Black Gay Male
                    February 8th, 2017
                    ASIN B06W51N4QW
                    True events about growing up in America as a Black Gay Male. In America people experience racism, sexism, and other                     oppression. Other countries suffer the same. This E-book explains what its like living in a world where being yourself can                     get you killed. If we can't change who we are, maybe we can change the world we live in.

Double Play: The San Francisco City Hall Killings
​                    January 1st, 1984
​​                    ISBN 0201095955 (ISBN13: 9780201095951)

​​                     San Francisco, 1978: Dan White murders Mayor George Moscone and California’s first openly gay man to be elected to ​​                     public office — the charismatic and visionary Supervisor Harvey Milk. Why? If you think you know, the truth will surprise ​​                     you. In his newly updated, award-winning book Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of ​​                      George Moscone and Harvey Milk, reporter and author Mike Weiss provides a masterful history and analysis of the ​​                            controversial trial that changed the California legal system — and unveils secrets about Harvey Milk’s life and murder not ​​                    available from any other sources.

Handbook of LGBT Communities, Crime, and Justice
​                    December 2nd, 2013
​​                    ASIN B00H3ZFM1W

                    Contemporary scholars have begun to explore non-normative sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression                     in a growing victimization literature, but very little research is focused on LGBTQ communities’ patterns of offending                             (beyond sex work) and their experiences with police, the courts, and correctional institutions. This Handbook, the first of                       its kind in Criminology and Criminal Justice, will break new ground by presenting a thorough treatment of all of these                           under-explored issues in one interdisciplinary volume that features current empirical work.

The Leopold and Loeb Files: An Intimate Look at One of America's Most Infamous Crimes
​                    July 17th, 2018
​​                    ISBN 1572842407 (ISBN13: 9781572842403)

                    In 1924, University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were young, rich, and looking for a thrill. The                       crime that came next--the brutal, cold-blood murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks--would come to captivate the country                         and unfold into what many dubbed the crime of the century. As the decades passed, the mythology surrounding the                             unlikely killers continued to capture the interest of new generations, spawning numerous books, fictionalizations, and                           dramatizations.

Who Killed Sal Mineo?
​                    May 28th, 1982
​​                    ISBN 0671610090 (ISBN13: 9780671610098)

                    Sara Martin, a beautiful New York journalist investigating the lifestyle and murder of actor Sal Mineo, is drawn into the                         glittering, highly charged homosexual millieu of Hollywood

American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men
                    March 5th, 2013
                    ISBN 1617751324 (ISBN13: 9781617751325)

                    In American Honor Killings, straight and gay guys cross paths, and the result is murder. But what really happened? What                     role did hatred play? What were the men involved really like, and what was going on between them when the murder                           occurred? American Honor Killings explores the truth behind squeamish reporting and uninformed political rants of the                         far right or fringe left. David McConnell, a New York based novelist, researched cases from small-town Alabama to San                       Quentin's death row. The book recounts some of the most notorious crimes of our era. Beginning in 1999 and lasting                           until the 2011 conviction of a youth in Queens, New York, the book shows how some murderers think they're cleaning up                     society. Surprisingly, other killings feel almost preordained, not a matter of the victim's personality or actions so much as                     a twisted display of a young man's will to compete or dominate.

The Trial of Leopold and Loeb: A Primary Source Account
​                    August 1st, 2003
​​                    ISBN 0823939707 (ISBN13: 9780823939701)

                    In 1920s Chicago, the city was shocked by the brutal murder of Bobby Franks. Through the diligent detective work of two                     Chicago newspapermen and local authorities, the murderers were revealed as two bored, privileged teenagers. Using                         primary source material that documents the trial, the book features the defense of Clarence Darrow, the famous attorney                     who defended the murderers against the death penalty.

