Prop 8: The Musical: Piano and Vocal Score
                    May 1st, 2009
                    ISBN 0739060694 (ISBN13: 9780739060698)

                    Award-winning Hairspray composer Marc Shaiman's Prop 8: The Musical crams more socio-political commentary and                         pure hilarity into its brief four minutes than many full-length shows can boast! Its star-studded online video debut in                               December 2008 quickly became a viral phenomenon that has been viewed by millions.

Considering Matthew Shepard
                    September 1st, 2018
                    ISBN 1540033899 (ISBN13: 9781540033895)

                    Perhaps one of the most important major works of our time. The Chicago Tribune wrote: "Moving among styles ranging                       from Lutheran hymnody to blues to Broadway, this modern-day Passion will move many listeners to tears even as it                             reaches beyond tragedy to peace, understanding and forgiveness." For the advanced choir looking to make an impact                         on students and community this is worth every bit of effort it requires.

Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry for Kids, Parents, and Teachers
                    August 1st, 2000
                    ISBN 1559361840 (ISBN13: 9781559361842)

                    For nearly two years, Fringe Benefits, a team of professional artists, teachers, parents and youth, have been working to                       concoct Cootie Shots, a delicious assortment of plays, songs and interactive performance pieces that promote tolerance                     and celebrate diversity by presenting role models of people of many different races, classes, genders, abilities, sexual                         orientations, religions, shapes and sizes. In all, Cootie Shots is comprised of about 50 2-15 minute educational plays for                       Elementary School audiences.

Theatre and Sexuality
                    July 15th, 2010
                    ISBN 0230220649 (ISBN13: 9780230220645)

                    Why is it useful to look at theatre and performance through the lens of sexual identity? How has commercial theatre                             embraced gay and lesbian work? Theatre and Sexuality introduces critical methods and artistic practices that link drama,                     theatre and performance with minority sexualities in both the U.S. and UK. It narrates a select history of LGBTQ theatre                       from the early 20th century through today. Including an extended reading of Split Britches/Bloolips' production Belle                             Reprieve, the book offers clear analysis, as well as a celebration, of LGBTQ performance.

Still Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama
                    June 17th, 2000
                    ISBN 0312223846 (ISBN13: 9780312223847)

                    Still Acting Gay is a revision and expansion of Clum's celebrated book, Acting Gay. The book focuses on the relationship                     between American and British dramas written by and about gay men and the changing gay culture those plays reflect,                         from the carefully enforced closet to liberation politics to AIDS to the qualified security of the present. Still Acting Gay                           chronicles, the transition of the gay man as subject for sensational melodrama to creator of many of the most powerful                         and celebrated plays of the late 20th century.

Doric Wilson's Street Theater: The Twenty-Seventh of June, 1969 in Two Acts
                    December 1st, 1983
                    ISBN 0935672079 (ISBN13: 9780935672077)

We Will Be Citizens: New Essays on Gay and Lesbian Theatre
                    October 24th, 2008
                    ISBN 078643418X (ISBN13: 9780786434183)

                    A dozen essays by a range of established scholars and performing artists address issues in post-1969 American gay                           and lesbian theatre and drama, the period after the raid at the Stonewall Inn helped spawn a "gay revolution." The                               collection covers playwrights, millennial dramatists, and actors while exploring the history of gay-themed theatre and                           drama, the breadth of stage roles, and the dramatic representation of homosexual characters from various perspectives.                     These include the impact of AIDS, contemporary American politics, images of homophobia, gay-themed plays aimed at                       Theatre for Youth audiences, and other topics.

Out on Stage: Lesbian and Gay Theater in the Twentieth Century
                    December 11th, 1999
                    ISBN 0300081022 (ISBN13: 9780300081022)

                    Sinfeld tracks stage representations of lesbians and gays from Oscar Wilde to the present day, arguing that despite and                       because of censorship and discretion, 20th century theatre has been viewed as gay space. He concludes with                                     provocative questions about the direction of new theatre writing, challenging notions of our sexual potential.

Three Plays by Mae West: Sex / The Drag / The Pleasure Man
                    July 24th, 1997
                    ISBN 1854593366 (ISBN13: 9781854593368)

                    Mae West was, without question, one of the most famous and controversial figures of her era. She was a tough-talking,                       wise-cracking vaudeville performer who made her way onto the Broadway stage and then into the hearts of the                                     American public with a highly visible Hollywood film career. Rarely, however, do people think of Mae West as a writer                           even though she wrote eight scripts for the stage and her own dialogue for many of her films.

