Coming on Strong: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Women's Sports
​                    January 10th, 1994
​                    ISBN 0674144341 (ISBN13: 9780674144347)

​                    Today, there are women athletes who are media celebrities and a source of inspiration for many. But not long ago, being ​                    serious about sport was considered appropriate only for men and boys. Throughout the 20th century, women's ​                    increasing participation in sport has challenged our conception of womanhood. Some celebrated the female athlete as ​                    the embodiment of modern womanhood, but others brander her mannish or lesbian. Ultimately, she altered the ​                    perception of sport as an exclusively male domain.

21st Century Jocks: Sporting Men and Contemporary Heterosexuality
​                    May 27th, 2014
​                    ISBN 1137379634 (ISBN13: 9781137379634)

​                    From macho huddles to gentle cuddles, the ways in which sportsmen relate as friends has radically changed. With ​                    homophobia stigmatized and gay teammates revered, today's jocks no longer fear being thought gay for behaviors that ​                    constrained men of the previous generation. In this eye-opening book, Professor Eric Anderson draws on hundreds of ​                    interviews with 15-22 year old straight and gay male athletes in both the United States and the United Kingdom to show ​                    how jocks have redefined heterosexuality: kissing on the lips, dancing together, cuddling in bed, and proudly proclaiming ​                    their bromance with other men.

Billie Jean King: The Battle of the Sexes and Title IX
​                    January 15th, 2016
​                    ISBN 1502610531 (ISBN13: 9781502610539)

​                    Barriers have existed to deny people the chance to compete athletically based on their race, ethnic background, or sex. ​                    Some athletes, through their courage and class, have broken down the barriers that have afflicted our society, and ​                    sometimes affected greater social change. Billie Jean King changed attitudes toward women and sports with one ​                    gigantic victory, fought for equal tournament purses for female tennis players, and started a foundation that promoted ​                    athletic opportunities for women.

Forward: A Memoir
​                    September 13th, 2016
​                    ISBN 0062467018 (ISBN13: 9780062467010)

​                    Abby Wambach has always pushed the limits of what is possible. At age seven she was put on the boys’ soccer team. At ​                    age thirty-five she would become the highest goal scorer—male or female—in the history of soccer, capturing the ​                    nation’s heart with her team’s 2015 World Cup Championship. Called an inspiration and “badass” by President Obama, ​                    Abby has become a fierce advocate for women’s rights and equal opportunity, pushing to translate the success of her ​                    team to the real world. As she reveals in this searching memoir, Abby’s professional success often masked her inner ​                    struggle to reconcile the various parts of herself: ferocious competitor, daughter, leader, wife. With stunning candor, Abby ​                    shares her inspiring and often brutal journey from girl in Rochester, New York, to world-class athlete. 

The Palgrave Handbook of Masculinity and Sport
​                    November 26th, 2019
​                    ISBN 3030197980 (ISBN13: 9783030197988)

​                    Over the past two decades there has been a rapid transformation of masculinities in the West, largely facilitated by a ​                    decline in cultural homophobia. The significant changes in the expression of masculinity, particularly among younger ​                    generations of men, have been particularly evident in men's team sports, which have become an increasingly diverse ​                    and inclusive culture. Drawing upon work from a wide range of established and emerging international scholars, this ​                    handbook provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary analysis of the contemporary relationship between masculinity ​                    and sport. It covers a range of areas including history, media, gender, sexuality, race, violence, and fandom, considering ​                    how they impact a range of different sports across the world. Students and scholars across many disciplines will find the ​                    unparalleled overview provided by these specially commissioned chapters an invaluable resource.

The David Kopay Story
​                    February 1st, 1977
​                    ISBN 1555836380 (ISBN13: 9781555836382)

​                    Twenty-three years after publishing his story, David Kopay remains the only NFL player who has publicly acknowledged ​                    his homosexuality. From psychotherapy to hypnosis to heartbreaking family confrontations to finally surprising ​                  ​                    acceptance from former teammates and coaches, this is a story of denial leading to acceptance, and finally to pride. As ​                    inspiring today as it was upon publication, Advocate Books is proud to make The David Kopay Story available to a new ​                    generation of readers.

Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women's Sports
​                    February 3rd, 2011
​                    ISBN 0807834548 (ISBN13: 9780807834541)

​                    When Billie Jean King trounced Bobby Riggs in tennis's "Battle of the Sexes" in 1973, she placed sports squarely at the ​                    center of a national debate about gender equity. In this winning combination of biography and history, Susan Ware ​                    argues that King's challenge to sexism, the supportive climate of second-wave feminism, and the legislative clout of Title ​                    IX sparked a women's sports revolution in the 1970s that fundamentally reshaped American society.

The Lavender Locker Room: 3000 Years of Great Athletes Whose Sexual Orientation Was Different
​                    November 1st, 2006
​                    ISBN 1889135070 (ISBN13: 9781889135076)

​                    Winner of 2007 Independent Publisher Gold Award for Gay/Lesbian literature. Some are legendary such as pilot Amelia ​                    Earhart and golf champion Babe Didrikson. Others are less familiar balloonist Alberto Santos-Dumont and javelin ​                    thrower Ana Maria Sagi. Some went public NFL running back David Kopay and downhill skier Erik Schinegger. Others, ​                    such as Wilhelm von Homburg, were known only to sport insiders. Some, like jockey John Damien, figured in milestone ​                    court cases. Some, like jouster Joan of Arc and racehorse breeder George Villiers, were historical figures. Others, like ​                    tennis player Martina Navratilova and figure skater John Curry, competed in modern Olympics. But they have something ​                    in common: they were gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered. And they stood out extraordinarily in their chosen sport.

Understanding Jason Collins: The Openly Gay NBA Basketball Player Who Wins In Life
​                    December 5th, 2013
​                    ASIN B00EZ8HWDQ

​                    Jason Collins is the famed NBA basketball player who in May of 2013, decided to become the first professional NBA ​                    athlete to come out as gay. His statement caused a worldwide reaction to the controversial topic of gays/lesbians in ​                    sports. Jason has been praised by numerous renowned individuals, such as Kobe Bryant, President Barack Obama, and ​                    NBA commissioner David Stern. Jason Collins' historical declaration is a huge leap for the LGBT society, and also for the ​                    equal rights for all movement.

Off the Bench: A look at gay athletes entering the fraternity of professional sports
​                    February 25th, 2014
​                    ASIN B00INGEF68

​                    Contrary to what you may have heard, yes, most gay men are avid sports fans, and many are extraordinary athletes. In ​                    fact, many gay men are phenomenal athletes who deserve to play at the highest level and be treated the same as their ​                    straight peers. The real question is, is this hyper masculine world ready to admit that gays can compete at the same ​                    level that has so long been associated with only the most “manly” of men?

Jocks: True Stories of America's Gay Male Athletes
​                    January 1st, 1997
​                    ISBN 1555833993 (ISBN13: 9781555833992)

​                    Profiles several dozen young male athletes who have in most cases come out as homosexual to their coaches, ​                    teammates, and fellow students, with advice for coaches on dealing with homophobia.

Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality
​                    April 30th, 2014
​                    ISBN 0415522536 (ISBN13: 9780415522533)

​                    The Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality brings together important new work from 68 leading ​                                      international scholars that, collectively, demonstrates the intrinsic interconnectedness of sport, gender and sexuality. It ​                    introduces what is, in essence, a sophisticated sub-area of sport sociology, covering the field comprehensively, as well ​                    as signaling ideas for future research and analysis. Wide-ranging across different historical periods, different sports, and ​                    different local and global contexts, the book incorporates personal, ideological and political narratives; varied conceptual, ​                    methodological and theoretical approaches; and examples of complexities and nuanced ways of understanding the ​                    gendered and sexualized dynamics of sport. 

Sports & Athletics

LGBT Athletes in the Sports Media
​                    January 19th, 2019
​                    ISBN 3030008037 (ISBN13: 9783030008031)

​                    In recent years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) athletes have received more media attention than ever ​                    before. Declining levels of homophobia across the Western world has facilitated a greater acceptance of LGBT athletes ​                    among heterosexual teammates, fans, and the sports media. Consequently, academic interest in sport, gender and ​                    sexuality has also increased substantially. This edited collection combines studies of gender and sexuality with that of ​                    the sports media to provide the first-ever comprehensive academic overview of LGBT athletes in the sports media. It ​                    draws upon work from a wide range of international scholars to provide an interdisciplinary analysis of improved media ​                    coverage of LGBT athletes, as well as the numerous issues and barriers which continue to exist.