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard
​                    September 25th, 2012
​​                    ISBN 0763658073 (ISBN13: 9780763658076)

                    On the night of October 6, 1998, a gay twenty-one-year-old college student named Matthew Shepard was lured from a                         Wyoming bar by two young men, savagely beaten, tied to a remote fence, and left to die. Gay Awareness Week was                           beginning at the University of Wyoming, and the keynote speaker was Lesléa Newman, discussing her book Heather                           Has Two Mommies. Shaken, the author addressed the large audience that gathered, but she remained haunted by                               Matthew’s murder. October Mourning, a novel in verse, is her deeply felt response to the events of that tragic day. Using                     her poetic imagination, the author creates fictitious monologues from various points of view, including the fence Matthew                     was tied to, the stars that watched over him, the deer that kept him company, and Matthew himself. More than a decade                     later, this stunning cycle of sixty-eight poems serves as an illumination for readers too young to remember, and as a                             powerful, enduring tribute to Matthew Shepard’s life.

Violent Crimes

Considering Matthew Shepard
​                    September 1st 2018
​​                    ISBN1540033899 (ISBN13: 9781540033895)

​​                     Perhaps one of the most important major works of our time. The Chicago Tribune wrote: "Moving among styles ranging ​​                      from Lutheran hymnody to blues to Broadway, this modern-day Passion will move many listeners to tears even as it ​​                            reaches beyond tragedy to peace, understanding and forgiveness." For the advanced choir looking to make an impact ​​                        on students and community this is worth every bit of effort it requires.

Pride Park: An Anthology to support LGBT freedom
​                    June 8th, 2018
​​                    ASIN B07DBH4S1L

                    On June 12, 2016, the LGBT+ community was deeply shaken. 49 people were killed and 53 injured in a terrorist attack                       at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Pulse was a gay club, and the attack took place as a crowd gathered to watch                     a Puerto Rican drag queen. The heartbreak felt personal. This book was born from a desire to do more than just offer                           prayers. Pride Park is an attempt to create something lasting. It includes stories and poems from coast to coast, and                           around the world. They are stories to entertain and enlighten. Each story is connected in some way to the fictional                               location of Pride Park, a safe space for the LGBT+ community where the graffiti at the entrance reads “Pride. Hope.                             Love.” The book raises funds for The Trevor Project, offering help to LGBT+ youth in crisis.

Evil Summer: Babe Leopold, Dickie Loeb, and the Kidnap-Murder of Bobby Franks
​                    October 4th, 2007
​​                    ISBN 0809327775 (ISBN13: 9780809327775)

                    In 1924, fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks was abducted while walking home from school, killed by a chisel blow to his                           head, and later found stuffed in a culvert in a marshy wasteland at the Illinois-Indiana state line. Acid had been poured                         over his naked body. Evil Summer examines the shocking kidnapping and murder of Franks by two University of Chicago                     students, Nathan “Babe” Leopold and Richard “Dickie” Loeb, both from families of privilege. In this new examination of                         the crime, author John Theodore takes readers into the minds of the two criminals as he focuses on three months in                             1924. Theodore covers the killing, the confessions, the defense, and the sentencing surrounding the horrific murder,                             placing the killers’ actions and Clarence Darrow’s historic defense into the context of 1920s Chicago.

Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis
                    October 7th, 2014
                    ISBN 1936976609 (ISBN13: 9781936976607)

                    In 1892, America was obsessed with a teenage murderess, but it wasn't her crime that shocked the nation—it was her                         motivation. Nineteen-year-old Alice Mitchell had planned to pass as a man in order to marry her seventeen-year-old                             fiancée Freda Ward, but when their love letters were discovered, they were forbidden from ever speaking again. Freda                         adjusted to this fate with an ease that stunned a heartbroken Alice. Her desperation grew with each unanswered letter—                      and her father’s razor soon went missing. On January 25, Alice publicly slashed her ex-fiancée’s throat. Her same-sex                         love was deemed insane by her father that very night, and medical experts agreed: This was a dangerous and incurable                     perversion. As the courtroom was expanded to accommodate national interest, Alice spent months in jail—including the                       night that three of her fellow prisoners were lynched.

The Up Stairs Lounge Arson: Thirty-Two Deaths in a New Orleans Gay Bar, June 24, 1973
​                    May 29th, 2014
​​                    ISBN 0786479531 (ISBN13: 9780786479535)

                    On June 24, 1973, a fire in a New Orleans gay bar killed 32 people. This still stands as the deadliest fire in the city's                             history. Though arson was suspected, and though the police identified a likely culprit, no arrest was ever made.               ​                    Additionally, government and religious leaders who normally would have provided moral leadership at a time of crisis       ​                    were either silent or were openly disdainful of the dead, most of whom were gay men. Based upon review of hundreds of ​                    primary and secondary sources, including contemporary news accounts, interviews with former patrons of the lounge,     ​                    and the extensive documentary trail left behind by the criminal investigations, The Up Stairs Lounge Arson tells the story ​                    of who used to go to this bar, what happened on the day of the fire, what course the investigations took, why an arrest     ​                    was never made, and what the lasting effects of the fire have been.

