The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways
                    October 1st, 2006
                    ISBN 155583650X (ISBN13: 9781555836504)
                    Double your chances for a date this weekend with the ultimate handbook. Organized by experience level, this no-holds-                    barred, irreverent guide is for anyone—bisexual, queer, pansexual, or none of the above—who wants the best of both                     worlds. Increase your Bi-Q now!

So, You Want to Be a Lesbian?
                    July 15th, 1996
                    ISBN 0312144237 (ISBN13: 9780312144234)
                    So, you’ve heard that lesbians are chic, hot, and the “next big thing” but you still wonder what is all the fuss about a                     Middle Eastern country? Well, So You Want to Be a Lesbian? Is here to rescue America from its confusion. It is the                     essential travel guide to the Sapphic landscape, illustrating key terms, “coming out” (how to do it without having your                     aunt collapse in the strudel), and much more. A mix of history, culture, little-known facts about the lesbian nation (hint:                     don’t look for it in an atlas), and dating tips for the confirmed, the soon-to-be-out, and just plain-curious, So You Want to                     Be a Lesbian? Answers the essential questions, pokes fun at lesbian tradition, and provides a road map of where                     lesbians a road map of where lesbians are heading for the millennium (we’ve got news for you: it’s not Kansas).

The Transgender Men’s Guide to Life: Coming Out and Socially Transitioning Towards Your True Gender
                    January 1, 2014
                    ASIN B00O3126IG

                    In Coming Out and Socially Transitioning we will discuss the thoughts, feelings, and worries you may have when first                     telling other people you’re a transgender man and making other non-medical changes that project your malehood                     publicly. If you know transitioning is right for you, we want you to do it and reap the benefits of living authentically.

The Pride Guide
                    April 6th, 2018
                    ISBN 1538110768 (ISBN13: 9781538110768)

                    Sex education materials meant to explain important basics to kids are too-often not written with an empathic                                         understanding of what those basics are. This is particularly obvious regarding books that include LGBTQ identities. Even                     when they do hit the mark, many have a limited scope and don't take into account the practical realities of developing                     sexuality. The Pride Guide is written explicitly for the almost ten percent of teenagers who identify as gay, lesbian,                     bisexual, trans, or any of the unique identities that are not heterosexual/ cisgendered. It explores sex, dating,                                       relationships, puberty, and both physical and online safety in one resource. The issue, today, is not whether or not queer                     youth will get sex education. The issue is how and where they will gather information and whether or not the information,                     they gather with be applicable, unreliable, or exploitative. 

This Book is Gay
                    September 4th, 2014
                    ISBN 1471403955 (ISBN13: 9781471403958)

                    There's a long-running joke that, after "coming out," a lesbian, gay guy, bisexual, or trans person should receive a                     membership card and instruction manual. THIS IS THAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL. You're welcome. Inside you'll find the                     answers to all the questions you ever wanted to ask: from sex to politics, hooking up to stereotypes, coming out and                     more. This candid, funny, and uncensored exploration of sexuality and what it's like to grow up LGBT also includes real                     stories from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, not to mention hilarious illustrations.

My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely
                    December 18th, 1997
                    ISBN 0415916739 (ISBN13: 9780415916738)
                    Kate Bornstein brings theory down to Earth and provides a practical guide to living with or without a gender. The                     workbook includes quizzes and exercises that determine how much of a man or woman you are and gives you the tools                     to reach whatever point you desire on the gender continuum. If you don’t think you are transgendered when you sit down                     to read this book, you will be by the time you finish it!

Young, Gay and Proud!
                    April 1st, 1985
                    ISBN 0932870015 (ISBN13: 9780932870018)

                    This resource book helps young people deal with questions like: Am I really gay? Am I the only one? What would my                     friends think if I told them? Should I tell my parents?

The Voice Book for Trans and Non-Binary People: A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Authentic Voice and Communication
                    May 18th, 2017
                    ASIN B01N2VQZGD

                    Written by two specialist speech and language therapists, this book explains how voice and communication therapy can                     help transgender and non-binary people to find their authentic voice. It gives a thorough account of the process, from                     understanding the vocal mechanism through to assimilating new vocal skills and new vocal identity into everyday                     situations, and includes exercises to change pitch, resonance and intonation. Each chapter features insider accounts                     from trans and gender diverse individuals who have explored or are exploring voice and communication related to their                     gender expression, describing key aspects of their experience of creating and maintaining a voice that feels true to them.

The Art of Meeting Women: A Guide for Gay Women
                    February 1st, 1998
                    ISBN 0966069803 (ISBN13: 9780966069808)
                    How to meet compatible gay women for friendship and romance. The book contains a powerful self-help program that                     begins with guided personal reflection and effective self-esteem boosting and then moves on to the inside knowledge of                     where the women are and proven strategies for connecting through enhanced social skills.