Memories of the Revolution: The First Ten Years of the WOW Café Theater
                    November 30th, 2015
                    ISBN 0472098632 (ISBN13: 9780472098637)

                    The women’s experimental theater space called the WOW Café (Women’s One World) has been a vital part of New                             York’s downtown theater scene since 1980. Since that time, WOW has provided a place for feminist and particularly                             lesbian theater artists to create, perform, and witness a cultural revolution. Its renowned alumnae include playwright and                     actor Lisa Kron, performance artists Holly Hughes and Carmelita Tropicana, the theater troupe the Five Lesbian                                   Brothers, and actors and playwrights Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, and Deb Margolin, among others. Memories of the                             Revolution collects scripts, interviews, and commentary to trace the riotous first decade of WOW. While the histories of                       other experimental theater collectives have been well documented, WOW’s history has only begun to be told. 

The Feminist Spectator in Action: Feminist Criticism for the Stage and Screen
                    July 12th, 2013
                    ISBN 1137032901 (ISBN13: 9781137032904)

                    Based on her award-winning blog, The Feminist Spectator, Jill Dolan presents a lively feminist perspective in reviews                           and essays on a variety of theatre productions, films and television series—from The Social Network and Homeland to                         Split Britches' Lost Lounge. Demonstrating the importance of critiquing mainstream culture through a feminist lens, Dolan                     also offers invaluable advice on how to develop feminist critical thinking and writing skills. This is an essential read for                         budding critics and any avid spectator of the stage and screen.

Art Works: Part 1 and 2
                    May 20th, 2006
                    ISBN 0822366762 (ISBN13: 9780822366768)
                    Art Works, Parts 1 and 2 address how art, theater, performance, film, and visual culture have reshaped the established                       terms of gender and sexuality and contributed to fashioning a queer world. Bringing together work from both the visual                         and the performing arts, each collection showcases cutting-edge research on a wide range of queer artists, media, and                       sexual subcultures. The contributors to these issues—scholars in art history, visual culture, theater and performance                           studies, and film and media studies—approach art not as a reflection of history but as a creative response to it, a                                 response that imagines alternative forms of social, sexual, and creative life. Arguing for the primacy of the arts in queer                        life, the contributors show how art and performance can constitute a form of critical theorizing rather than simply an                              illustration of it.

Presence and Desire: Essays on Gender, Sexuality, Performance
                    January 4th, 1994
                    ISBN 0472065300 (ISBN13: 9780472065301)

                    Explores current controversies and significant concerns in feminist theater and performance.

Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama
                    April 1st, 1992
                    ISBN 0231075103 (ISBN13: 9780231075107)

                    Acting Gay is a series of close readings of the central works of gay male drama written by American and English                                 playwrights. The plays discussed reflect transformations of gay men in 20th-century British and American societies.

Jagger's Revolution: A Screenplay
                    December 26th, 2013
                    ASIN B008SH6WHW“

                    Jagger’s Revolution: A Screenplay” is a script adaptation of the erotic love book, “Jagger’s Revolution”. Jagger is a sex                       columnist who lives in Hermosa Beach where he rules with an iron fist. He ventures out in the field going on one                                   tormenting date after another then writes about it in a successful column for a beach magazine. He’s surrounded by his                       colorful friends: the preppy Troy, the studious Russell and the sex loving-relationship hating Slade. Jagger swears he’s                         through with love, but can’t stop crushing on Garth, the local Aussie lifeguard with the dreamy looks and sensitive aura.                       The story follows Jagger on his uncomfortable dating excursions to the sexually love charged climax with the guy of his                       dreams. For the detailed longer version of the story, check out the book, “Jagger’s Revolution”.

Stonewall Revival: Tales of 53 Christopher Street & Other Theatrical Adventures
                    February 14th, 2018
                    ASIN B079V523L2
                    Stonewall is probably the most famous gay bar in the world. As the site of the 1969 riots, it is widely regarded as the                             birthplace of the gay rights movement. Yet from 1970-1990, the space was inhabited by any number of other non-bar                           businesses.In 1990, Jimmy Pisano decided to open his first bar at 53 Christopher Street, where Stonewall previously                           stood. The business was a rousing failure, except in one respect. Though it lost money every year he owned it, Jimmy                         refused to let it close. He refused to let it revert to being another Chinese restaurant or bagel shop or any of the other                           irrelevant squatters. Jimmy died in 1994, just three months before the 25th Anniversary of the original Stonewall Riots                         and long before the space would receive multiple landmark designations and become a U.S. National Monument. 