Chicago's Rich Kid Killers: Leopold And Loeb
                    ISBN 0748514279 (ISBN13: 9780748514274)

                    The Murder Casebook - Investigations into the Ultimate Crime. Issue 27 - Chicargo's Rich Kid Killers : Leopold and Loeb                     - The wealthy prodigies who planned the perfect crime, published in 1990 by Marshall Cavendish.

Tinderbox: The Untold Story of the Up Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay Liberation
​                    June 5th, 2018
​​                    ISBN 1631491644 (ISBN13: 9781631491641)

                    Buried for decades, the Up Stairs Lounge tragedy has only recently emerged as a catalyzing event of the gay liberation                       movement. In revelatory detail, Robert W. Fieseler chronicles the tragic event that claimed the lives of thirty-one men                           and one woman on June 24, 1973, at a New Orleans bar, the largest mass murder of gays until 2016. Relying on                                 unprecedented access to survivors and archives, Fieseler creates an indelible portrait of a closeted, blue- collar gay                             world that flourished before an arsonist ignited an inferno that destroyed an entire community. The aftermath was no less                     traumatic—families ashamed to claim loved ones, the Catholic Church refusing proper burial rights, the city impervious                       to the survivors’ needs—revealing a world of toxic prejudice that thrived well past Stonewall. 

Leopold and Loeb: A Psychiatric-Psychological Study
​                    April 22nd, 2018
​​                    ISBN 028238703X (ISBN13: 9780282387037)

                    This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally                       reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare                               cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do,                               however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to                             preserve the state of such historical works.

Leopold and Loeb: The History and Legacy of One of 20th Century America’s Most Notorious Crimes and Trials
​                    June 16th, 2015
​​                    ASIN B00ZUU68D8

                    There has been no shortage of shocking crimes and trials that generated frenzied coverage across America, but few can                     lay claim to “crime of the century” like the murder carried out by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb in 1924. While                                 studying as young adults at the prestigious University of Chicago, Leopold and Loeb devised a meticulous plot to kidnap                     and murder a child while managing to get away with ransom money, thereby perpetrating what they considered a                                 “perfect crime.” On May 21, they put their plan in motion and targeted 14 year old Bobby Franks, who had the misfortune                     of being acquainted with Loeb. 

Young, Queer, and Dead: A Biography of San Francisco's Most Overlooked Serial Killer, The Doodler
​                    May 5th, 2013
​​                    ASIN B00CNYHCXO

                    The Zodiac Killer may have been San Francisco's most notorious serial killer, but another equally cruel killer was also                           stalking the streets at the same time, and, just like the Zodiac Killer, has never been arrested for his crimes. The                                   difference is, while the Zodiac Killer's murder spree was heavily publicized, this other killer, nicknamed The Doodler,                             went unreported by the media and is nearly unknown today. How did this ruthless killer become almost forgotten?                                 Because he didn't target helpless women or children--he targeted gays--and in the 70s many people believed they had it                     coming; if they would just stop being gay, then all would be well.

The Beat: A True Account of The Bondi Gay Murders
​                    January 2nd, 2011
​​                    ISBN 1741782511 (ISBN13: 9781741782516)


Clarence Darrow's Plea in Defense of Loeb and Leopold
                    March 1st, 2007
                    ISBN 143258426X (ISBN13: 9781432584269)

​                    Account Of Clarence Darrow's Eloquent Defense Of The Two Chicago Youths, Richard Loeb And Nathan Leopold Jr.,     ​                    Who Were Tried For Murder In The 1920s And Sentenced To Life In One Of The Most Famous Murder Trials Of The       ​                    Century. As Shown Here, Darrow's Goal Was To Prevent The Young Men From Receiving The Death Penalty.