Sporting Gender: The History, Science, and Stories of Transgender and Intersex Athletes
​                    December 3rd, 2019
​                    ISBN 1538112965 (ISBN13: 9781538112960)

​                    The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are likely to feature the first transgender athlete, a topic that will be highly contentious ​                    during the competition. But transgender and intersex athletes such as Laurel Hubbard, Tifanny Abreu, and Caster ​                    Semenya didn't just turn up overnight. Both intersex and transgender athletes have been newsworthy stories for ​                    decades. In Sporting Gender: The History, Science, and Stories of Transgender and Intersex Athletes, Joanna Harper ​                    provides an in-depth examination of why gender diverse athletes are so controversial. She not only delves into the ​                    history of these athletes and their personal stories, but also explains in a highly accessible manner the science behind ​                    their gender diversity and why the science is important for regulatory committees--and the general public--to consider ​                    when evaluating sports performance. 

Frankly Kellie: Becoming a Woman in a Man’s World
​                    June 25th, 2015
​                    ASIN B00YCCQLX2

​                    Exploring the highs and lows of an esteemed career in professional boxing, Frank's autobiography is truly enthralling and ​                    packed with wonderful insight and anecdotes about himself and the who's who of the boxing fraternity. But this is a story ​                    with another dimension - an identity kept secret for decades. With honesty and integrity, this is the story of how Frank ​                    Maloney overcame his inner turmoil to stop living as Frank and become Kellie. Insightful and astute, Kellie talks openly ​                    about the years of anguish and torment, recounting extracts from her diary and explaining in unflinching detail the ​                    emotional rollercoaster she endured over the years, from childhood through to telling loved ones the truth. With humor ​                    and humility this book takes the reader on a journey through the transgender process - the physicality and the emotion - ​                    and celebrates the life of an incredible individual.

The Gay Games: A History
​                    April 26th, 2010
​                    ISBN 0203891848 (ISBN13: 9780203891841)

​                    The Gay Games is an important piece of new social history, examining one of the largest sporting, cultural and human ​                    rights events in the world. Since their inception in 1980, the Gay Games have developed into a multi-million dollar mega-​                    event, engaging people from all continents, while the international Gay Games movement has become one of the largest ​                    and most significant international institutions for gay and lesbian people. Drawing on detailed archival research, oral ​                    history and participant observation techniques, and informed by critical feminist theory and queer theory, this book offers ​                    the first comprehensive history of the Gay Games from 1980 through to the Chicago games of 2006. 

Billie Jean King
                    ISBN 0448074362 (ISBN13: 9780448074368)


Second Serve
​                    August 1st, 1983
​                    ISBN 0812828976 (ISBN13: 9780812828979)

Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia In Sport
​                    February 4th, 1998
​                    ISBN 088011729X (ISBN13: 9780880117296)

​                    Former athlete and coach Pat Griffin make a provocative and impassioned call for attention to a topic too long avoided ​                    by women's sports advocates. In Strong Women, Deep Closets, she provides a critical analysis of discrimination and ​                    prejudice against lesbians in sport. The book is the first to explore the lesbian sporting experience as well as examine ​                    homophobia and heterosexism in women's sport. The work is based on theoretical and historical foundations and is ​                    written in an academic yet engaging style. Griffin brings to light the experiences of lesbian coaches and athletes in their ​                    own words.

Out of Bounds: Coming Out of Sexual Abuse, Addiction, and My Life of Lies in the NFL Closet
​                    January 2nd, 2005
​                    ISBN 0786716819 (ISBN13: 9780786716814)

​                    The second NFL player ever to come out as gay and the first ever to come out as HIV-positive, Roy Simmons was an ​                    up-and-coming star offensive lineman who quit football after just four years rather than be exposed as gay. Out of ​                    Bounds tells his compelling story-from his rape at age 10 to being plucked from his poor Southern background to join the ​                    NFL, from his first taste of pro football fame and sudden enormous wealth to his fast-paced, no holds barred nightlife of ​                    heavy drugs and countless sexual encounters with women and men. Simmons led a roller-coaster life that peaked in the ​                    late 1980s with his playing in the Superbowl. Ultimately, however, reckless living left him penniless, friendless, and on ​                    the brink of suicide. 

