the beginning decades of the twenty-first century-                    an era rife with racial contradictions, where interracial relationships are increasingly seen as symbols of racial progress                     even as old stereotypes about illicit eroticism persist. Drawing on extensive qualitative research, Amy Steinbugler                                 examines the racial dynamics of everyday life for lesbian, gay, and heterosexual Black/White couples. She disputes the                     notion that interracial partners are enlightened subjects who have somehow managed to "get beyond" race. Instead, for                     many partners, interracial intimacy represents not the end, but the beginning of a sustained process of negotiating racial                     differences. Her research reveals the ordinary challenges that partners frequently face and the myriad ways that race                     shapes their interactions with each other as well as with neighbors, family members, co-workers and strangers. 

Polyamory in the 21st Century: Love and Intimacy with Multiple Partners
                    July 16th, 2010
                    ISBN 1442200219 (ISBN13: 9781442200210)
                    Unlike other books on this topic, Polyamory in the 21st Century weaves together research and facts to provide an                     informed and impartial analysis of polyamory as a lifestyle and as a movement, and to place it in a psychosocial as well                     as an historical context. Anecdotes and personal experiences allow the reader to develop a better understanding of                     polyamory and the people who practice and enjoy it. Anapol addresses the practical, the utopian, and the shadow sides                     of this intriguing, mysterious, yet often threatening lifestyle. It honestly addresses difficult issues such as the nature of                     commitment without exclusivity, balancing personal needs with loyalty to a partner, evaluating beliefs about love and                     relationship, the impact of polyamory on children, and the challenges that arise when one partner wants monogamy, and                     another prefers polyamory. 

From This Day Forward: Commitment, Marriage, and Family in Lesbian and Gay Relationships
                    December 1st 1998
                    ISBN 031222964X (ISBN13: 9780312229641)

                    Based on interviews, this book presents an up-to-date look at gay and lesbian lifestyles and shows the complexity of                     their communities.

The Super Gay Book: Dating For Gay Girlfriends and Gay Boyfriends
                    March 4th 2014
                    ISBN B00IT2GHAS

                    Are you new to the gay dating scene and have no idea where to begin? Are you having a hard time finding a super                               partner to go out and have a great time with? This book will delve into what the issues and problems are that can stand                     in your way to finding the perfect partner. Find out where to look, how to approach anyone you are interested in and then                     seal the deal! This book will help even if you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Download this book NOW to                     find out: Where to find other gay people in your community How to find out if someone you are interested in is gay Fun                     date ideas Extra things to make your date feel special How to find the perfect super gay partner! Download this book                     TODAY and begin your journey to a more enjoyable and satisfying gay dating experience!

Just Good Friends: Towards a Lesbian and Gay Theology of Relationships
                    May 1st 1995
ISBN 026467328X (ISBN13: 9780264673288)
                     Friendship is the most appropriate model for relationships of sexual intimacy, both for heterosexual and gay and lesbian                     relationships. Elizabeth Stuart reflects upon the experience of lesbian and gay relationships and challenges the tendency                     to see the issues as clear-cut.

Married And Gay: An Intimate Look At A Different Relationship
                    January 1st 1982
                    ISBN 0151574596 (ISBN13: 9780151574599)

                    An early look at the controversial issue of gay men and lesbians marrying.

Gay Men's Guide to Love and Relationships
                    October 26th 2012
                    ISBN B009XW0QXW

                    Gay men have often been perceived as "damaged goods" and therefore often act out in self-abusive ways by choosing                     inappropriate or unavailable men to date or befriend. This book helps identify personality characteristics or behaviors                     that get in the way of successful relationships. There is a need for all of us to take responsibility for what we bring to the                     relationship, and be totally conscious of what the other man also brings to the relationship. This book addresses the                     struggle that gay men have to just find safety in home, employment and relationships. It also focuses on the different                     needs gay men have, as individuals and as a group. So this book is about working at being conscious; conscious of our                     own behavior and needs, and conscious of other's behavior and needs.