Turn Around Bright Eyes
​                    February 4th, 2015
​​                    ISBN 1304015203 (ISBN13: 9781304015204)

                    Few crimes in gay and lesbian history rocked a nation as great as The Drag Queen Killer. The country seemed                                     paralyzed from the first ring of the chain tapping on the concrete, as they pulled Cassandra to her death, until the very                         last brutal killing. The murderous rampage seemed buried amongst the media suffering from a barrage of tales from the                       9-11 terrorist attacks. This riveting story unfolds in uncomplicated narrative by best selling authors Steve Hammond and                       Todd Kachinski Kottmeier. From the writer of "Two Days Past Dead," you will be fascinated by the lost details of the                             crime from the first page until the last word.

Retrying Leopold and Loeb: A Neuropsychological Perspective
​                    February 19th, 2018
​​                    ASIN B079XYN851

                    This book retrospectively analyzes the notorious 1924 case of Leopold and Loeb, in which two college students murder a                     young boy just to prove they could do it. In the almost hundred years since that trial, the field of neuroscience along with                     neuropsychology have expanded tremendously, and there are now much more sophisticated tools that could be used to                       evaluate the perpetrators of this crime.  Although deemed mentally ill at the time, there was not much scientific evidence                     that could be brought to bear on the defendants’ and their behavior.  Now a legal psychologist and a neuropsychologist                       team up to tackle the case from a modern viewpoint. 

Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence
​                    November 7th, 2013
​​                    ISBN 0822354705 (ISBN13: 9780822354703)

                    Since the 1970s, a key goal of lesbian and gay activists has been protection against street violence, especially in gay                           neighborhoods. During the same time, policymakers and private developers have declared the containment of urban                           violence to be a top priority. In this important book, Christina B. Hanhardt examines how LGBT calls for "safe space"                             have been shaped by broader public safety initiatives that have sought solutions in policing and privatization and have                         had devastating effects along race and class lines. Drawing on extensive archival and ethnographic research in New                           York City and San Francisco, Hanhardt traces the entwined histories of LGBT activism, urban development, and U.S.                           policy in relation to poverty and crime over the past fifty years. She highlights the formation of a mainstream LGBT                               movement, as well as the very different trajectories followed by radical LGBT and queer grassroots organizations. 

Out for Queer Blood: The Murder of Fernando Rios and the Failure of New Orleans Justice
​                    September 26th, 2017
​​                    ISBN 1476668841 (ISBN13: 9781476668840)

                    On a September night in 1958, three New Orleans college students went looking for a gay man to assault. They chose                         Fernando Rios, who died from the beating he received. In perhaps the earliest example of the "gay panic" defense, the                       three defendants argued that they had no choice but to beat Rios because he had made an "improper advance." When                       the jury acquitted the three, the courtroom cheered. The author offers a detailed examination of the murder and the trial.

Leopold and Loeb: Teen Killers
​                    December 5th, 2003
​​                    ISBN 1590182278 (ISBN13: 9781590182277)

                    In 1924, wealthy Chicago teenagers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks, motivated                       only by their desire to experience the act. The twentieth century's first "thrill killing," the crime inspired one of history's                           most publicized trials as attorney Clarence Darrow successfully defended the killers against the death penalty.

Semblance of Balance: The Leopold and Loeb Trial Revisited
​                    May 21st, 2014
​​                    ASIN B00KHXIIXG

                    The trial of Nathan Leopold and Dickie Loeb is one of America's most tragic events. This intriguing account of the entire                       story--told from the perspective of an innocent household servant--provides some shocking answers. When a wealthy,                         influential family hires Elizabeth to take care of their little boy, Nathan, she is grateful and relieved. Perhaps now, she                           thinks, she can put behind her the horrors she experienced during WWI. But Elizabeth is sadly mistaken. Precocious                           Nathan and Dickie, his manipulative friend, are not ordinary children, and Elizabeth soon finds herself entwined in a                             bizarre murder case. Does she dare to testify against Nathan? Can she stand up to Clarence Darrow and Chicago's                             powerful elite?