Modern Brides & Modern Grooms
                    November 4th, 2014
                    isbn: 1629145831
                    isbn13: 9781629145839
                    How to make any wedding liberating, brave, and sexy. This post-DOMA book is for any couple—same or opposite sex                         seeking a personalized wedding that dignifies the relationship and the individual self. No “new normal” here—this guide                     emboldens you to harness your unique, brazen, queer truth; to be creative; and to plan your wedding your way.

Ask a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls
                    February 2nd, 2016
                    ISBN 0147516781 (ISBN13: 9780147516787)

                    Ask a Queer Chick is a guide to sex, love, and life for lesbian, gay, bi, and queer women. Based on the long-running and                     popular advice column for The Hairpin, but featuring entirely new content, Ask a Queer Chick cuts through all of the                     bizarre conditioning imparted by parents, romantic comedies, and The L Word to help queer readers and their straight/cis                     friends navigate this changing world. Offering advice on everything from coming out to getting your first gay haircut to                     walking down the aisle, Ask a Queer Chick is a positive, down-to-earth guide that will resonate with readers of Dan                     Savage and Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things.

The Lesbian Love Companion: How to Survive Everything from Heartthrob to Heartbreak
                    April 7th, 1998
                    ISBN 0062514318 (ISBN13: 9780062514318)

                    In the Lesbian Love Companion, Marny Hall, Ph.D., a psychotherapist with twenty years’ experience counseling lesbian                     couples, explores and celebrates lesbian relationships in all their complexity – and humor. Based on the idea that the key                     to healthy relationships lies in our ability to keep refining the story of our relationships, it presents the perfect blend of                     advice and inspiration for every lesbian looking for love. Interspersing real-life examples from Hall’s practice, sound                     advice, and laugh-out-loud observations, The Lesbian Love Companion takes a completely fresh and honest approach                     to the unique relationship issues near and dear to every lesbian’s heart.

Self Help

Empowering the Tribe: A Positive Guide to Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem
                    June 1st, 1999
                    ISBN 1575664240 (ISBN13: 9781575664248)

                    In his groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist Dr. Richard Pimental-Habib offers encouragement and enlightenment to                     gays and lesbians through intimate real-life stories, meditations, and a commonsense, one-on-one approach to life and                     love.

Queer Blues: The Lesbian and Gay Guide to Overcoming Depression
                    June 25th, 2001
                    ISBN 1572242442 (ISBN13: 9781572242449)
                    Queer Blues is the only guide to focus on the triggers of depression specific to the gay and lesbian community and to                     offer concrete strategies to overcome them. The authors explain the many forms of depression and explore its unique                     impact on lesbians and gay men. If you’re a lesbian or a gay man struggling with depression, this book offers you real                     tools for real change. A self-test helps you determine your own level of depression and assess its impact on your life.                     With this information, go on to explore the reciprocal relationship between mood and self-esteem. Examine your core                     beliefs about self-worth and identify self-sabotaging habits that may make you vulnerable to both insecurity and                     depression. 

The Transgender Men's Guide to Life: Overcoming Doubt and Negative Thoughts to Begin Transitioning Towards Your True Gender
                    January 1, 2014
                    ASIN B00NQKII4Q

                    In "Overcoming Doubt and Negative Thoughts" we will discuss the thoughts, feelings, and doubts you may have in first                     approaching a medical and/or legal gender transition, and how to overcome “I Can’t Do It.” If you know transitioning                             whether this means socially, medically, legally—is right for you, we want you to do it and reap the benefits of living                     authentically. I know firsthand that as transgender people, we often inherit negative or limiting thoughts about who, how,                     when, and what are the “right” reasons and ways to transition. But I got past them, and you can too. The Transgender                     Men’s Guide to Life series is advice written by trans men for trans men with a focus on positivity and resilience.

Dyke Drama: Your Guide to Getting Out Alive
                    December 1st, 2004
                    ISBN 1555838936 (ISBN13: 9781555838935)

Outing Yourself: How to Come Out as Lesbian or Gay to Your Family, Friends and Coworkers
                    May 23rd, 1995
                    ISBN 0684826178 (ISBN13: 9780684826172)

                    No matter how much you prepare, coming out as gay or lesbian is a difficult, emotional process – a process that will                     continue long after the words are spoken and the secret is out. There’s no magic formula, but Outing Yourself by                     Michelangelo Signorile offers structure, guidance, and straightforward advice

The Transgender Men’s Guide to Life: Decision-Making and Goal-Setting while Transitioning Towards Your True Gender
                    January 1, 2014
                    ASIN B00O30OUO0

                    In this book we will discuss the thoughts you may have when answering, "Should I Transition Now?" Have you always                     been told you're a woman, but you know inside that you're really a man? Then "The Transgender Men's Guide to Life"                     Series is for you. This isn’t just a trans men’s guide to social, medical, and legal transition—it’s a guide to reaching for                     the life and happiness you want, need, and deserve.