TRANS(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work
                    June 15th, 2012
                    ISBN 1841505714 (ISBN13: 9781841505718)

                    Transgendered playwright, performer, columnist, and sex worker Nina Arsenault has undergone more than sixty plastic                       surgeries in pursuit of a feminine beauty ideal. In TRANS(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault, Judith Rudakoff brings together                     a diverse group of contributors, including artists, scholars, and Arsenault herself to offer an exploration of beauty, image,                     and the notion of queerness through the lens of Arsenault’s highly personal brand of performance art. Illustrated                                   throughout with photographs of the artist’s transformation over the years and demonstrating her diversity of personae,                         this volume contributes to a deepening of our understanding of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be                         beautiful. Also included in this volume is the full script of Arsenault’s critically acclaimed stage play, The Silicone Diaries.

The Queerest Art: Essays on Lesbian and Gay Theater
                    July 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 081479811X (ISBN13: 9780814798119)

                    From Shakespeare's gender-bending play Twelfth Night to the critically-acclaimed Broadway hit Angels in America, from                     17th century kabuki theater of Japan--performed by cross-dressing prostitutes--to the NEA-denounced performance art                       of Holly Hughes, theater has long been--as co-editor Alisa Solomon terms it--the queerest art. The Queerest Art is a                             pioneering collection of essays by and conversations among a diverse range of leading theater academics and artists.                         The first anthology to bring scholars and makers of queer theater into direct dialogue, the volume explores such subjects                     as same-sex desire in Restoration comedy, the racialized impact of colonial Shakespeare, the cuerpo politizado of a                             performance artist in contemporary Los Angeles, and the nitty-gritty of getting a queer show presented in Peoria. 

Staging Gay Lives: An Anthology Of Contemporary Gay Theater
                    February 9th, 1996
                    ISBN 0813325056 (ISBN13: 9780813325057)

                    A collection of ten contemporary plays, by writers who reflect a range of cultural origins, about male homosexuality.

Terrence McNally and Fifty Years of American Gay Drama
                    June 21st, 2017
                    ASIN B0733SBNWP

                    This first book-length study on the relationship of the plays by Terrence McNally, one of America's celebrated major                             dramatists and award-winning playwright about gay life in New York City, to the history of gay theatre during McNally's                         career, which has spanned more than half a century. The book written by theatre expert John Clum examines McNally's                       work from the political movements of the 1960s and the history of gay men in New York during the early years of gay                           liberation, the age of AIDS, and the new reality of gay marriage and families. "This is an original contribution to the field.                       No scholar has contextualized McNally quite this way. 

Gay Characters in Theater, Movies, and Television: New Roles, New Attitudes
                    September 1st, 2009
                    ISBN 1422220125 (ISBN13: 9781422220122)

                    Describes how theater, television, and motion pictures have become more inclusive of gay, lesbian, and transgender                           characters and issues throughout the years.

Amazon All-Stars: Thirteen Lesbian Plays: With Essays and Commentary
                    April 1st, 2000
                    ISBN 155783220X (ISBN13: 9781557832207)

                    Collects for the first time major lesbian plays from controversial cultural perspectives, spanning more than a generation                       of work in varied theatrical styles, and representing an amazing gamut of lesbian politics from all over America.

Gay Drama Now
                    March 28th, 2013
                    ISBN 1604978422 (ISBN13: 9781604978421)

                    This is a collection of seven contemporary American plays (six of them by gay playwrights) that depict the lives of gay                         men in the years before gay liberation and in our own time. All of these plays have been successfully produced by major                     American theaters and all have received critical acclaim. The first three works in the collection-Robert O' Hara's                                   Antebellum, Joseph and David Zellnik's Yank!, and Jon Marans's The Temperamentals-demonstrate gay playwrights'                           impulse to share the history of oppression and liberation gay men have faced. The remaining four plays-Guillermo                               Reyes's Deporting the Divas, Stephen Karam's Sons of the Prophet, Neal Bell's Spatter Pattern and Jose Rivera's Pablo                     and Andrew at the Altar of Words-offer depictions of the ways in which gay men have and have not assimilated in the                           twenty-first century. 