Eight Bullets: One Woman's Story of Surviving Anti-Gay Violence
​                    April 1st, 1995
​​                    ISBN 1563410559 (ISBN13: 9781563410550)

                    The lesbian victim of a violent hate crime that left her seriously wounded and her partner dead is the story of family and                       community, the medical system, the police and courts, and the media--and of one woman's incredible courage.                                     Simultaneous. IP.

From Hate Crimes to Human Rights
​                    August 9th, 2001
​​                    ISBN 1560232579 (ISBN13: 9781560232575)

                    Fight for the human rights of LGBT individuals with strategies from this powerful book! From the intimate horror of                                 domestic violence to the institutionalized heterosexism of marriage laws, this volume takes an unsparing look at the                             interconnections of prejudice and hate crimes in the lives of LGBT individuals. Bringing together original research and                         solidly grounded theory, From Hate Crimes to Human Rights: A Tribute to Matthew Shepard also offers fresh strategies                       so you can work effectively for social change. This moving, thoughtful volume begins with a friend's memoir of the                               murdered Matthew Shepard; this intimate glimpse is powerful testimony that hate crimes affect individuals, not just                               symbolic martyrs. 

Jeffrey Dahmer
​                    March 7th, 2016
​​                    ASIN B01CPCH7UQ

                    Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as “The Milwaukee Cannibal”, is infamous for raping, murdering, dismembering, engaging in                     necrophilia with, and eating parts of at least 17 males, most of them in their teens and early 20s. Despite claiming                                 insanity, Dahmer was convicted of the murders and sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences in Wisconsin on 15                             February 1992, for a total of 957 years, as well as receiving another life sentence in Ohio in May 1992.

LGBT & Hate Crimes
​                    May 30th, 2017
​​                    ISBN 1547043911 (ISBN13: 9781547043910)

                    This Book Is About The Hate Towards The LGBT Community. The Book Includes Personal Stories And Examples With   ​                    Interesting Topics Of Different Hate Crimes That We Face In The Present Times That Do Not Originate From Birth But     ​                    From Another Source. The Purpose Of This Book Is Not Intended To Go Against Any Ones Religion And Or Race.

Hate Crimes: Confronting Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men
​                    November 1st, 1991
​​                    ISBN 0803945426 (ISBN13: 9780803945425)

                    This powerful book portrays the trauma of anti-gay violence and will stimulate thought, research and action on the                               problem. Developed from a special issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, it presents an overview of the                                   problem, discusses the context of anti-gay violence, focuses on both victims and perpetrators and concludes with                                 coverage of a variety of community responses across the nation. Topics covered include the social psychology of bigotry,                     treatment and service interventions and mental health consequences. Each section opens with a survivor's actual story -                     first person accounts - to give the reader insight into the reality of this serious social problem.

The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed
​                    September 3rd, 2009
​​                    ISBN 1594630577 (ISBN13: 9781594630576)

                    The Meaning of Matthew follows the Shepard family in the days immediately after the crime, when Judy and her                                   husband traveled to see their incapacitated son, kept alive by life support machines; how the Shepard’s learned of the                         incredible response from strangers all across America who held candlelit vigils and memorial services for their child; and                     finally, how they struggled to navigate the legal system as Matthew's murderers were on trial. Heart-wrenchingly honest,                     Judy Shepard confides with readers about how she handled the crippling loss of her child, why she became a gay rights                     activist, and the challenges and rewards of raising a gay child in America today. 

Queer Saint - The Cultured Life of Peter Watson
​                    April 2nd, 2015
​​                    ASIN B00UAU9N8A

                    Was Peter Watson was murdered in his bath by a jealous boyfriend in 1956? Murder or suicide, the art world lost one of                       its wealthiest, most influential patrons. This attractive man, adored by Cecil Beaton; a man who was called a legend by                       contemporaries, who was the subject of two scandalous novels, and who helped launch the careers of Francis Bacon,                         John Craxton and Lucian Freud, fell victim to a fortune-hungry lover. Elegant and hungrily sexual, Peter Watson had a                         taste for edgy boyfriends. He was the unrequited love of Cecil Beaton’s life – his ‘queer saint’ – but Peter preferred the                         risk of less sophisticated lovers, including the beautiful, volatile, drug-addicted prostitute Denham Fouts. 