How to Survive Your Own Gay Life: An Adult Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships
                    August 1st 1998
                    ISBN 0962712396 (ISBN13: 9780962712395)

                    Wise. Factual. Often controversial. Not simply about how to survive your own gay life, but how to how survive your life as                     an adult man whose sexuality brings him to other men. Surviving when gays have become -- often for marketing reasons                     -- more publicly acknowledged as well as repressed. When many revered gay feelings, such as tenderness and                     openness to new ideas and people, are denied; even as wildly homoerotic images have become part of our media-                    saturated culture. How to Survive Your Own Gay Life explores this, but -- more importantly, how to create rewarding                     relationships and a strengthening inner life.There has never been a book like this. One of the fortunate things about                     being gay is that it was written for you. But it's a book for every man. It's message is about getting in touch with the adult                     person inside you. The person that we all need to survive our lives -- gay or not.

The Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity
                    December 1st, 2015
                    ISBN 1626252971 (ISBN13: 9781626252974)
                    If you are a transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) teen, you may experience unique challenges with identity                     and interpersonal relationships. In addition to experiencing common teen challenges such as body changes and peer                     pressure, you may be wondering how to express your unique identity to others. The Gender Quest Workbook                                       incorporates skills, exercises, and activities from evidence-based therapies—such as cognitive behavioral therapy to                     help you address the broad range of struggles you may encounter related to gender identity, such as anxiety, isolation,                     fear, and even depression.

Books on LGBT Self Help in the United States

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The Anxious Attachment of a Gay Man: Lessons Learned from Sex, God, and Life
                    October 6th 2014
                    ISBN B00O99TX24

                    Johnny grows up in a one-parent home, with an alcoholic father, and a sexually abusive older brother. The chances of                     learning to love and build strong relationship is slim to none with the amount of Post Traumatic Stress and Attachment                     Disorder he has. Yet, Johnny's dream of one day having a great relationship leads him to a travel a path away from God,                     toward spirituality, and in and out of bad relationships and sexual promiscuity. Until one day he discovers a power that is                     stronger than everything in his past and any relationship in his future, a power that was always there inside him... If you                     have problems establishing healthy relationships, this book will teach you everything you need to know about learning                     your lessons without having to go through the pain.

Loving Ourselves: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self-Esteem
                    March 1st, 2008
                    ISBN 1593500459 (ISBN13: 9781593500450)
                    First published in 1999, this thoroughly revised and updated edition now presents the issues and concerns relating to                     self-esteem in the LGBT world to a new generation of men and women. This compassionate guide delves in to the                     unique problems of self-esteem in the gay community, and how understanding your own self-worth can allow you to                     function better in this complex world. With advice for every demographic, this is the most comprehensive book for                     building a better you.

F.A.G. Facts About Gays - The Gay Relationship: Make it Work!
                    December 28th 2013
                    The Gay Relationship: Make it Work! offers distinctive, relatable advice to help one find a man and stay sexually safe! It ​                    features Top 10 Ways to Mate-a-Man, Mating Types and Mating Right, and Want to Bareback? Go for it! All three of ​                    which are featured in F.A.G. Facts About Gays

Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens
                    June 1st, 2011
                    ISBN 0981973345 (ISBN13: 9780981973340)
                    Teen life is hard enough with all of the pressure’s kids face, but for teens who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or                     transgender), it’s even harder. When do you decide to come out? To whom? Will your friends accept you? And how on                     earth do you meet people to date? Queer is a humorous, engaging, and honest guide that helps LGBT teens come out                     to friends and family, navigate their new LGBT social life, figure out if a crush is also queer, and rise up against bigotry                     and homophobia. Queer also includes personal stories from the authors and sidebars on queer history. It’s a must-read                     for any teen who thinks they might be queer—or knows someone who is.

The Art of Slayage: A LGBT Single Professionals Guide to Ultimate Success
                    November 22nd 2016
                    ASIN B01NBBXRAS

                    There comes a time in every LGBT professional’s life where being single and being a success seems too far-fetched.                     Due to the lifestyle of being a part of an ever-growing community of unapologetically fierce and free LBGT individuals,                     there is a fine line that separates the single, the successful, and the professional. Coach Jai Sneed has blurred those                     lines and revolutionized what it means to be a single and successful LGBT professional in The Art of Slayage.

The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks
                    February 1st, 2005
                    ISBN 0743258533 (ISBN13: 9780743258531)

                    Such are the incisive pearls of wisdom to be heard from straight chick and girl-on-girl dabbler Jen Sincero, author of The                     Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks. A deliciously sexy how-to guide, it gives curious straight women the                     complete inside scoop on girl-on-girl action -- from pickup lines and virgin jitters to threesomes, techniques, and toys.                     Drawing on personal experience and hundreds of interviews with straight girls who've slept with lesbians, straight girls                     who've slept with straight girls, lesbians who've slept with straight girls, and straight girls who've done both or neither,                     Sincero covers the A to Z of the experience.