Three Plays for a Gay Theater
                    January 1st, 1983
                    ISBN 0912516739 (ISBN13: 9780912516738)

Performing Difference: Representations of 'The Other' in Film and Theatre
                    December 24th, 2008
                    isbn: 0761841547 isbn13: 9780761841548

                    Performing Difference is a compilation of seventeen essays from some of the leading scholars in history, criticism, film,                         and theater studies. Each author examines the portrayal of groups and individuals that have been traditionally                                       marginalized or excluded from dominant historical narratives. As a meeting point of several fields of study, this book is                         organized around three meta-themes: race, gender, and genocide. Included are analyses of films and theatrical                                   productions from the United States, as well as essays on cinema from Southern and Central America, Europe, and the                         Middle East. Topically, the contributing authors write about the depiction of race, ethnicities, gender and sexual                                     orientation, and genocides.

A Queer History of the Ballet
                    November 1st, 2006
                    ISBN 0415972809 (ISBN13: 9780415972802)

                    Designed for students, scholars and general readers with an interest in dance and queer history, A Queer History of the                       Ballet focuses on how, as makers and as audiences, queer men and women have helped to develop many of the texts,                       images, and legends of ballet. Presenting a series of historical case studies, the book explores the ways in which, from                        the nineteenth century into the twentieth, ballet has been a means of conjuring homosexuality — of enabling some                               degree of expression and visibility for people who were otherwise declared illegal and obscene.

Queering the Stage Through Plays & Monologues, A Road Map To GLBT History & Heroes
                    March 12th, 2015
                    ASIN B00UO2MUNY

                    Welcome to my chronicle of LGBT history and heroes through theatrical storytelling. In these pages, you'll travel through                     time from the early 90s in New York City to Byzantium in 527 A.D. You'll become an ACT UP activist, a World War II                             veteran, and a country girl making peace with her lesbian feelings and her deceased, gay father. Also, this is a firsthand                       description of performing during the Queer 90s as a club kid in New York City. It documents the malling of Manhattan                           and the attempt at muzzling the performance artist.

Prop 8 Love Stories
                    November 16th, 2012
                    ISBN 193596111X (ISBN13: 9781935961116)

                    Actors 10 to 17 years old interviewed 8 couples (3 mixed gender & 5 same gender) about Love, Life & Discrimination.                         Now watch these young actors portray those couples, word for word, in the most potent, moving and hilarious theatre                           you've ever seen. There are 16 leading roles in this award-winning, controversial play now being performed in high                               schools, colleges, churches and theaters around the world. Prop 8 Love Stories opens hearts & minds and is an antidote                     to fear and discrimination. It fosters a world of empathic human beings at peace with each other and themselves.

Backstage Pass: Broadway Bares
                    June 3rd, 2007
                    ISBN 0789315661 (ISBN13: 9780789315663)

                    This is your ticket behind the scenes to see Broadway’s sexiest performers displaying some of their greatest assets.                             Gorgeous stage idols from the biggest shows strut their stuff as you’ve never seen them before. It’s burlesque                                       naughtiness lit up by the razzle-dazzle of the Great White Way. They tease, they titillate, they tantalize. And boy, do they                     deliver the goods. By the end of each number they’re wearing little more than a smile. 

2 boys in a bed on a cold winter's night

                    An intimate, humorous portrait of two men struggling within the confines of the gay subculture of bars and one-night                             stands to free themselves from the traps their lives have become.Playwright: James Edwin Parker

Gender in Performance: The Presentation of Difference in the Performing Arts
                    November 1st, 1992
                    ISBN 0874516048 (ISBN13: 9780874516043)

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
                    August 29th, 2012
                    ISBN 082222450X (ISBN13: 9780822224501)


Asking and Telling: A Collection of Gay Plays for the 21st Century 
                    March 1st, 2002
                    ISBN 0739416197
                    An anthology of 6 cutting-edge, contemporary gay plays.