For the Thrill of It: Leopold, Loeb, and the Murder That Shocked Chicago
​                    August 5th, 2008
​​                    ISBN 0060781009 (ISBN13: 9780060781002)

                    It was a crime that shocked the nation: the brutal murder in Chicago in 1924 of a child by two wealthy college students                         who killed solely for the thrill of the experience. Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were intellectual--too smart, they                             believed, for the police to catch them. When they were apprehended, state's attorney Robert Crowe was certain that no                       defense could save the ruthless killers from the gallows. But the families of the confessed murderers hired Clarence                             Darrow, entrusting the lives of their sons to the most famous lawyer in America in what would be one of the most                                 sensational criminal trials in the history of American justice.

The Amazing Crime and Trial Of Leopold And Loeb
​                    October 1st, 1957
​​                    ISBN 1561692158 (ISBN13: 9781561692156)


The Whole World Was Watching: Living in the Light of Matthew Shepard
​                    October 1st, 2005
​​                    ISBN 1555839010 (ISBN13: 9781555839017)

                    On the evening of Thursday, October 8, 1998, 20-year-old Romaine Patterson received a phone call that her best friend,                     Matthew Shepard, had been beaten and left hanging on a split-rail fence outside Laramie, Wyoming. Romaine was then                     thrust to the center of the worldwide media frenzy that descended on Laramie, and she came face-to-face with twisted                         homophobia when Baptist minister Fred Phelps and his followers picketed Matthew’s funeral with signs reading, “Matt                         burns in hell.” Upon learning of Phelps’ plan to bring his ministry of hate to support Matt’s killers at their trial, Romaine                         went into action. Who can forget the image of Romaine and her friends donning seven-foot angel wings so they could                         encircle Phelps and his gang, leaving the picketers silent and invisible? 

Leopold and Loeb: The Crime of the Century
​                    April 1st, 1975
​​                    ISBN 0252068297 (ISBN13: 9780252068294)

                    Among the criminal celebrities of Prohibition-era Chicago, not even Al Capone was more notorious than two well-            ​                    educated and highly intelligent Jewish boys from wealthy South Side families. In a meticulously planned murder scheme ​                    disguised as a kidnapping, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb chose fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks at random as their ​                    victim, abandoning his crumpled body in a culvert before his parents had a chance to respond to the ransom demand.     ​                    Revealing secret testimony and raising questions that have gone unanswered for decades, Hal Higdon separates fact     ​                    from myth as he unravels the crime, the investigation, and the trial, in which Leopold and Loeb were defended by the       ​                    era's most famous attorney, Clarence Darrow. Higdon's razor sharp account of their chilling act, their celebrity, and their   ​                    ultimate emergence as folk heroes resonates unnervingly in our own violent time.

Sal Mineo: His Life, Murder, and Mystery
​                    October 12th, 2000
​​                    ISBN 0786707771 (ISBN13: 9780786707775)

                    A biography of the 1950s teen star whose career was ruined by his refusal to deny his homosexuality; also examined :                         his shocking stabbing death.

The Drag Queen Murder
​                    April 19th, 2011
​​                    ASIN B004XECCCS

                    "The Drag Queen Murder" is a never-before-published, nearly 10,000-word true crime piece with photographs exploring                       the bizarre and brutal 1986 murder of Patrice LeBlanc, a young woman from Louisiana. Although straight, LeBlanc                               frequented Houston's gay bars, where she became captivated by the drag queens. Only months after arriving in                                   Houston, she moved in with Cliff Youens, whose alter ego was the flamboyant and ruthless Brandi West. Who murdered                     LeBlanc? Could it have been Brandi?

Evidence of Being: The Black Gay Cultural Renaissance and the Politics of Violence
​                    December 21st, 2018
​​                    ISBN 022658982X (ISBN13: 9780226589824)

                    Evidence of Being opens on a grim scene: Washington DC’s gay black community in the 1980s, ravaged by AIDS, the                         crack epidemic, and a series of unsolved murders, seemingly abandoned by the government and mainstream culture.                         Yet in this darkest of moments, a new vision of community and hope managed to emerge. Darius Bost’s account of the                         media, poetry, and performance of this time and place reveals a stunning confluence of activism and the arts. In                                   Washington and New York during the 1980s and ’90s, gay black men banded together, using creative expression as a                         tool to challenge the widespread views that marked them as unworthy of grief. They created art that enriched and                                 reimagined their lives in the face of pain and neglect, while at the same time forging a path toward bold new modes of                         existence. At once a corrective to the predominantly white male accounts of the AIDS crisis and an openhearted                                   depiction of the possibilities of black gay life, Evidence 