Gay Men's Relationships Across the Life Course
                    June 14th 2013
                    ISBN 0230244122 (ISBN13: 9780230244122)

                    Gay Men's Relationships Across the Life Course examines the life stories of a rich, diverse sample of gay men from nine                     major international cities. Their relationship stories throw light on gay communities in Auckland, Melbourneand Sydney,                     as well as those in Hong Kong, London and Mumbai, Los Angeles, Manchester and New York, comparing old,                     established patterns of gay life with new, emerging patterns of, for example, fatherhood, friendship, and marriage. This                     book examines the propensity of gay men first, to conform to existing, mostly heterosexual patterns of relationships and                     second, to create relationships that more closely suit their circumstances and needs.

One Big Happy Family: 18 Writers Talk About Polyamory, Open Adoption, Mixed Marriage, Househusbandry, Single Motherhood, and Other Realities of Truly Modern Love
                    January 17th, 2009
                    ISBN 1594488622 (ISBN13: 9781594488627)
                    Edited by bestselling author Rebecca Walker, this anthology invites us to step into the center of a range of different                     domestic arrangements and take a good look around. From gay adoption to absentee fathers, from open marriages to                     green-card marriages, the reality of the American household has altered dramatically over the last three decades. With                     changing values and expectations, fluid gender roles, and a shifting economy, along with increase in infertility, adoption,                     and the incidence of mixed-race couples, people across the country are redefining the standard arrangement of family                     life. 

Centering and the Art of Intimacy: A New Psychology of Close Relationships
                    March 8th 1993
                    ISBN 0671767194 (ISBN13: 9780671767198)

                    With this enlightening book, readers can conquer the most common obstacles to satisfying love--the twin fears of                     aloneness and closeness. The keys to surmounting these fears lie in developing awareness, honesty and commitment.                     The authors offer activities and exercises to help readers develop these relationship skills.

Gay and Lesbian Couples: Voices from Lasting Relationships
                    November 25th 1997
                    ISBN 0275958477 (ISBN13: 9780275958473)

                    The voices in this book come from the stories of gay and lesbian partners who talk about their struggles over the years in                     building a life together. The stories reach beyond the obvious realities of sexual orientation to speak to the joys, sorrows,                     hopes, and fears of human beings who are committed to making their relationships work. Based on a life-span                     perspective, in-depth interviews of people whose relationships have lasted more than 15 years explored how partners                     adapted over the years. Each interview consisted of questions that focused upon dimensions of these relationships over                     time from the unique perspective of each partner. They were asked about conflict over the years, decision-making styles,                     ways of working out roles, the importance of social supports, and sexual and psychological intimacy.

The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men: Practical Advice from the Gay Matchmaker
                    February 1st 2008
                    ISBN 1593500491 (ISBN13: 9781593500498)

                    How does a single gay guy find his way to a right, lasting relationship? Our dating expert shares authentic sagas straight                     (so to speak) from his client’s experiences to illuminate his seven principles, developed to help navigate today’s dating                     challenges. From numerous tips and amazing but true anecdotes to fun-filled facts about where the boys are, readers                     will escape the dating minefields and find relationship success.

Keeping Mr. Right: The Gay Man's Guide to Lasting Relationships
                    June 1st 2004
                    ISBN 1555838006 (ISBN13: 9781555838003)

                    Dr. Kenneth George helped countless gay men find long--lasting love. But now that they’ve found it, what do they do? In                     this comprehensive follow-up book, Dr. George offers, in the same warm and wise manner, guidelines for gay men on                     forming successful male couples. Included in this book are tips on: Negotiating changes rather than living with annoying                     differences. Defining your relationship with a “job description.” Resolving conflicts rather than walking away. Maintaining                     your friendship within the context of your partnership. Having a great sex life. Developing a willingness to continue                     working on the relationship.

Gay Astrology: The Complete Relationship Guide for Gay Men
                    June 1st 2001
                    ISBN 0446677396 (ISBN13: 9780446677394)

                    From dating to mating and scoring to snoring, this down-to-earth astrologicalguide offers heaven-sent advice on finding                     love in today's gay world.

Love Between Men: Enhancing Intimacy and Resolving Conflicts in Gay Relationships
                    June 28th 2016
​                     Read Love Between Men if you’d like to improve your relationship and communicate better with your boyfriend, lover, or                     even your next date! You’ll learn how to resolve conflicts instead of escalating or retaliating, enhancing the sense of                     intimacy and love that brought you together in the first place.