Friendly Fire: An Anthology of 3 Plays by Queer Street Youth
                    June 28th, 1997
                    ISBN 096583350X (ISBN13: 9780965833509)

The Men from the Boys
                    January 1st, 2004
                    ISBN 0573629064 (ISBN13: 9780573629068)

                    The Men From The Boys takes place in a New York City apartment where friends are in for more than they expected                           after a memorial for one of their friends. The Men From The Boys is a 2002 play by Mart Crowley. It was a sequel to the                       off-Broadway production The Boys in the Band.

The Oberon Book of Queer Monologues
                    June 28th, 2018
                    ASIN B07BN4TV77

                    Combining classical and contemporary stage plays with spoken word and performance art, this anthology features over                       forty extracts from some of the most exciting stage works in the English-speaking world. It will be an essential tool for                           artists seeking monologues for auditions or training; a comprehensive guide through the hidden histories of queer                                 theatre; and a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Laramie Project
                    September 11th, 2001
                    ISBN 0375727191 (ISBN13: 9780375727191)

                    For a year and a half following the murder of Matthew Shepard, Moisés Kaufman and his Tectonic Theater Project–                              whose previous play, Gross Indecency, was hailed as a work of unsurpassed originality–conducted hundreds of                                   interviews with the citizens of Laramie, Wyoming, to create this portrait of a town struggling with a horrific event. The                           savage killing of Shepard, a young gay man, has become a national symbol of the struggle against intolerance. But for                         the people of Laramie–both the friends of Matthew and those who hated him without knowing him–the tragedy was                               personal. In a chorus of voices that brings to mind Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, The Laramie Project allows those most                       deeply affected to speak, and the result is a brilliantly moving theatrical creation.

Butch Queens Up in Pumps: Gender, Performance, and Ballroom Culture in Detroit
                    August 30th, 2013
                    ASIN B00ZYLD7TQ

                    Butch Queens Up in Pumps examines Ballroom culture, in which inner-city LGBT individuals dress, dance, and vogue to                     compete for prizes and trophies. Participants are affiliated with a house, an alternative family structure typically named                         after haute couture designers and providing support to this diverse community. Marlon M. Bailey’s rich first-person                               performance ethnography of the Ballroom scene in Detroit examines Ballroom as a queer cultural formation that upsets                       dominant notions of gender, sexuality, kinship, and community.

A Strange and Separate People
                    April 27th, 2012
                    ISBN 0983285152 (ISBN13: 9780983285151)

                    A contemporary story of betrayal and new beginnings, A Strange and Separate People by Jon Marans is an emotionally                     rich new play about a young Manhattan couple who find their world shaken when a gay doctor's passion for his new                     religious beliefs challenges theirs and questions the meaning of love. This special edition includes Marans' script along                     with a foreword by the playwright, theatrical production photos, special selected material, and after words by LGBT                     activists Jayson Littman and Chaim Levin.

Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story
                    February 14th 2006
                    isbn: 0822221020
                    isbn13: 9780822221029

                    Relationships can be murder. THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD & LOEB STORY is a two-character musical drama that                               recounts the chilling true story of the legendary duo who committed one of the most infamous and heinous crimes of the                     twentieth century. Focusing on their obsessive relationship and utilizing Leopold's 1958 parole hearing as a framework,                       THRILL ME reveals the series of events in 1924 Chicago that led about-to-be law students Leopold and Loeb to be                             forever remembered as "the thrill killers." Nathan Leopold was passionate about Richard Loeb, who was passionate                             about crime and excitement. 

Queer Monologues: Stories of LBGT Youth
                    November 30th, 2013
                    ISBN 1550814583 (ISBN13: 9781550814583)

                    Queer Monologues: Stories of LBGT Youth, produced by For the Love of Learning (FTLOL), offered queer youth a safe,                       creative outlet to share their concerns, hopes and personal stories with the community-at-large. If an individual is unable                     to be themselves, the consequences can be emotional, physical, and mental harm. When feelings are shared within a                         supportive group and are received non-judgmentally, self-esteem is enhanced, leading to a healthier way of relating to                         others, oneself, and the community as a whole.