Indecent Advances: The Hidden History of Murder and Masculinity Before Stonewall
​                    June 4th, 2019
​​                    ISBN 1640091890 (ISBN13: 9781640091894)

                    Indecent Advances tells the story of how homosexuals were criminalized in the popular imagination--from the sex panics                     of the 1930s, to Kinsey study of male homosexuality of the 1940s, and the Cold War panic of Communists and                                     homosexuals in government. Polchin illustrates the vital role crime stories played in circulating ideas of normalcy and                           deviancy, and how those stories were used as tools to discriminate and harm the gay men who were observers and                             victims of crime. More importantly, Polchin shows how this discrimination was ultimately transformed by activists to help                       shape the burgeoning gay rights movement in the years leading up to Stonewall Riots of 1968. A cast of noted public                           figures--Leopold & Loeb, J Edgar Hoover, Alfred Kinsey, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Patricia Highsmith, James                         Baldwin, and Gore Vidal--is threaded through this complex subject. 

Unfinished Lives: Reviving the Memories of LGBTQ Hate Crimes Victims
​                    January 20th, 2011
​​                    ISBN 1608998118 (ISBN13: 9781608998111)

                    Over 13,000 Americans have been murdered in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries because of their sexual                     orientation and gender presentation. In Unfinished Lives: Reviving the Memory of LGBTQ Hate Crimes Victims, Stephen                     Sprinkle puts a human face on the outrage and loss suffered when people die from anti-gay hatred. Beginning with new                       developments in the story of Matthew Shepard's murder in Laramie, Wyoming, Sprinkle tells the stories of fourteen                               representative LGBTQ victims whose lives were savagely cut short due to homophobia and transphobia. These are                             stories about people who could be your neighbor, classmate, co-worker, or friend - real, everyday people whose love                           was foreclosed, relationships brutally terminated, and future contributions stolen from us by outrageous, irrational hatred.

A Murder Over a Girl: Justice, Gender, Junior High
                    March 1st, 2016
                    ISBN 0805099204 (ISBN13: 9780805099201)

                    Profoundly shaken by the news and unsettled by media coverage that sidestepped the issues of gender identity and of                         race integral to the case, psychologist Ken Corbett traveled to LA to attend the trial. As visions of victim and perpetrator                       were woven and unwoven in the theater of the courtroom, a haunting picture emerged not only of the two young                                   teenagers, but also of spectators altered by an atrocity and of a community that had unwittingly gestated a murder.                               Drawing on firsthand observations, extensive interviews and research, as well as on his decades of academic work on                         gender and sexuality, Corbett holds each murky facet of this case up to the light, exploring the fault lines of memory and                     the lacunae of uncertainty behind facts. Deeply compassionate, and brimming with wit and acute insight, A Murder Over ​                    a Girl is a riveting and stranger-than-fiction drama of the human psyche.

Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice
                    February 14th, 2012
                    ISBN 0692568123 (ISBN13: 9780692568125)
                    In Cobra Killer, authors Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway tell for the first time in full detail the twisted story of a pair                     of young, aspiring gay adult film producers whose quest for fame at any cost leads to the gruesome murder of the man                       who stands in their way, gay porn entrepreneur Bryan Kocis. News of the killing of the forty-four-year-old (stabbed                               twenty-eight times, his throat slashed to near decapitation) in his suburban home sends shock waves through the bucolic                     Pennsylvania town. Neighbors were horrified to hear about the murder but equally astonished to learn that Kocis ran a                         small but thriving online porn operation from his home. The murder investigation leads police and prosecutors to the far                       reaches of the country, from Virginia to New York City, to Las Vegas, and ultimately to a nude beach in San Diego, where                     investigators facilitate an incredible clandestine suspect surveillance. 