Coming Out to Play
​                    November 25th, 2014
​                    ISBN 014312661X (ISBN13: 9780143126614)

​                    Robbie Rogers knows better than most that keeping secrets can crush you. But for much of his life Robbie lived in ​                    paralyzing fear that sharing his big secret would cost him the love of his family and his career as a professional soccer ​                    player. So he never told anyone what was destroying his soul, both on and off the field. While the world around Robbie ​                    was changing with breathtaking speed, he knew that for a gay man playing a professional team sport it might as well be ​                    1958. He could be a professional soccer player.  Or he could be an out gay man. He couldn’t do both. Then last year, at ​                    the age of twenty-five and after nearly stepping away from a brilliant career—one that included an NCAA Championship, ​                    winning the MLS Cup, and competing in the Olympics—he chose to tell the truth. 

The Autobiography of Billie Jean King
​                    Date
​                    ISBN 0583136842 (ISBN13: 9780583136846)

Fair Play: How LGBT Athletes Are Claiming Their Rightful Place in Sports
​                    June 7th, 2016
​                    ISBN 1617754471 (ISBN13: 9781617754470)

​                    When Cyd Zeigler started writing about LGBT sports issues in 1999, no one wanted to talk about them. Today, this is a ​                    central conversation in American society that reverberates throughout the sports world and beyond. In Fair Play, Zeigler ​                    tells the story of how sports have transformed for LGBT athletes, diving into key moments and issues that have shaped ​                    sports for LGBT people today. He shares intimate behind-the-scenes details about various athletes and stories--including ​                    NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, and NFL hopeful Michael Sam, among others--​                    along with contextual insights about elite sports, including the overhyped "distraction" myth surrounding gay athletes.

Media and the Coming Out of Gay Male Athletes in American Team Sports
​                    July 27th, 2018
​                    ISBN 1433156008 (ISBN13: 9781433156007)

​                    Never before have we lived in a time in which sport and gay identity are more visible, discussed, debated--and even ​                    celebrated. However, in an era in which the sports closet is heralded as the last remaining stronghold of heterosexuality, ​                    the terrain for the gay athlete remains contradictory at best. Gay athletes in American team sports are thus living a ​                    paradox: told that sport represents the "final closet" in American culture while at the same time feeling ostracized, ​                    labeled a "distraction" for teams, dubbed locker room "problems," and experiencing careers which are halted or cut short ​                    altogether.

Champion Citizen: Billie Jean King Finding the Champion in You!
​                    February 15th, 2018
​                    ASIN B079VVZTM5

​                    Billie Jean was a world's #1 women's tennis player who won 39 Grand Slam titles. Read how this little girl whose mother ​                    sewed her tennis clothes became a world champion and led the way for equal rights for all people. She worked tirelessly ​                    to have equal pay for men and women tennis players and equal playing opportunities for girls and boys in all sports.

Billie Jean
                    January 1st, 1974
                    ISBN 0670478431 (ISBN13: 9780670478439)

Fearless: Portraits of LGBT Student Athletes
​                    October 1st, 2015
​                    ISBN 0984447482 (ISBN13: 9780984447480)

​                    Portraits of LGBT Student Athletes, is a photography book and memoir by American Artist Jeff Sheng, featuring the ​                    portraits of over 200 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender high school and college athletes in the United States and ​                    Canada, taken by the author between 2003 and 2015. Recalling his personal experience as a closeted student athlete, ​                    Sheng uses his story as a foundation for a wider exploration of LGBT acceptance in sports over the last decade. The ​                    book also includes intimate writings from some of the student athletes about their own coming out experiences, as well ​                    as an afterword by retired NBA basketball player Jason Collins.

Particular Passions: Billie Jean King
​                    January 1st, 2012
​                    ASIN B0087PWXPU

​                    The oral biography of Billie Jean King, who created opportunities for women on the tennis court and in the workplace, ​                    and who continues today to champion social change and equality around the world.

Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport
​                    May 25th, 2017
​                    ASIN B072FQZ1V7

​                    While efforts to include gay and lesbian athletes in competitive sport have received significant attention, it is only recently ​                    that we have begun examining the experiences of transgender athletes in competitive sport. This book represents the ​                    first comprehensive study of the challenges that transgender athletes face in competitive sport; and the challenges they ​                    pose for this sex-segregated institution. Beginning with a discussion of the historical role that sport has played in ​                    preserving sex as a binary, the book examines how gender has been policed by policymakers within competitive ​                    athletics. It also considers how transgender athletes are treated by a system predicated on separating males from ​                    females, consequently forcing transgender athletes to negotiate the system in coercive ways. The book not only exposes ​                    our culture’s binary thinking in terms of both sex and gender, but also offers a series of thought-provoking and ​                                      sometimes contradictory recommendations for how to make sport more hospitable, inclusive and equitable.

In The Game: Gay Athletes And The Cult Of Masculinity
​                    January 6th, 2005
​                    ISBN 0791465349 (ISBN13: 9780791465349)

​                    Using interviews with openly gay and closeted team-sport athletes, Eric Anderson examines how homophobia is ​                    reproduced in sport, how gay male athletes navigate this, and how American masculinity is changing. By detailing ​                    individual experiences, Anderson shows how these athletes are emerging from their athletic closets and contesting the ​                    dominant norms of masculinity. From the locker rooms of high school sports, where the atmosphere of "don't ask, don't ​                    tell" often exists, to the unique circumstances that gay athletes encounter in professional team sports, this book analyzes ​                    the agency that openly gay athletes possess to change their environments.

Striving for Equality: LGBTQ Athletes Claim the Field
​                    August 1st, 2016
​                    ISBN 146778012X

​                    In 2015, the world watched as soccer star Abby Wambach kissed her wife after the US women's World Cup victory. ​                    Milwaukee Brewers' minor league first baseman David Denson came out as gay. And Caitlyn (born Bruce) Jenner, an ​                    Olympic decathlete, came out as transgender. It hasn't always been this way. Many great athletes have stayed in the ​                    closet their whole lives, or at least until retirement. Social attitudes, institutional policies, and laws are slow to change, ​                    but they are catching up. Together, athletes, families, educators, allies, and fans are pushing for competitive equity so ​                    that every athlete, regardless of identity, can have the opportunity to play at their very best.

No Way Renee: The Second Half of My Notorious Life
​                    March 7th, 2006
​                    ISBN 0743290135 (ISBN13: 9780743290135)
​                    In 1975, at the age of forty, Richard Raskind, a renowned eye surgeon and highly ranked amateur tennis player, "died," ​                    and Renee Richards was "born," in what was to become the most public and highly scrutinized sex reassignment to ​                    date. It was not until Renee Richards was discovered playing in an amateur tennis tournament that the world took notice. ​                    Extensive media coverage and criticism thrust Renee reluctantly into the spotlight, sparking an intense public debate ​                    over her private life. Now, at seventy-two, Richards looks back and speaks frankly about all aspects of her complicated ​                    and often notorious life in this eye-opening, thought-provoking memoir. 

Billie Jean King: Tennis Star & Social Activist
​                    January 1st, 2011
​                    ISBN 1617147575 (ISBN13: 9781617147579)

​                    Biography of legendary tennis player and activist Billie Jean King.

Billie Jean! How Tennis Star Billie Jean King Changed Women's Sports
​                    August 20th, 2019
​                    ISBN 0525517790 (ISBN13: 9780525517795)

​                    From award-winning author Mara Rockliff and New York Times-bestselling illustrator Elizabeth Baddeley comes this ​                    extraordinary picture book about one little girl who loved sports and grew up to be one of the greatest and best-known ​                    tennis players of all time. Anything Billie Jean did, she did it ALL THE WAY. When she ran, she ran fast. When she ​                    played, she played hard. As a top women's tennis player, Billie Jean fought for fairness in women's sports, and when she ​                    faced off against Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes, the most famous tennis match in history, she showed the world ​                    that men and women--and boys and girls--are equal on and off the court.