The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy: A Biographical Dictionary of Major Figures in American Stage History in the Pre-Stonewall Era
                    March 28th, 2007
                    ISBN 047206858X (ISBN13: 9780472068586)

                    The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy collects in a single volume biography of more than one hundred notable figures                     whose careers flourished in the years before the 1969 Stonewall Riots marked the beginning of the gay and lesbian civil                     rights movement in the United States. The leading lights in American theater have included innumerable individuals                             whose sexualities have deviated from prevailing norms, but this history has until recently been largely unwritten and                             unknown. This book contributes significantly to the recovery of this history, fashioning a much fuller, more nuanced                               portrait of American theater as it evolved and shedding light on the influence that sexual desire may have had on                                 professional choices, relationships, and artistic achievements.

Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure
                    October 26th, 2012
                    ASIN B00ZYLD7P0

                    Against queer theory's long-suffering romance with mourning and melancholia and a national agenda that urges                                   homosexuals to renounce pleasure if they want to be taken seriously, Acts of Gaiety seeks to reanimate notions of                               "gaiety" as a political value for LGBT activism by recovering earlier mirthful modes of political performance. The book                           mines the archives of lesbian-feminist activism of the 1960s–70s, highlighting the outrageous gaiety—including camp,                         kitsch, drag, guerrilla theater, zap actions, rallies, manifestos, pageants, and parades alongside "legitimate theater”-- at                       the center of the social and theatrical performances of the era. Juxtaposing figures such as Valerie Solanas and Jill                             Johnston with more recent performers and activists including Hothead Paisan, Bitch and Animal, and the Five Lesbian                         Brothers, Sara Warner shows how reclaiming this largely discarded and disavowed past elucidates possibilities for being                     and belonging. 

Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies: Performance, Race, and Sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance
                    August 4th, 2010
                    ASIN B0714MLFTG

                    Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies shines the spotlight on historically neglected plays and performances that                       challenged early twentieth-century notions of the stratification of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. On                                   Broadway stages, in Harlem nightclubs and dance halls, and within private homes sponsoring rent parties, African                               American performers of the 1920s and early 1930s teased the limits of white middle-class morality. Blues-singing                                 lesbians, popularly known as "bulldaggers," performed bawdy songs; cross-dressing men vied for the top prizes in lavish                     drag balls; and black and white women flaunted their sexuality in scandalous melodramas and musical revues. 

Squeaking Cleopatras: The Elizabethan Boy Player
                    October 1st, 2000
                    ISBN 0750924888 (ISBN13: 9780750924887)

                    'That woman is a woman!' So thundered Simon Callow in the film Shakespeare in Love, thus underlining one of the great                     differences between our theatre and that of the Elizabethans where women were prohibited from appearing on the stage.                     In this highly controversial book, the first on the subject for over sixty years, Joy Leslie Gibson looks at the female roles                       in Elizabethan and Jacobean drama from the point of view of the boys who actually had to create these fascinating and                       dramatic parts. Scrupulously researched, this groundbreaking book sheds new light not only on Elizabethan drama but                         also on society as a whole. It will be required reading for any lover of Shakespeare or anyone made curious by a visit to                       the theatre to see one of Shakespeare's plays.

Tony Kushner in Conversation
                    December 1st, 1997
                    ISBN 0472096613 (ISBN13: 9780472096619)

                    In the Fall of 1992, Millennium Approaches, the first part of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, won England's                                       prestigious Evening Standard award as the season's Best Play. By the Spring of 1993, Millennium had come to                                     Broadway and won its highest honor, the Tony Award for Best Play, and the distinguished Pulitzer Prize for drama as                           well. Through its epic theatrical panorama of the intimate and political dynamics that arise when individuals, histories,                           and cultures intersect, Millennium captured the imagination and the conscience of all who saw it. Its ability to deeply                             move the audience in personal, communal, and political ways was admirably (and astoundingly) matched by the                                   subsequent production of the play's second part, Perestroika, which brought Kushner yet another Evening Standard                             award and Tony Award for Best Play (1994).

Boys Like Her: Transfictions
                    May 6th, 2002
                    ISBN 0889740860 (ISBN13: 9780889740860)

                    Boys Like Her is a provocative collection of fiction and images from Taste This, a queer performance group including                           Anna Camilleri, Ivan Coyote, Zoe Eakle and Lyndell Mongomery. Kate Bornstein provides an introduction. Boys Like Her                     is a road movie of young queer life. Four distinct voices come together in a tag-team dialogue, interwoven with                                     disturbingly beautiful photographs that echo their transformative energy.