Let the Faggots Burn: The UpStairs Lounge Fire
​                    August 15th, 2011
​​                    ISBN 1614344531 (ISBN13: 9781614344537)

                    On Gay Pride Day in 1973, someone set the entrance to a French Quarter gay bar on fire. In the terrible inferno that                             followed, thirty-two people lost their lives, including a third of the local congregation of the Metropolitan Community                               Church, their pastor burning to death halfway out a second-story window as he tried to claw his way to freedom. A                               mother who'd gone to the bar with her two gay sons died alongside them. A man who'd helped his friend escape first                           was found dead near the fire escape. Two children waited outside of a movie theater across town for a father and step-                        father who would never pick them up. During this era of rampant homophobia, several families refused to claim the                               bodies, and many churches refused to bury the dead. 

The Legacies of Matthew Shepard: Twenty Years Later
​                    January 8th, 2019
​​                    ASIN B07M7LCFPK

                    This edited collection explores the deeper contexts and consequences surrounding the murder of Matthew Shepard.                            This young gay man was brutally beaten and left tied to a fence on a chill Wyoming night in October 1998. Found the                           next morning by two cyclists, he was transported to a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado where he died five days later. His                     murder was one of the most publicized and for some, most vividly remembered, instances of hate crime related violence                     based on sexual orientation.

All She Wanted
                    June 1st, 1996
                    ASIN B00QJGFFKO

                    Living as a man, twenty-one-year-old Teena Brandon hit the dust bowl town of Falls City, Nebraska, on the run from her                       family in Lincoln - and from the law for forging checks. Handsome and sophisticated, Brandon was an instant success,                         with young women hanging all over him. But when Brandon started to date the beautiful blonde Lana Tisdel, her luck ran                     out. In a terrifying incident on Christmas Eve, Brandon's true sexual identity was unmasked. On New Year's Eve,                                 Brandon, her roommate, and a friend were found shot to death in an isolated farmhouse. Writing with exclusive                                     cooperation of Brandon's ex-girlfriends and family, the accused murderers, and numerous other sources, NEW YORK                         TIMES bestselling author Aphrodite Jones explores the extravagant life and violent death of Teena Brandon, as well as                       the investigation and murder trial.

Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men
​                    October 8th, 1992
​​                    ISBN 0231073313 (ISBN13: 9780231073318)

                    Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men is the first book to reveal the shocking problem of anti-gay/lesbian violence.                           Beginning with an overview of the emergence of lesbian and gay neighborhoods in major U.S. cities after World War II,                       Comstock describes how the increased visibility of lesbians and gay men was followed by physical attacks that were                           illegal but socially sanctioned. He presents results of his survey on present-day violence and then studies the                                       perpetrators, using information supplied by survey participants as well as reports from the media, court records, and                             personal interviews. Finally, Comstock proposes a sociological explanation for the fact that adolescent males are the                           group most prone to violence against lesbians and gay men.

Violence against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination
​                    October 11th, 2015
​​                    ISBN 0813573157 (ISBN13: 9780813573151)

                    Violence against lesbians and gay men has increasingly captured media and scholarly attention. But these reports tend                       to focus on one segment of the LGBT community—white, middle class men—and largely ignore that part of the                                   community that arguably suffers a larger share of the violence—racial minorities, the poor, and women. In Violence                               against Queer People, sociologist Doug Meyer offers the first investigation of anti-queer violence that focuses on the role                     played by race, class, and gender. Drawing on interviews with forty-seven victims of violence, Meyer shows that LGBT                         people encounter significantly different forms of violence—and perceive that violence quite differently—based on their                         race, class, and gender.  His research highlights the extent to which other forms of discrimination—including racism and                       sexism—shape LGBT people’s experience of abuse. 

Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder
​                    September 26th, 2000
​​                    ISBN 0231118589 (ISBN13: 9780231118583)

​                    The infamous murder in October 1998 of a twenty-one-year-old gay University of Wyoming student ignited a media         ​                    frenzy. The crime resonated deeply with America's bitter history of violence against minorities, and something about Matt ​                    Shepard himself struck a chord with people across the nation. Although the details of the tragedy are familiar to most       ​                    people, the complex and ever-shifting context of the killing is not. Losing Matt Shepard explores why the murder still         ​                    haunts us--and why it should. Beth Loffreda is uniquely qualified to write this account. 

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