Trailblazing: The True Story of America's First Openly Gay Track Coach
​                    May 1st, 2000
​                    ISBN 1555835244 (ISBN13: 9781555835248)
​                    In January 1993 the Huntington Beach High School boys' track team, which I coached, organized a community track ​                    meet as a fund-raiser. We ended up having more workers than competitors, and rain was nearly the sole occupant of the ​                    bleachers lining our ancient brick-dust track. Of the few athletes who showed to compete, one runner caught my eye. His ​                    rail-thin body reminded me of a Kenyan runner's; he looked like a champion. He appeared old enough to be in high ​                    school, but I didn't recognize him and figured him to be a junior-high runner. Always on the lookout for future athletes, I ​                    wanted to find out more. But rules governing our sport prohibited me from speaking to potential athletes until they had ​                    graduated from the eighth grade. To circumvent this, I asked one of my runners, Erich Phinizy, to investigate. "Find out ​                    his age and where he goes to school," I said. "And tell him about our program."

Pressure is a Privilege
​                    July 22nd, 2008
​                    ISBN 0981636802 (ISBN13: 9780981636801)

​                    Billie Jean King's victory over Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes" was a pivotal moment in gender relations for ​                    generations of American women and men. But her journey to the "Battle of the Sexes" was no accident. Now, for the first ​                    time ever, Billie Jean shares the life lessons that led to her success in that match, in sports, and in the world at large. ​                    Published in conjunction with the 35th anniversary of this monumental event, Pressure is a Privilege uses the Billie Jean ​                    King / Bobby Riggs match to illustrate what she learned in her early life that brought her to that event and the lessons ​                    that she learned from it.

A Necessary Spectacle: Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs, and the Tennis Match That Leveled the Game
​                    August 16th, 2005
​                    ISBN 1400051460 (ISBN13: 9781400051465)

​                    A 1973 battle of the sexes is explored in this fascinating account of the tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie ​                    Jean King at the Houston Astrodome.

Billie Jean King: Champions keep playing until they get it right
                    May 16th, 2017
                    ASIN B071P2PL54

                    Billie Jean King is an American former World No. 1 professional tennis player. King won 39 Grand Slam titles, including                       12 singles, 16 women's doubles, and 11 mixed doubles titles. King won the singles title at the inaugural WTA Tour           ​                    Championships

Billie Jean King: Tennis Trailblazer
​                    August 1st, 1999
​                    ISBN 082254959X (ISBN13: 9780822549598)

​                    These informative and inspiring biographies will give young readers a look at the lives of some of the world's most ​                    influential people in history. Each over 100 pages, the books are also ideal for reports.

Jocks 2: Coming Out to Play
​                    October 1st, 2002
​                    ISBN 1555837263 (ISBN13: 9781555837266)

​                    Presents profiles of athletes who have willingly come out publicly as homosexual.

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Billie Jean King
                    August 15th, 2016
                    ISBN 1680792504 (ISBN13: 9781680792508)

                    A champion tennis player who stood up for women’s rights, Billie Jean King is a true trailblazer. Historic photos and         ​                    easy-to-read text take readers into the athlete’s life. Zoom in even deeper with quick stats, a timeline, and bolded             ​                    glossary terms.

The Outsports Revolution: Truth & Myth in the World of Gay Sports
​                    July 1st, 2007
​                    ISBN 159350005X (ISBN13: 9781593500054)

​                    The Outsports Revolution chronicles the development and rise of the brand and outlines its impact on the ​                    world of gay sports. Through more than twenty-five chapters, the book introduces you to both famous out athletes along ​                    with the unsung, unknown trailblazers who have helped others come out. With points of view from such figures as the ​                    MLB’s Billy Bean, the NFL’s Esera Tuaolo, and Greg Louganis—as well as Molly Lenore, a former college football player ​                    who transitioned to a woman and now plays gay flag football; Brian Fell, a two-time NCAA track and field star; and sports ​                    professional Larry Felzer, who organized Gay Community Night for the Philadelphia Phillies—this guide chronicles all the ​                    issues on this hotly debated subject. 

Lesbians and Gays and Sports
​                    November 1st, 1994
​                    ISBN 0791029514 (ISBN13: 9780791029510)