The Changing Room: Sex, Drag and Theatre
                    July 13th, 2000
                    ISBN 0415159865 (ISBN13: 9780415159869)

                    The answers to these questions - and much, much more - are to be found in The Changing Room, which traces the                             origins and variations of theatrical cross-dressing through the ages and across cultures.

Performing Queer Latinidad: Dance, Sexuality, Politics
                    October 26th, 2012
                    ASIN B00ZYLDJJ4

                    Performing Queer Latinidad highlights the critical role that performance played in the development of Latina/o queer                             public culture in the United States during the 1990s and early 2000s, a period when the size and influence of the Latina/o                     population was increasing alongside a growing scrutiny of the public spaces where latinidad could circulate.                                          Performances---from concert dance and street protest to the choreographic strategies deployed by dancers at                                     nightclubs---served as critical meeting points and practices through which LGBT and other nonnormative sex                                       practitioners of Latin American descent (individuals with greatly differing cultures, histories of migration or annexation to                       the United States, and contemporary living conditions) encountered each other and forged social, cultural, and political                         bonds. 

Geographies of Learning: Theory and Practice, Activism and Performance
                    May 31st, 2001
                    ISBN 0819564680 (ISBN13: 9780819564689)

                    Each of Jill Dolan's three academic locations -- theatre and performance studies, lesbian/gay/queer studies (LGQ                                 studies), and women's studies -- is both interdisciplinary and fraught with divisions between theory and practice. As                             teacher, administrator, author, and performer, Dolan places her professional labor in relation to issues of community,                             pedagogy, public culture, administration, university missions, and citizenship. She works from the assumption that the                         production and dissemination of knowledge can be forms of activism, extending conversations on radical politics in the                         academy by other writers, such as Cary Nelson, Michael Berube, Gerald Graff, and Richard Ohmann. The five                                     interconnected essays in Geographies of Learning map the divisions and dissensions that stall the production of                                   progressive knowledge in theatre and performance studies, 

Murder Most Queer: The Homicidal Homosexual in the American Theater
                    October 9th, 2014
                    ISBN 0472072323 (ISBN13: 9780472072323)

                    The “villainous homosexual” has long stalked America’s cultural imagination, most explicitly in the figure of the queer                           murderer, a character in dozens of plays. But as society’s understanding of homosexuality has changed, so has the                             significance of these controversial characters, especially when employed by LGBT theater artists themselves to explore                       darker fears and desires. Murder Most Queer examines the shifting meanings of murderous LGBT characters in                                   American theater over a century, showing how these representations wrestle with and ultimately subvert notions of gay                       villainy.

The Drama of Marriage: Gay Playwrights/Straight Unions from Oscar Wilde to the Present
                    December 15th, 2011
                    ISBN 0230338402 (ISBN13: 9780230338401)

                    In studying performances of marriage in modern and contemporary British and American drama, Clum highlights the fact                     that - paradoxically - at a time when theatre was both popular entertainment and high culture, many of the most                                   commercially and artistically successful plays about marriage were written by homosexual men. Beginning with Oscar                         Wilde and focusing on some of the most successful British and American playwrights of the past century, including                               Somerset Maugham, Noël Coward, Terence Rattigan, and Emlyn Williams in England and Clyde Fitch, George Kelly,                         Tennessee Williams, William Inge, and Edward Albee in the US, The Drama of Marriage looks at how the plays they                             wrote about heterosexual marriage continue to impact contemporary gay playwrights and the depiction of marriage.

Theater Geek: The Real Life Drama of a Summer at Stagedoor Manor, the Famous Performing Arts Camp
                    May 8th, 2010
                    ASIN B003L785NS

                    What do Natalie Portman, Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Braff, and Mandy Moore have in common? Before they were stars,                       they were campers at Stagedoor Manor, the premier summer theater camp for children and teenagers. Founded in 1975,                     Stagedoor continues to attract scores of young performers eager to find kindred spirits, to sing out loud, to become                               working actors—or maybe even stars. Every summer for the past thirty-five years, a new crop of campers has come to                         the Catskills for an intense, often wrenching introduction to professional theater. (The camp produces thirteen full-scale                       productions during each of its three sessions.) These kids come from varying backgrounds—the offspring of Hollywood                       players from Nora Ephron to Bruce Willis work alongside kids on scholarship. Some campers have agents, others are                         seeking representation.