Helping Gay Men Find Love: Tips for Guys on Dating and Beginning a Healthy Relationship
                    September 18th 2017
                    ISBN 154656019X (ISBN13: 9781546560197)

                    Navigating the complex dating world is difficult, but finding a life partner is particularly challenging for gay men. On the                     surface alone, the pool of options is significantly smaller, and potential matches can be hard to spot. But psychology also                     plays an important role. Growing up as a sexual minority often leads to insecurities and developmental issues particular                     to gay men, and these create roadblocks when attempting to build a healthy relationship.

Feathering Your Nest: An Interactive Guide to a Loving Lesbian Relationship
                    August 23rd, 1996
                    ISBN 188306113X (ISBN13: 9781883061135)

                    An interactive workbook providing lesbian couples with effective ways to build and support their relationships.

Dynamic Duos: The Alpha/Beta Key to Unlocking Success in Gay Relationships
                    July 1st 2008
ISBN 159350067X (ISBN13: 9781593500672)
                     Forget everything you've ever been told about gay dating. In this revolutionary approach to finding and keeping love,                     psychotherapist Keith W. Swain shows you how to open the door to a new world of hidden gay men, one of whom is your                     Mr. Right. The key is the "Alpha" vs. "Beta" style, counter-balancing traits necessary for success. Test yourself to see                     which one you are and what your perfect partner will be.Behind its amusing framework of superheroes, "Dynamic Duos"                     gives science-based answers that explain why you've been looking for love in all the wrong places. Based on new data                     from the National Survey of Male Relationships, Swain zeroes in on the strategies that will work for you, spells out the                     eight early indicators of a gay couple on their way to a successful lifelong marriage, and demonstrates how to write the                     perfect personal ad to attract your type.

Till Death Do Us Part: A Look Inside Long-Term Gay Relationships
                    March 30th 2009
ISBN 1440132356 (ISBN13: 9781440132353)
​                      As a gay youth, author Holland Cedric Peyton sought role models for long-term relationships, but found that                                         contemporary society offered only heterosexual examples. As an adult, Peyton embarked on an ambitious research                     project to locate and interview long-time homosexual partners. In this book, he presents their stories, ideas, and advice                     regarding love and maintaining a positive, long-term relationship. Peyton interviewed ten male couples who have been                     together for a minimum of thirty to more than forty years. In each section, you'll get to know the couples, how they met,                     and how they achieved longevity in their relationships. Perhaps most importantly, each couple provides insight by                     answering an extensive series of questions, covering topics from self-perception, family, love, religion, and friendships, to                     tolerance, celebrations, and children.

Books on LGBT relationships in the United States

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The Intimacy Dance: A Guide to Long-Term Success in Gay and Lesbian Relationships
                    September 1st 1997
ISBN 0452277477 (ISBN13: 9780452277472)
​                      A book for gays and lesbians in relationships of three years or longer addresses such issues as identities merging, sex                     waning, the inability to resolve conflicts, and the inability to communicate among others.

Love Tips & Trips for Gay & Lesbian Relationships: Useful for Heterosexuals
                    December 18th 2006
                    ISBN 1425983960 (ISBN13: 9781425983963)

                    Love Tips and Trips is a refreshing guide for gay men and lesbians who are currently in, or searching for, love. Michele                         'Mara presents a concrete roadmap to help gay men and women make sense of the relationships they are in, to find the                       relationships they want, and to evaluate which relationships are worth pursuing and keeping, and which are not. In Love                     Tips and Trips, Michele O'Mara, award-winning therapist and Author of Ask Me! 728 Questions for Heterosexual and Gay                     Couples will help you create a meaningful relationship that starts with you! Whether you are single, partnered,                                       contemplating a relationship or a separation, this eye-opening guide paves the way for your success.

Break Up or Break Through: A Spiritual Guide to Richer Gay and Lesbian Relationships
                    December 1st 2008
                    ISBN 1593500920 (ISBN13: 9781593500924)

                    Psychotherapist Dina Bachelor Evan claims that 98 percent of the couples who come to her for counseling stay together,                     giving credence to the advice she offers in Break Up or Break Through. Written specifically for a gay and lesbian                     audience, its rules for good relationships evoke universal self-help themes, such as respecting boundaries, overcoming                     personal limitations, and creating intimacy. With its breathing exercises, “Spiritual Relationship Personal Inventory” tests,                     and upbeat chakra-talk, this volume should appeal to New Age couples, gay or straight.