Queers: Eight Monologues
                    August 10th, 2017
                    ASIN B0743WLPC8

                    A young soldier returning from the trenches of the First World War recollects a love that dares not speak its name.                               Almost one hundred years later, a groom-to-be prepares for his gay wedding. Queers celebrates a century of evolving                         social attitudes and political milestones in British gay history, as seen through the eyes of eight individuals.

Charles Ludlam Lives! Charles Busch, Bradford Louryk, Taylor Mac, and the Queer Legacy of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company
                    June 15th, 2017
                    ASIN B072NFZ6B3

                    Playwright, actor and director Charles Ludlam (1943–1987) helped to galvanize the Ridiculous style of theater in New                         York City starting in the 1960s.  Decades after his death, his place in the chronicle of American theater has remained                           constant, but his influence has changed.  Although his Ridiculous Theatrical Company shut its doors, the Ludlamesque                       Ridiculous has continued to thrive and remain a groundbreaking genre, maintaining its relevance and potency by                                 metamorphosing along with changes in the LGBTQ community. 

                    June 1st, 2012

                    ISBN 1580818897 (ISBN13: 9781580818896)

                    George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Martin Sheen lead an all-star cast in a powerful portrait of an American civil rights ​                                struggle, written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J. Edgar) and directed by Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good                      Men). In November 2008, California's Proposition 8 stripped the freedom to marry away from gay and lesbian couples.  

A Menopausal Gentleman: The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw
                    July 11th, 2011
                    ISBN 0472116479 (ISBN13: 9780472116478)

                    This collection of Shaw's solo performance scripts evokes a 54-year-old grandmother who looks like a 35-year-old man                        (in her classic Menopausal Gentleman); a mother's ambivalent ministrations to a daughter she treated like a son (in the                        raw You're Just Like My Father); Shaw's love for her biracial grandson, for whom she models masculinity (in the                                    musically punctuated To My Chagrin); and a mapping of her body's long, bittersweet history (in the lyrical Must: The                              Inside Story, a collaboration with the UK's Clod Ensemble). The book also includes a selection of Shaw's other classic                          monologues and an extensive introduction by Jill Dolan, Professor of English and Theater and Dance at Princeton                                University and the blogger behind The Feminist Spectator website.

Something for The Boys: Musical Theater and Gay Culture
                    November 27th, 1999
                    ISBN 0312210582 (ISBN13: 9780312210588)

                    Why do gay men love musical comedy? That is a question that has plagued humankind through the ages or at least ever                     since Riff lost his heart to Tony in "West Side Story" and Ethel Merman proved that you don't have to be a drag queen to                     find love With a high C. In this book John Clum gives us a guided tour through the history of the musical comedy in the                         U.S. and England and examines why gay men find it so attractive. Along the way he shines a spotlight on the allure of                         the diva; the lives of Noel Coward. Cole Porter, and Lorenz Hart: the homophobia of Rogers and Hammerstein: the                               mixed musical messages of Stephen Sondheim: and the first brassy notes of the overture to "Gypsy".

Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS, and the Marketing of Gay America
                    September 24th, 1998
                    ISBN 0822321327 (ISBN13: 9780822321323)

                    In Stagestruck noted novelist and outspoken critic Sarah Schulman offers an account of her growing awareness of the                         startling similarities between her novel People in Trouble and the smash Broadway hit Rent. Written with a powerful and                       personal voice, Schulman’s book is part gossipy narrative, part behind-the-scenes glimpse into the New York theater                           culture, and part polemic on how mainstream artists co-opt the work of “marginal” artists to give an air of diversity and                         authenticity to their own work. Rising above the details of her own case, Schulman boldly uses her suspicions of                                   copyright infringement as an opportunity to initiate a larger conversation on how AIDS and gay experience are being                            represented in American art and commerce.

Two Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances
                    April 15th, 2014
                    ISBN 1770911847 (ISBN13: 9781770911840)

                    In this collection of short but powerful two-spirit plays, characters dispel conventional notions of gender and sexuality                           while celebrating Indigenous understandings. With a refreshing spin, the plays touch on topics of desire, identity, and                           community as they humorously tackle the colonial misunderstandings of Indigenous people. From a female trickster                             story centered on erotic lesbian tales to the farcical story about a new nation of Indigenous people called the Nation of                         Mischief, this collection creates a space to explore what it means to be queer and Indigenous.

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