Gay Relationships: The Essential Guide
                    February 7th 2013
                    ISBN B00BD6QFK4

                    This guide to gay relationships focuses on the issues that specially affect gay men. It begins with meeting the right guy                     and the challenge of coming out, which is still such a big issue in our society. It explains your rights as a gay man and                     how you should deal with discrimination in your daily life, at school and at work. It puts the perils of STIs into perspective                     and explains how gay men can protect themselves. It examines the differences between simply living together and civil                     partnership and looks at the various ways gay men can have children.

Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits: Secrets of Sustainable Intimate Relationships
                    June 1st, 1997
                    ISBN 1880789086 (ISBN13: 9781880789087)

Gay Relationships
                    October 13th 1987
ISBN 0918393337 (ISBN13: 9780918393333)

                    A book certain to appeal to many readers. Experts discuss the intricacies of maintaining a positive affirming relationship.                     Entire sections of this large and impressive 300-page anthology cover the gamut of gay relationships, including what can                     go right--or what can go wrong, where to look for lovers, what it takes to maintain a gay relationship, how to solve                     problems in a relationship, difficulties in role expectations, depression, excessive drinking, and much more.

Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage
                    May 27th, 2008
                    ISBN 158005241X (ISBN13: 9781580052412)
                    Jenny Block is your average girl next door, a suburban wife and mother for whom married life never felt quite right. She                     operates from the assumption that most couples who are curious about or engaged in open marriages are in fact more                     like hernormal people who question whether monogamy is right for them; good people who love their spouses but want                     variation; capable parents who are not deviant just because they choose to be honest about their desires. In Open, Block                     paints a down to earth picture of how an open marriage can work, and specifically why it works for her and her husband.

Ask Me!: 728 Questions for Heterosexual and Gay Couples
                    November 1st 2005
                    ISBN 1425901247 (ISBN13: 9781425901240)

                    When WAS the last time you were curious about someone? Boost your curiosity and fuel your desire with Ask Me Are                     you asking the right questions before you commit to a lifetime with someone? Ask Me has some questions for you                     Whether you just met someone today, you've recently committed to a relationship, or you have settled into a life                     together, Ask Me is a fantastic companion for your relationship. Put this book in your glove box; bring it along when you                     vacation, or tuck it in your bedside table so you are always prepared for meaningful conversation with your partner Do                     you think you know the answers to these questions about your partner? Are you okay with your partner flirting with                     others? Explain. What are your expectations of your partner on your birthday and your anniversary? Describe yourself as                     a child. Use at least five adjectives. What body part do you consider the biggest turn on?

Finding a Lover for Life: A Gay Man's Guide to Finding a Lasting Relationship
                    December 28th 2001
                    ISBN 1560233567 (ISBN13: 9781560233565)

                    Develop healthy, lasting relationships!Here is a terrific dating guide for single gay and bisexual men. This insightful book                     provides a proven strategy for creating a satisfying dating life and finding a partner who is right for you! It integrates                     theory and practice to help you create and develop healthy relationships, guiding you through the process of dating and                     relationship formation. Finding a Lover for Life comes complete with thought-provoking worksheets that challenge myths,                     false beliefs, and incorrect assumptions about gay/bi men, dating, and relationships. Finding a Lover for Life will save                           you a great deal of time and frustration in developing dating skills.

Gay Relationships for Men and Women: How to Find Them, How to Improve Them, How to Make Them Last
                    May 1st 1989
                    ISBN 0874775663 (ISBN13: 9780874775662)

                    Here is a step-by-step guide to making relationships work for America's more than twenty million gay men and women.                     Written in a warm, direct style, this book is leavened with humor and filled with anecdotes and examples drawn from the                     lives of the author's clients and friends.

Moving on: The Gay Man's Guide for Coping When a Relationship Ends
                    January 1st 1999
                    ISBN 1575663783 (ISBN13: 9781575663784)

                    A guide to the legal, social, spiritual, personal, political, and sexual issues of overcoming the break-up of a loving                     partnership.